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  • I take metformin which is the drug version of barbwrine and it has made a MASSIVE diff to my blood sugar levels which in turn, has affected my mood, sleep and appetite for sugar. I went to the doctor after a year on it, and I lost 10 pounds without even knowing! It’s amazing. I actually went on it for lowering my…
  • the peloton app is AMAZING - all types of cardio, running, walking, HIIT, yoga
  • if I eat salt or sugar my face bloats - could it be bloat and not fat?
  • I had very low iron for a long time - I was on a low cal diet but the 2 causes were 1) I didn't eat any iron rich foods 2) I had a digestive disorder (celiac) so any nutrients I ate were not being absorbed anyway. I used to go to the hospital once a month to get infusions of iron, and took vitamin B shots weekly that…
  • Try also electrolytes - I take them for yoga but also if I'm experienceing water retention.. I use 'Ultima' which Is all natural, no sugar, or NUUN tablets (also all natural) which you can buy in whoelfoods or on amazon. I also like Cyrotherapy but don't think you can do that while pregnant!
  • Try vitamin b. I took injections for years to keep my fertin up. If not that then you can recirve IV infusions at the hospital which are amazing.
  • If you are severally low in iron you can get it via IV which will top you up immediately and then you need to learn to maintain it with food
  • the problem is not the taste - its that you have it and you commit your night to the bathroom…….
  • this is something i can't answer, but if i do a lot of cardio i seem to gain weight?
  • Steam up some milk and make a latte ! its amazing. I also mix it into yogurt (fresh or frozen!) - so good - its amazing for digestion….
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  • You can do it!!! just keep going consistently… nothing great happens overnight!
  • HOw did you go with the surgery? i have a femoral stress fracture that keeps reoccurring! i just want it to end but its not really….. grrrrr
  • I dont haev athritis,but have had a broken hip which resulted in joint problems so i understand the pain… i have been taking the following homeopathic medicine which i think is helping…. also seeing a chiro! amazing…
  • Hey everyone. i was a runner until june when i fractured my hip - since then its been all upper body, and now with a little more weight bearing some stationary full body. I never thought i could enjoy anything like i loved running - the runners high was something else. WEll until i found yoga. I began bikram (because i…
  • I was excessing up to 3 times a day, total of about 3 hours a day and eating very low calories. I broke my hip. Then i couldn't excersise at all. I haven't run (main for of excersise) now in 3 months. I HAVE NOT GAINED ANY WEIGHT. It is about What you are consuming. And not just the calories - the quality of the calories -…
  • its all you need
  • What about some frozen yogurt? YOu can get greek frozen these days and low sugar, so it would be good for you also!?
  • the soil/gravel thing is actually very common for anemics, As is eating ice, or sometimes chalk! I never got the soil or chalk, but i always had the ice thing. one hematologist tried to tell me sometime it was related the the pipes that the water came through to create the ice. Im not sure how that could be the case but…
  • Hi there I have anemia and celiac which gives me IBS symptoms. my anemia as so bad iw oudl go to hospital every month to get iron infusions (the supplements were not enough and yes they did give me IBS issues…). My best find ever was to get Vitamin B injections. I don't know why but for some reason they let me absorb iron…
  • wow - i think the most interesting thing about this post is the reference to a coconut being a nut….. I never thought that! is that the truth?
  • I used to like the artic zero also - until i ate too much - lets say that i had an very long night in the bathroom. Apparenlty although you can eat the enture tub for 150 cal, it doesnt agree to do this !
  • Hi there Dont mess around, go direct to ER and get an x-ray then you will know. If it is a stress fracture you will delay the healing by waiting a week. I had a stress fracture about 6 weeks ago, and am still in a boot. Its exactly what you described. I went to ER got X-rayed and then started working with a doctor at a…
  • love this thread. is this for real?
  • half a teaspoon - and it is stress relieveing also! BINGO!
  • #21 - there are few things more devastating than an injury that stops you running for 3 months.
  • i had froyo with protien powder in it for dinner LOL
  • MAGNESIUM!!!!!!!!! Miricle supplement. I have a glass of water mixed with this: Many people say it also calms you down - i am not sure about that but it helps my muscles unbelieveably, Be careful though, too much can be detrimental for the bowels!
  • Are you taking any medications? This can also result in water retention. Strangely I also find carbs and condiments do it to me!!!
  • I am taking pristiq and it seems to be working - it is not an SSRI.
  • GAP - best stuff ever and super cheap. I used to buy LULU and although they were good they are suuper expensive. I find gap not only fit better, they last as long and are super cute!