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  • Team Daryl and Carol Attack- Yes Goals- Yes, even though I caught a horrid stomach bug
  • Goals - 1) decorate every day 2) go to gym 3x 3) go to bed before midnight
  • Daryl and Carol Goals - yes Attack-yes
  • The no coffee after lunch was easier than I though it was going to be, I did have one or two cups of tea but drank the 8 glasses water also.. I actually halved my calorie intake on coffees this week :) still no alcohol drunk and I worked out 6 days, form roll done MY goals are staying the same for next week
  • 1. Tell your story: At the moment what keeps me motivate is I have a marathon to train for - I've gone through the worst few years of my life and I'm just finding my feet again. I love lifting weights, running and yoga.. I basically eat what I want at the moment but log, I will get better at this but baby steps... 2.I…
  • Next week goals 1) No cups of coffee after noon (have too it's effecting my sleep too much) 2) No Alcohol at all and drink 8 glasses of water a day 3) workout 6 days, using form roller on running days
  • Team - Daryl and Carol Goals - yeap Attack - did the kick-boxing one
  • You need permission to access the spreadsheet. And yes totally up to the challenge
  • HUMP Day Update Haven't had coffee after 6pm this week so far :) but still drinking too much, yesterday I interspersed them with herbal teas, to save on calories.. saved me over 200 but still have 250 cals of coffee ( take milk, can't drink it without).. no alcohol even though I fancy a glass of wine )I have kids you…
  • Thanks it showed on the scales too!
  • Finished the week, not a drop of alcohol :) and got my planned workouts and 3 mile run in. NEXT WEEK THREE GOALS (merge one goal, so added a new one) 1 - No Coffee after 6pm (this will reduce by an hour each week, I'm a coffee fiend) 2 - No Alcohol for duration of challenge 3 - Do my own planned workouts. 12 week to fit…
  • Team Daryl and Carol My Three Goals Met: yes Attack Survived: exempt but did yoga.
  • HUMP day update 1 - Running distance progressions, add 1 mile each week (this week will be 3 miles) not done planned for Sat 2 - No Alcohol - so far ziltch :) 3 - Do my own planned workouts. On track! planned workouts are 12 week to fit week 1 days 4 / 6 run 3 miles - Saturday Flex 3x - 0 / 3 Thurs / Fri & Sat Fit test…
  • Week 2 goals, changing them slightly from week one.. glad no one got elminated last week as I got a very nasty cold which knocked me out the whole week.. I intend to do the fit test Goals this week 1 - Running distance progressions, add 1 mile each week (this week will be 3 miles) 2 - No Alcohol 3 - Do my own planned…
  • Team Name: Daryl & Carol My Three Goals Met: No Attack Survived: No I came down with the flu..not good for when zombies attack
  • Carol has been my favourite since the beginning and have loved how she has become a bad *kitten*! Goals 1 - Running distance progressions, add 1 mile each week (first week will be 3 miles) 2 - Log food everyday 3 - Do my planned workouts (started a program from body building website this week) I'm Kelly, from the UK.. I…
  • Awesome work lady x
  • Running really doesn't build muscle, some in the beginning (with the right type of training but this is mainly newbie gains, hill sprints intervals etc) - I love running but to build muscle you really need some sort of progressive overload resistant training and a calorie surplus (ignoring the newbie gains), I run every…
  • One of the best covers ever... I love it when it was featured in 50 First Dates ETA Mine are Albatross - Fleetwood Mac Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror (When We Collide) Because these were played at my mams funeral, I actually cried in a shop when Many of horror came on the first…
  • Do not compare yourself to any other runner, listen to your body and maybe enter a 5k race for the fall so it gives you an incentive to keep going.
  • You can always change to the tdee method, put 2000 calories as your goal and if you still want to track your workouts, input the cal burn as 1 - so they don't screw your macros. There is away around getting a more accurate target rather than the 5% increments, I run a grease monkey scripts which allows me to input by 1%…
  • If you gym doesn't have chalk, use liquid chalk, fab stuff
  • I have mine set to 6am-10am 10am-noon 12pm-4pm 4pm-7pm 7pm-9pm After 9pm It works with my schedule
  • I started this challenge in month 2, I remember Tanya's wall post saying we were nearly close to 3k miles between us as a push... ow how it's grown since then. It's shame she deactivated but glad someone has taking over (even if it just temporary if Tanya returns) So thank you!
  • 22 Feb. - 1.37 run 23 Feb. - 3.1 run 24 Feb. - 3.1 run / 3.5 walk = 6.6 25 Feb. 2miles rin / 3.4 walk = 5.4 26 Feb. - 2 miles run / 3.5 walked = 5.5 27 Feb. 1.37 run / 5 walked = 6.37 28 Feb. 6.2 run / 4.5 walked = 10.7
  • 15 Feb. - 2.36 run 16 Feb. - 2.5 run 17 Feb. - 1.37 run 18 Feb. - 1 mile run 19 Feb. 1.29 run 20 Feb. - 1.36 run 21 Feb. 1.3 run Slow and short runs as I got acute backache, sucked but refused to break my streak!
  • 8 Feb. - ran 1.15 9 Feb. - ran 2.5 10 Feb. - ran 1.71, spinning 12 miles, walked 10 = 23.71 11 Feb. - 7 walked, 3.1 run = 10.1 total 12 Feb. - 1.37 run, 3.5 walk, 9 spinning = 13.87 13 Feb. - 2.68 run club, 5 miles walked = 7.68 14 Feb. 1.66 run
  • In for part 2... and once again awesome job Sara :flowerforyou:
  • Yes I meant the original also. I didn't even know there was a remake, I certainly won't be watching that version, in my opinion most remakes are never a patch on the original. Edit - missed out a word
  • Although I'm not doubting the need to hear both sides of a case before reaching a verdict, I do still think it’s time to re-watch 12 Angry Men. Because it is awesome.