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  • Mmmm I love 'em and avocado slices are great on whole wheat toast with just a smidge of low fat mayo and some tomato slices !
  • I like anime! In fact I'm about to get off of here and watch some Shippuden :D I love Deathnote, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Darker Than Black and a few others which I haven't gotten far into yet. I suppose you could say my taste is pretty mainstream. Still, add me if you'd like!
  • Don't know if I qualify based on other people's responses, lol... But I love working out to Gwen Stacey For The Fallen Dreams August Burns Red (new) Attack Attack Mychildren Mybride Confide Texas In July Our Last Night ...Pumps me up! This is, of course, when I'm not listening to old school Destiny's Child
  • Well I hope not because lately I go over some days, too :ohwell:
  • I keep a piece of paper with my last measurements on it. That way I can just remind myself that I want to lose the inches, and stop focusing on pounds (in fact, I gave my scale to my sister for the time being). Plus, it's nice to sometimes look and admire the fact that I'm already pleased with a few of my measurements,…
  • Wow 9000?
  • Oh, also! I don't know if you enjoy reading but if you do...just choose a good book and sit while you're feeling the urge to snack. If I'm reading something that I'm really into, I won't snack because it's too much trouble to eat, turn the pages, wipe off my hands, etc. I practically starved while I was getting through The…
  • Ah! I have this type of craving ALL THE TIME. I have a killer sweet tooth. And although I totally agree with everyone who says you can have whatever you want, any time, IN MODERATION...personally, a big part of my fitness journey is about discipline and control over myself and body. So I have forced myself to find things…
  • All animals rule* Pre-vet students ftw \m/ Just kitten ya :wink: 21 in school with a toddler and attempting p90x! Add me if you'd like!
  • Agreed. In addition to this statement, I also dislike people commenting on me not being able to hit my calories every day. I mean, frankly, this is just a diet/fitness website and although I love discussing things in the forums, I really don't care what anyone thinks if they're going to be judgmental about it. Which is why…
  • I agree with this ^ Same with the mensicles
  • I like it! Well, the 100% vegetable juice, anyway. I do like the rest but they have a lot of sugar. Plus, I already eat a lot of fruit but don't always get in enough veggies. Almost everyone I know thinks it's super gross, but give me a nice, super cold glass of it and I can have that in place of a meal if I need to. Mmmm
  • I honestly believe my personality is a 10 lol My physical appearance, 7 I guess
  • Drinking lots of water. Plus, a method of skin stimulation called dry-brushing I have heard works well. Massaging the affected areas every day to displace the fat. But honestly, is there a reason you can't exercise? Because squats got rid of mine real quick, lol.
  • I have the same problem as you, and I would agree that this is good advice. Once I started forcing myself recently to eat to my set limit each day on clean foods (which you don't seem to have a problem with so that's good!) I already feel a lot better, with more energy and can get through my workouts. I haven't started…
  • Well it's got "natural flavors" which is literally what it says on the ingredients, lol. But no sugar additives or subs. I usually get lemon. It is good although it's clearly less sweet than others, but maybe it's an acquired taste, I don't know. I will also go for the wally brand, I just make sure I drink at least three…
  • Well I like the Poland Springs waters which have no substitutes at all. And if those aren't available everywhere, I know the wal-mart brand waters (although they contain aspartame) have much less of it. There's just a difference between coke being your guilty pleasure and drinking it as more than half of your fluid intake…
  • But they're not though. Not trying to argue to be a turd but honestly, look up the specific ingredients used as sugar substitutes in the diet coke (which I promise you will not find in any good brand of the flavored waters...even it may be in some, it's as easy as quickly checking the label and grabbing the next brand) and…
  • Well you may not have actually built up a lot of real muscle yet; however, lifting and strength training still causes water retention and swelling. furthermore, fat doesn't come off so easily either, so it's still probably just hanging around making you feel a little "tighter" for now...but stick with it. Eventually the…
  • Not sure but I want a weighted hula hoop so bad! They're specifically for exercise use and they seem to yield some bootylicious results :love:
  • Yes, Subway has a horrific amount of carbs per serving even though it's delicious and amazing :sad: If you cut down on carbs, you should see an increase in weight loss as your body should then start burning the fat. Your body burns EITHER fat or carbs for energy and we generally eat way more carbs than necessary, therefore…
  • Diet coke is just as terrible for you as regular soda because even though it's zero calories, the sugar substitutes in it cause just as much, if not more trouble, with your insulin levels. It's hard to cut out stuff like that but I promise if you cut soda, you will see change. That ALONE can keep people from losing,…
  • Well what exactly are you doing to lose the weight? Diet and more importantly, what type of exercise and how much of it?
  • I never go over on calories. In fact, I have a hard time even reaching my calories. However, I find that I will often go over on sugar, carbs and sometimes protein (but that may be because I have lower settings right now for carbs and sugar...and I just over do it on the protein foods lately). I know for a fact that…