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  • Go Krys! I have finally found a program that is working for me, so I am more committed than ever. Happy to support you along the way as you have done for me many a time over that past few years. Hugs, Amy :0)
  • I use a "Pea Protein" shake. There are a few different brands. Whey based don't agree with my stomach, and I'm not loving what I read about soy products these days. My 1st choice is a "real" meal - but sometimes a shake makes a good quick grab. I like to mix a vanilla one with peanut or almond butter, a small banana & some…
  • November 1st Did I stay within my calorie goals? YES Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes November 2nd Did I stay within my calorie goals? YES Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • My sister got me hooked on the Arbonne protein powder - dairy & I don't mix well, so whey based protein doesn't work well for me. I like that it is Vegan, no artificial colors, sweeteners, etc. I know part of the protein source is Pea, not sure about the other... Tastes great for me mixed with water (I then shake w/ice…
  • Hi everyone! I missed weigh in last week - don't know how I dropped the ball on that one! Last week I was down 3, this week down 0.4. I'm hoping today's weigh in wasn't as much due to fluid retention from the crazy heat/humidity wave that has hit our area. I took 4 showers yesterday!! (we don't have AC, so things have been…
  • Thanks for running this again!!
  • Has anyone had their ticker stop counting? Mine is stuck @ 11#'s, but I'm down 15.6. I tried to change the style of my ticker, but it won't change to the new style either. I did send tech support a message. The only thing I can think is that maybe I have MFP open in Safari on the iPad, and having it open in 2 places is…
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  • I am loving all the stats! Thanks for putting the time in to share them with us :)
  • THis challenge is working great for me because it has gotten me back to tracking :). Sent a message to my person on the list. Have a great day all! Hugs, Amy :)
  • Ok - made my diary public :) This is a good challenge, b/c in the past when I have been successful on this site, I tracked EVERYTHING - food, exercise, you name it. Haven't tracked in a long time (I've lost the last 2 weeks, so I'm doing something right - but this will probably get me even better results :))
  • Love challenges b/c they keep me focused! Started out our first full week camping for 2 nights. Lots of walking, canoeing, kayaking, splashing around the water park with the kiddos. It cracked me up, most of the people rent golf carts & zoom around the campground on them - all I could think was what a waste of calories to…
  • Hi all! I just updated my 5/31 weight. I had entered it on Friday, but did so from my phone & I guess I didn't give it enough time to "save" b/c it was gone. Anyway, I lost 1.1 from when I joined the challenge to our first weigh in. Down 2 so far this week - hope I can keep the momentum going & get an even higher number by…
  • Hello all! So very excited for this group! I was very successful with MFP last summer & got down to 178 & was working out daily, jogging up to 10 minute intervals (courtesy of C25K app) & feeling pretty amazing. Then fall came (meaning I switch back to working 5 days a week versus the 3 days a week I work in the summer.…
  • Last Tuesday did Level 2, did my couch to 5K on Wednesday - then got busy & didn't make the time the rest of the week! Will have to do better this week. Hugs to all, Amy
  • I have finally done level 2!!! Got it done on Sunday & had a massive right thigh cramp during. I must have bent weird or something. I took Monday off, and was able to get it done Tuesday without any cramping. All the plank stuff is a bit brutal (I don't have the world's toughest core). Even following Anita is a bit tricky…
  • Going to give Level 2 a go today! It's funny - I've had this DVD for YEARS & it's always my "go to" workout - but I may have done Level 2 one time ages ago..... my kids may be more excited than me that I am finally branching out to Level 2! We'll have to see how it goes. :)
  • So happy for you! What an incredible feeling!
  • Both Mini-Challenges completed (better late than never!)
  • I actually left my warm cozy bed & got this done before work this morning. Good thing, because it's turned out to be a crazy busy day! Let's keep it going! Hugs, Amy ;)
  • I did day 2 today. Have a feeling tomorrow may be a bit tough. The one that always gets me is going from jumping rope to jumping jacks. My calves are en fuego!
  • Added myself. A little nervous about what the tape measure will show!
  • Hi Everyone! I'm Amy. I'm 38, Married mother of 3 (6, 8, 10). I have a very intense job & I try to squeeze it in between the kids getting on the bus & off - so I'm always in a bit of a rush. I use all my vacation time over the summer, so I can be home more with the kiddos. We have a very active summer, and I was great at…
  • SW: 211.8 CW: 183.4 GW: 178 Weigh in Dates: 10/1: 183.4 10/8: 182.1 10/15 10/22 10/31 Total weight lost: 1.3
  • SW: 211.8 CW: 183.4 GW: 178 Weigh in Dates: 10/1: 183.4 10/8 10/15 10/22 10/31 Total weight lost: 0
  • SW: 211.8 (Starting weight) CW: 184? (will confirm & update in the AM)(Current weight) GW: 178(Goal weight for the month) Weigh in Dates: 10/1 10/8 10/15 10/22 10/31 Total weight lost: Scary Moment: My nicest business suits are now too loose. I wore one anyway last month, but when I reached the top of the stairs my heel…
  • Great work! You look amazing! So very happy for your success!!!
  • Thank you for the inspiration! Any tips to share? What do you do for calorie intake / exercise? So very happy for your success!!!
  • Fantastic job!!!
  • I think I have a Polar F6? I've had it for 3 years (I think) - I wear the watch 24/7 & the chest strap when exercising. I don't think the gel is necessary at all - I've never used it. Needless to say, I love it!
  • I'm aiming for 145 (ish) - I haven't been in that range in so long that I plan to re-evaluate when I get closer. I am currently 185 (ish) and started around 210...