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  • Okay, that's sorta what I thought. I'm apparently more cautious than my coworker. Thanks guys!
  • Where do people even find stuff like that?! No really, I want to know, b/c I could get so many awesome gifts for friends and family there! LOL :0)
  • My hair is naturallly curly, but I almost always wear it straight. Recently I've started to wear it curly again and people have been complimenting me on it. So I'm with you, lol, either its an improvement or just a startling change! :laugh:
  • YAY for you girl!!! Excellent work! Welcome to the maintenance club :0)
  • I think i just depends on your build and where you feel the most health :0) I'm 5'4 1/2" and my orginial goal was 125. I dropped it down to 115 as I was working to maintain. I'm usually at the bottom end tho..110-112. Its sort of a balancing act! Best of luck to you :)
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  • I still can't believe how many calories are in an avocado. But they're good for you, so its cool :0)
  • I've pretty much decided that relationships in general are tough. My XH was in the military and spent 2 tours overseas. In addition we lived apart on numerous occassions due to me finishing undergrad and him being stationed in different locations. I've also had relationships with guys in the same city, who were just a few…
  • I am pushin 5'5" (so 5'4" 1/2 ;). I have a smaller frame and I've been maintaining for well over a year now. Original GW was 125, but I continued to lose, so I dropped it down to 115. I continued to lose a little more while I figured the whole maintenance thing out. Except for my week at the beach (when I got up to 114) I…
  • BAHAHAHA!! Something similar happened to me the other day. I was walking my dog and someone we passed at the light said, "Gorgeous!" So of course I smiled and said thanks. Then they said, "What kind of dog is she?" That's when I realized they were referring to my dog... :laugh:
  • YES you do!!! Stick with it girlie. Just keep going till you reach your goals b/c you do matter :)
  • Always good to have pals who motivate you. I have some really awesome MFPals who keep me motivated to maintain and step up my workouts. All you runners have truely motivated me to get out there and just do it :) Thanks to you all I now consider myself a runner as well! Also, at the moment there is a fellow I am interested…
  • LOL...upon reading the topic I literally said, "Oh my GOSH!" aloud...Thanks for sharing girlie!! :)
  • That's a really awesome NSV :) Congrats!!
  • While I was lossing weight I pretty much just did cardio. I added strength training and that made a huge difference! Even though I was at my goal weight, I could see big difference with the change in exercise routine. JM's 30DS might be a good place to start. Best of luck :)
  • I'm a bit confused...this says my "happy weight" is 122.5 lbs...thats like 13 lbs MORE than I weigh right now... I've been that weight and I can't say I was particularly unhappy, but I certainly don't plan to gain back 13 lbs!
  • This thread is making me entirely too hungry! For me, at the moment anyway, its those dang pretzel M&Ms!!! Even when I buy them (and I know I shouldn't) I am completely aware that the medium bag of them will be gone within like 3-4 days... But I only buy them like once every 2-3 months b/c I am painfully aware that I can't…
  • Strength training and a clean diet will def. help. What types of workouts are you currently doing?
  • How about you just get a better picture...literally a better picture? I see the message you were going for, but not in this humorous picture..
  • Good for you!! And CONGRATS because it sounds like you are a few days away from completing the 30DS :))
  • I'm a beginning runner, but I'm def. a runner! No jogging about it ;)
  • I am 5'4", 109lbs, and a size 0-2. There is NO WAY the girl on the right is a size 4-8!! Seriously!?!
  • OH SNAP...I'm gonna have to try that! Thanks for sharing :)
  • I track sugar as well. I eat a TON of sugar and not just the natural kind.. So I just use the notes section at the bottom of the diary to seperate natural and artifical sugar. Its helped me eat less of the bad kind, while still enjoying good stuff like fruit :)
  • I'm not trying to lose anymore weight, but I am trying to make sure I continue to eat healthy and workout. This site is a wonderful motivator and it has really helped me with maintenance. At 5'4" 110 is just right for me :)
  • I'm always on the colder side too. I've never gotten anything check out related to that tho...wondering if I should. Lol, this time of year I always want to snuggle up to someone warm or wear a big comfy sweater :)
  • I'm not a fan of the Greek yogurt..I tried, but its just not my thing. I eat regular yogurt now and I eat almonds a fair amount too. I just need to find some new foods to be excited about. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • Thank you so much everyone :)) Your advice and encouraging words are very much appreciated! It makes sence really, improve your endurance, then worry about the speed. When I agreed to be apart of this challange at work, I never imagined I would continue running. But I'm going to keep going!! I'm going to a 5K Autism Walk…
  • Just wanted to pop back by to let you all know.........I JUST RAN 2 MILES :))
  • Thanks everyone for all the encouragment and advice!! I'll def. check out some of those site :) For the first two weeks I've only been running one mile about 2-3 x a week. Sounds like I need to increase my distance. I was wondering about that.. It seems nearly impossible to run more than a mile w/o stopping, LOL! I will…