5'9 Ladies whats your goal weight?



  • gettinfit4god
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    My goal is 160. I may change it from there, but I've been big all of my life (I started at 372) and I'm not sure I would be comfortable going any lower in the healthy weight range than that. I do plan on muscle accounting for the extra 15lbs, though! I think it's all about comfort and personal preference.
  • Im 5'10 and my goal weight is 200lbs. i have 92lbs to go.
  • jenjersnapco
    jenjersnapco Posts: 208 Member
    I would like to get to 159 and re-assess.
  • shmiracles
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    hello tallish ladies!

    i'm 5'9.5"
    i started at 222 and am now 159
    i would like to have a permanent forever weight in the 147 to 150 range

    without changing anything else, a 10 lb weight loss would cut approx 9 min off my marathon time. or so i hear.
  • bmarie612
    bmarie612 Posts: 221 Member
    I am 5'9"
    I started MFP at 242 (After my son I was up to 255)
    My original goal was 215..but my dream goal is 170 and I am 19 lbs away from it!
    I may keep losing depending on how I feel :)
  • missleelee_2007
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    For the past 3 or 4 years I've been telling myself, 145, 145, 145! but I got down to about 155 a couple of summers ago and I looked fairly decend. I don't want to be a beam pole, and I still want a little curve to my figure. Now my goal is 150 lb. I don't know how your body is shaped, but I am built with a big figure, I don't think my hips would permit me to get below a size 8 unless if I purely became an anorexic. It all depends on you!
  • keeponkickin
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    Hey everyone. I would love to know what all your goal weights are. If you have met them please tell me how. I would love pics to. I used to be in shape running 4-6 miles everyday. Then I got married and had 3 kids. Time for me now.


    My current goal is to get under 200 then in increments of 20lbs until I get to 140.



    I'm 45, 5' 8.5", Current weight is 164 (starting weight was 277). When I first started I wanted to reach 150 but these last 15 won't come off for the life of me. I'm thinking I might settle in here.

  • ronaldo4ka
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    I'm 188 now and shooting at 150-155lbs by New Years)
  • curvyjoy
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    I am 5'9 and currently 164 I would LOVE to be around 146-149
  • age:25

    height: 5,9

    cw: 258
    gw: 150:happy:

    thast my goal as of now!
  • LauraRN88
    LauraRN88 Posts: 46
    My current weight is 186 and my goal is 140.
  • I'm 5'10"
    SW: 249
    CW: 181.5
    NGW: 174 (healthy BMI)
    Final goal: 150ish
  • LAS_1980
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    First goal weight is 230....2nd 210...once I reach 210 I will evaluate myself then and go from there.
  • AmyByExample
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    I'm aiming for 145 (ish) - I haven't been in that range in so long that I plan to re-evaluate when I get closer. I am currently 185 (ish) and started around 210...
  • prjoy98
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    I'm 5'7 and hispanic so I would say pear shape. My original goal was/is 145lbs..and i'm .7lbs away. N
    I am still debating whether I want to stay at that or aim for 140lbs!
    Profile is open so check out pics and if you need support feel free to add me!
  • Treesy72
    Treesy72 Posts: 230
    My first goal is 169 so that I am in the healthy normal range but my ultimate goal is 140 :)
  • kaali85
    kaali85 Posts: 33
    I changed my target last night to 170. Gives me almost 30lb to lose, 180 was too high for me I think, 170 is much more realistic
  • wrk4mine
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    I'm 5'9 my starting weight was around 220 i'm currently 186 and i want my goal weight to be around 170-175 i really dont want to go below that because do like my curves dont want to look to skinny. My main focus is my abs and just tone everything else.But i have to see how and where the rest of the weight actually goes off at :)
  • Pacileo4Evers
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    I'm 6'0
    Sw 363
    Cw 303
    Gw 170 :)
  • wrk4mine
    wrk4mine Posts: 11
    i wish i had your abs keep up the good work