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  • Congradulations to the champions from last year - true dedication :-) I'm a bit slow off the blocks but 2 passes and one hit so far. I'm hoping now I'm back at work everything will fal into place again :smile:
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  • 3X Yes today. Managed to get out for a run and kept below my target. Pass days - many. I am just here for fun now :-)
  • I need to get back on the straight and narrow. I was doing great and got a coach who I trust. He runs and wins the triathlons I target and he is one of the nicest blokes you could meet. Then last week he called and told me he had to stop coaching because he had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer. It's shocking that a 40…
  • 3x yes today. Lovely hike over some lovely hills:) 0 pass days
  • I take into account what I eat and when I eat it for sure. Ifvi am doing a heavy session of exercise like today when I hiked up a mountain t I have a very early breakfast with complex carb.. early meaning perhaps 2 in the morning, ill try and have something with complexish carb and a bit of protein on the way and then when…
  • 3x yes today. I had a great walk over the local forest and moorland, my legs are feeling it now but it was great to get into the middle of no-where and just have nature for company for a few hours :-) 0 pass days still
  • 3x yes today. I had to be careful because it is was my towns Christmas fair. I had to do a second walk afterwards to get my calories in check :-) 0 pass days
  • Yesterday 3xyes. Exercise was a walk in the cold around my local Forrest. Today 3xyes, I only did the minimum exercise but kept the calories down. No pass days so far
  • Congratulations everyone :-)
  • 3 x yes today. I had a great session on my bike simulator Fulgaz. I tried to ride one of the training courses for the triathlon I want to do again. I had to bail after 2 hours because my pulse wasn't behaving itself and staying too high but I got over the main hills so I'm happy about that. 3 pass days used. Thanks…
  • 3x yes today. Only having one more day to go gave me the motivation to keep below :-) 3 passes used
  • I've been awol for tbe last couple of days. Friday was busy but I felt manky yesterday. Ended up having to dig my road our with my neighbours because of the snow. Today has been good here, more snow but lovely walk g conditions in the nearby forest. Friday... 3x yes Saturday.. 1 no. I went over my calories. Sunday.. 3x yes…
  • 3x yes today 2 x Pass days I had a good exercise session using an app called Fulgaz for my turbo trainer. It was really nice riding around dubai from my living room :-)
  • 3xyes today. I had a couple of nice walks with my dogs 2xpass days
  • I logged and exercised and went a bit over. I just felt really hungry today. I am still in a deficit but I didn't hit my target so Passdays=2 :-)
  • 3x yes today 1 pass day regarding aeroplanes - I've spent quite a few years of my life designing them. They are very safe. The systems are designed to be fail safe and can take multiple failures before anything bad will happen, this is measured in failures per billion hours. Each time there is an incident, which is very…
  • That is a really nice saying, so true :-)
  • Thanks for the good wishes on my feeling crappy over the COVID booster. Nearly back to normal now :-) Yesterday 3xyes. I managed to go for an hour walk on a cold but sunny afternoon. Really nice Today - 3xyes. I went for a lovely hike around and up a hill called Shutlingsloe. The weather started off fantastic and it lasted…
  • 3x yes for today 1 Pass day. Feeling tired but knowing I needed to get a tick here got me out for a walk with the dog :-)
  • 3x yes 1 pass day Today has been hard. I had my booster jab yesterday and it has knocked me off my feet. I managed to get out for a walk with my dog but it was hard work. I just hurt so much all over :-( Saying that I had 2 jabs of astrozenica before and COVID still nearly killed me so I am glad I have the opportunity to…
  • I love today's message. My favorite saying is "its a marathon , not a sprint". we have better days and not so better days but if we keep moving forward more than we go backwards we make progress :-)
  • 3 x yes Pass days 1 Just made it today. I ate crap and I had my COVID booster so I'm feeling ill at the moment but just managed to get below by doing a second longer dog walk. I love this group,today's success is a because of this so thanks. ps my check in above was for yesterday :-) I went to bed late and went into today…
  • Lovely leading post today. Its interesting yo see the stats. My hat goes off to those out of the wiming circle but are still here.. that is more inspirational than anything.
  • 3x yes today I ended up doing a critical power test on my bike for exercise. Glad it did it but I'm glad it's over lol.
  • 3x yes 1 pass day I think my best nsv was just going for a walk yesterday I managed to go 10 miles over some hilly trails without it crippling me. I remember 3 months ago going for a walk for 2 Miles and feeling zapped. I can see in my heart rate the improvement as well. Going up a steep hill yesterday it was 130 bpm…
  • Lovely opening post. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I ended up injuring my ankle so badly I couldn't even walk and my mental health nose dived. I ended up with diagnosed CFS and Fibromyalgia. I remember literally having to crawl over my bedroom floor, wait 5 minutes and then climb into bed. As my ankle got better…
  • 3x yes today 1 pass day Things nearly went downhill. I took my daughter to dunkin donuts. She has been wanting to go for months so I ended up having a couple of donuts. I managed to get back on track with an hour on zwift and taking my dogs for a walk. Used the few spare calories I had left on protein powder :-)
  • 3x yes. 1 pass day I had a good day today. I ended up walking for an hour and then having another hour on Zwift later which meant I had loads of calories in the budget.
  • 3x Yes today 1 Pass day I love the lists so thanks. The things that give me pleasure are. Spending time with my kids Spending time with God in prayer - ideally outside in nature Reading the bible. Listening to music Reading a book on walking routes Planning a walk in OS maps I heard some great advice the other day from a…