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  • Thank you everyone for your responses. This has totally shaken up my entire life, and I am scared. I worked so hard to lose the 100lbs previously, and this information is so helpful. As I am subclinical and waiting for a second blood test in a few weeks, I don’t have much for symptoms except memory loss/black outs, and a…
  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I realize this post is old, but I am going through some posts about hypothyroidism as I have just been diagnosed. I have lost 100lbs in the past, so I know how to track and work with calories in vs. calories out...but I am just not sure how this diagnosis will impact what I already know.…
  • I am 30, and just diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroid. I previously lost 100lbs, and I am concerned how this will impact my diet and fitness, especially when I suck it up and start on the medications. :( I havn't brought myself to take the meds until I get a second opinion. I must say, I am surprised to see how many of…
  • The Calories IN, Calories OUT diet. It is free, it is attainable, realistic, and it works.
  • I do 4 on/off night shifts. I did a work out on all 4 shifts, instead of just 2 or 3 of them.
  • I wish I would have taken a picture! On occasion, my husband and I have a "mix and match" night. This is where we each make our own meal out of the "last one" or left overs...you know the stuff that sits at the bottom of your freezer for months on end? Yeah. It is nice as sometimes our work schedules don't match up the…
  • Dumb. Do you realistically believe you can go no/low carb for the rest of your life? Then don't do it. Its like starting on "weight loss pills" - if you cant do it for life, you are setting yourself up for failure. I did low carb for 24 hours. It was hell. I could hardly lift a 5lb dumb bell. Lesson learnt, never again.
  • I remember after losing 75lbs, when looking in the mirror - I felt like I looked the same. I lost my weight proportionately, plus after years of carrying excess weight, my brain was slow to catch up. Progress Pics 100%. That was one of the only ways I could confirm a difference. Also, I remember walking around still…
  • I am really loving my new Leslie Sansone dvds. I have gained a bunch of weight back, and Leslie Sansone is where I started 100lbs ago, and I will start with that again!
  • Yes! I work the night shift ... 4 on 4 off!
  • For me, I think it was a variety of different things. Primarily, lack of knowledge. I understood the difference between "healthy" and "unhealthy" foods, but nothing on caloric intake/output. Growing up, we had plenty of food at our table every night, and as I got older, I was eating equal amounts to my husband (over 6'…
  • Rob Zombie - Superbeast.
  • For the first time in a long time, I completed a workout without cutting any corners or taking breaks...or worse, stopping all together when I have had "enough".
  • I have already lost my weight once, and I am starting to "rebound" to my old habits. I find what motivates me is really thinking of how I was back when I was 100lbs heavier. How much life sucked, compared to now. I refuse to buy bigger clothes as well, as I love my closet now! Also, I will second the looking back at old…
  • My trick is to find a new job after ever 40lbs lost to avoid the whole "your getting too skinny" comments. Luckily, during my loss of 100lbs, I just so happened to switch jobs at just the right time to avoid the comments. The most annoying experience I had was having the same idiot commenting on my "diet" every day. He…
  • By far, bigger fitness equipment. We had a bowflex, which ended up never being utilized, as well as an indoor cycle. Both turned out to be a waste of money, as neither got used.
  • Yes and no. When I was heavy, there were aspects of my life that made me happy and some aspects that made me unhappy. I lost 100lbs, and now...there are aspects of my life that make me happy, and some aspects that keep me unhappy. Being fat is no longer something that I need to be unhappy about.
  • I feel like I am very lucky to have the type of job that I have. I am a receptionist/court-runner, which means every afternoon, I get to run around the entire city making stops at banks and court houses. This definitely helps me get my steps in. I couldn't even imagine just sitting at the office all day. Rain or Shine -…
  • It has been a while since making a mini goal since hitting maintenance; however, since slipping...I think this is an excellent idea to get myself back on track! I feel like I need to follow through with my promises that I made to myself. When I was 250lbs, I promised when I got to my goal weight I would get a tattoo..and…
  • Hey everyone. I have recently been slipping off of the wagon since maintenance. My NSV for today would be...I worked out when I did not want to. I also did not take a nap!
  • Very likely water weight - if you watch what you are eating over the next few days, a bunch of that weight will likely come off. To get back on the horse - I usually use these tips. 1 - Just focus on tracking your caloric intake for now, exercise when you feel up to it and ready to reintegrate it back into your program. 2…
  • I got this sort of response for individuals - though I have NEVER measured in front of people (I tend to eye ball, even low ball my guess and track). The way I look at it is this; Either way - I have disordered eating. I am either going to eat to damn much and get fat. Or I am going to measure and track my food and stay at…
  • I have not cut out anything. I have reduced drinks with calories in it (juice, pop, alcohol). I mainly drink water, occasional diet pop and rarely, an alcoholic beverage.
  • Absolutely I would attribute this to TOM! Keep tracking, keep going - drink lots of water. 2 days after your period the scale will drop!
  • I am in no way qualified to help you as I have almost zero experience with anorexia. I have however been an overeater for many years. I recall a long time ago, I was wanting to learn to eat intuitively and someone on these boards had mentioned the following (do not remember exact words) Intuitive eating works for people…
  • Kitchen appliances are like gym memberships