Anyone have a Polar Heart Rate Monitor?



  • gobifree59
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    Thanks for the info! will check it out
  • sl1ngsh0t
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    Women FT4 users...did you get the medium or s/xs cheststrap, and is that gel necessary? thx!
  • david081
    david081 Posts: 489 Member
    I've had the FT4 for about 18 months, and it is more accurate than the gym machines and way better than the database on here. Also, at 50, I don't want to over-rev my heart, and makes me feel more confidant when running. I have no idea which model is best but the FT4 is very simple to use...
  • ClarkeEJ
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    I have a Polar FT4 and its great. My hubby just got one too!
  • AlmstHvn
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    Watch the chest strap sizes - I got the M-XXL and let out all the way it was very tight. I think my under-chest measurement (like where the bottom of a bra would fit) was around 50-52" at the time. Once I lost an inch or two, it was fine. They do make a XXX size if needed. There is also a Small, not sure of the dimensions there.
  • _the_feniks_
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    FT7 and I love it!
  • melbhall
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    FT4, love love love!!!
  • dkoroschetz
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    FT60 Picked it for it's options and option to use with strength training.

    Is that the best one for strength training? That's mainly what I want to know!
  • AmyByExample
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    I think I have a Polar F6? I've had it for 3 years (I think) - I wear the watch 24/7 & the chest strap when exercising. I don't think the gel is necessary at all - I've never used it.

    Needless to say, I love it!
  • Frauhammie
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    I got the Polar WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth for Christmas and it was the most frustrating thing for me. I just barely got it to work thanks to some updates on Endomondo (I think) and now I am very happy with it! It transmits all the data to Endomondo on my Droid and it syncs the My Fitness Pal and Fit Bit apps so I never have to enter any exercise data into my food journal!
  • cazwillis99
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    Got the polar FT7 for my birthday 2 weeks ago - best present I have ever got. Wear it for all exercise and tested its waterproofness today as I went swimming for the first time. I also bought the flowlink from amazon so that I can download my data straight into the polar personal trainer website so I can monitor my exercise even better.
  • jdavis193
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    FT60 and I'm in love <3

    Do you do weight lifting with yours on? I have one as well.
  • freew67
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    I have the FT7 - love it :)
  • FT40 it is awesome
  • dkoroschetz
    dkoroschetz Posts: 67 Member
    FT60 and I'm in love <3

    Do you do weight lifting with yours on? I have one as well.

    What about this are you using for weight training? I'm working with a trainer right now so he's telling me when to begin again and timing me. Trying to figure out if I need the upper model. I'm mostly wanting it for calories burned.
  • confettibetti
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    Will have my FT40 tonight or tomorrow! Very excited!!!! ;-)
  • CandeesLand
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    I've had the FT7 for about 1 1/2 years, and I really like it.
  • d2footballJRC
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    I have an ft80. I love it. Especially if you are going to lift weights!
  • akjmart2002
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    I use the FT7 and the FT40. They are accurate and dependable.
  • guardian419
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    FT4 and FT7 are close in price ($10-$15 difference). FT7 does a little bit more, hence the little bit more price tag. Honestly I bought the FT7 because it tracked 99 workouts, looked better, and I got it for $8 more than the FT4. I've yet to hear anything bad about ANY of the polar products. I had a mio wrist monitor which was complete garbage. No matter what you get, get something with a chest strap. Do some digging around the forums, there are a lot of good resources here.