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  • I'm in Valrico ^_^ Would love to meet up with people and workout/walk as a group.
  • I guess I'm lazy on this, since the portions won't be perfectly balanced anyways. Once I'm done with a meal, I use little deli containers to portion it out. So, last night I made chili mac. Weigh and measure everything, cook. I ate a bowl to see if it was a big enough serving (I used a scoop to portion). Once I knew I was…
  • Breakfast: coffee with French vanilla creamer. Lunch: Microwaved potato with butter, sour cream, cheese, salt, and garlic with a side of baked beans. Dinner: unknown.
  • Full profile would limit his options for promotion and reenlistment, so that's not an option. He opted for the partial and is just pushing through to pass the next PT test. Their PRT is intense. Especially considering that people in the program aren't in the best shape. It's not standard PT like he had at his previous duty…
  • He's plenty active while he's at work. Multiple flights of stairs per day, swimming a few times during the week. Mile + walk to and from work depending on the day. His injuries complicate matters for him, and the Army PRT program is leaps and bounds above where his current fitness level is. They do their "day of hell" for…
  • I wish I could edit my OP to add: "He's in the Army, and doesn't have a choice on this matter." :laugh:
  • He was doing it for about a month, and has had the last few weeks up. He's due to start again once the schedule clears up enough for him to do so. He doesn't have the option to just "not do it" or "rest when he wants." Army. This is why I'm asking what he can do to help his recovery, without actually being able to just…
  • I'm sure that response would go over well with his leaders. :laugh:
  • Final bump, and then I shall let the question die. :laugh:
  • I love my pool <3 I mostly just flap about in the water, and while my pool is relatively small, I can only do a few laps before I'm beat!
  • Just tell her. I'm not sure why our culture makes sex into something shameful. http://www.psmag.com/navigation/health-and-behavior/admitted-children-sex-primarily-pleasure-81691/#.U6O8YS71lGk.facebook
  • Assuming you are sedentary, which most people aren't, this is what your settings should reflect: 1,560 Calories / Day for .5lbs/wk loss. With so little to lose, you risk losing muscle and bone density by being at a deficit that is larger than necessary. The 2lb/wk goal is most appropriate for those who have 100lb+ to lose.
  • With so little to lose, there's no reason to be at such a deep calorie deficit. Change your MFP settings to .5lbs/week, you'll feel better.
  • How many calories are you eating? How much weight do you have to lose? It's quite likely that you can afford to eat more, and still lose at a healthy rate, and bonus: you won't be hangry.
  • Also, it may seem silly (I don't know if anyone else does it...) but I jump like crazy in the fitting room. It allows me to test the flop factor, and the comfort under stress. :laugh:
  • Pffft. Class is all about perspective. Apparel does not equal a sluttiness factor, and it's sad that people are convinced it does. Perhaps if we stop teaching people that what you wear = DTF, less rapists would use the defense "but, she looked like she wanted for it!" and less people would stop blaming victims by saying…
  • Go to a real sporting goods store and try a bunch on until you find a good fit. I've never had much luck at places like Cachique (or however the heck it's spelled) but places like Dic k's sell good bras. Call first to see if they carry anything close to your size, though. The bras I get a places like Target are for walking…
  • Food = fuel. Your body uses fuel just to survive. Add exercise = needs more fuel. = Eat.
  • I am also clueless on this one. I also don't understand why you care. Unless he's still pining for her, wishing they were together, but that would be a different issue.
  • You're welcome to add me. :) My closer goal is 50 lbs, but my long term goal is about 80.
  • I just saw a thread that might be of interest to you: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/1161603-so-you-want-a-nice-stomach
  • The only real way to get the "toned" look is to drop your body fat percentage. I'm not sure what your calorie goal is, but you really need to maintain your protein consumption, or risk losing a lot of muscle definition which will prevent you from looking "toned" even if you are at a low body fat percentage. It might be…
  • Are you defining success as weight loss? Internet says approx 7 cal/minute, so that's about 105-315 cal, but doesn't take into account the varying weights of hoops, or the intensity for the workout. Are you weighing and logging everything? How much of your exercise calories are you eating back?