90 pounds gone PIC!!



  • Awesome job :) You should be very proud of yourself.I am very happy for you :happy: .
  • Congrats!
  • DominiqueSmall
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    Started march 1st 2012....both pics were taken at work!



    OMG! I didn't even realize it was the same person till I re-looked at your photos! Fabulous job! You look amazing!
  • AmyByExample
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    Fantastic job!!!
  • great job! you look fantastic
  • You look stunning!!!! What an inspiration you are!!!! You are amazing and I am so happy for you. I love, too, that you don't have to kill yourself at the gym to make your dreams come true. You are a true success story!! Way to go:)
  • MemphisKitten
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    OMFG!!! You are incredible!!! You were beautiful before, but you can see your confidence shining through in your after pic! How inspiring!!:drinker:
  • Rho_Ro
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    WOW!!! You have put in an awful lot of hard work to get where you are and from my view it has certainly been worth it - you look amazing. Well done!!! To avoid any boredom creaping in have you thought of turning the running into a self-challenge, for example you could train for a marathon or something similar. Just a thought. Keep smiling and don't forget to pat yourself on the back :flowerforyou:
  • calund06
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    Congratulations! You look fantastic and I am sure you feel wonderful as well.
  • Rho_Ro
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    Oops I've goofed.
  • cmsu64113
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    Great Job keep it up!
  • Reinventing_Me
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    You look amazing!
  • Wow! You rock! Amazing!
  • lovinmyselfagain
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    You look fabulous! What an awesome accomplishment!
  • tweetybaby69
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    Great work! You should be so proud of yourself! :drinker:
  • smtillman2
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    You look so great!
  • evasangel758
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    :smile: Congrats to you!!! You look great and look like you feel great! So happy for you
  • AnnofB
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    Wow! All your hard work shows. You look fantastic! Congrat's on this wonderful achievement.

  • jillebean60
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    Incredible!! Congratulations!!! Total transformation :)
  • ravenrxx
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    Very wonderful transformation!(: So Inspiring! x