I lost over 80 pounds in 1 year!



  • KT022
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    What an amazing weight loss - go you! You look amazing :)
  • alpine1994
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    Oh my gosh incredible! This might sound weird but you look like you feel better. You just are like radiating health. Nice work!
  • danasings
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    You look fantastic, well done!!
  • Fantastic! Congrats!
  • TipsyT
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    You are a shining example of the power of Nutratarianism! I'm so glad to be counted among your friends. Thanks for your encouragement and example. You Rock!

  • AmyByExample
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    Great work! You look amazing! So very happy for your success!!!
  • veggiesaurus15
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    Thank you everyone! I hope my story can inspire others to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables for the rest of their lives!
  • BBeccaJean
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    Good job lady!
  • meowkapow
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    You look fab! Awesome work!
  • I just love what you have done.....
  • etfan
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    fantastic-- you're a real inspiration!
  • That's awesome!
  • CassieReannan
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    Wow you look so different! Inspiring. I am also a veggo!
  • Wow, your hard work paid off, you look great! More fruits and veggies it is!
  • allermom
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    omg thats awesome,....so do you workout like crazy too?
  • mccbabe1
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    wow you look gr8!!! that is soo much wt loss!!! I cant imagine weighing in the 120's!! I havent since Highschool!!...
    im 5'4" SW 234 CW 218 GW 160.. (been on mfp 6wks) ....but this makes me thinK i could go lower.. im very curvy tho and will be sooo excited at 160!!!!... shoot i'll cry when i finally hit 199 and am outta the 200's after 5yrs!!!
    congrats again!! hugo diff
  • Tara1090
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    You look fabulous!!! Congrats!
  • ShrinkingShona
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    I have read Michael Pollan's books and seen Forks Over Knives and have been very interested in switching to a while food, plant based diet. You are such a tremendous inspiration. I will certainly be making that change.
  • Beezil
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    OMG you look fantastic! Congratulations! :) That dress looks so cute on you, by the way! Amazing! :heart:
  • needles85365
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    great job