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  • Team Sacromoni. Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you must keep moving
  • I miss zumba... and I found this on pinterest!! Its short but I liked it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC6K3TSK_RY&list=PL04C909C1ECAAE79B&index=5&feature=plpp_video Team Sacrimoni
  • Team sacrimoni I am on here because when I get stressed or tired I start to slack and lose motivation quick!! By being on the challenge I at least push myself to do a little something each day instead of just vegging on the couch. I hate letting other people down so I push myself each day not only for myself but for the…
  • no bonus?
  • *TEAM SACRIMONI** So I have decided to workout with a friend. I am going to be her motivation to lift weights (which we did today) and she is going to try to make me a runner (which we tried today) I was so slow I felt bad she had to deal with me! But hopefully it will get better. Also, I always check in with my sister…
  • Hi! My name is Heather! :) I am 26 and I live in Colorado away from all my family and friends for the first time. I am here because my awesome friend on here Meagan told me about the challenge. I have quite a ways to go before I reach my goal, but this challenge has helped keep me motivated this past month so I figured one…
  • “Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you can go." Under calories and got my mile in :) Team SACRIMONI
  • Team Sacrimoni did turbo fire with my sister! and 50 crunches!!
  • team sacrimoni.. 150 calf raises!!
  • I just finished a 7 and half mile bike ride,..along with my veggies for the day! :) I have never biked as fast as passing the house who had the dog chasing me! so scary! haha
  • TEAM SACRIMONI!! I joined this challenge to kick-start my motivation. I recently moved to CO and in January I got off to a good start with the weight loss, but as time kept on I started getting lazy with my workouts and started skipping them a couple times a week. I am so thankful that I started this challenge. I have very…
  • 15 with 15 pounds, 30 with 10 pounds, and 30 with 5 pounds!! threw in some tricep and ab work too along with 15 min of cardio! :)
  • I am making "not your average tuna" tonight. It is a recipe from my old trainer that uses avocado in place of mayo! So it adds some healthy fats!! It has tuna, avacado, dill relish and i add jalapeno for some spice!! I think I will eat a sweet potato with nothing on it..I have been craving some sweet potatoes!
  • This will be the hardest challenge every for me!!! i hate the B word!!! hahaha
  • I have been working with my sister to stay motivated to workout!! I pin different workouts each day that I know she would like to do and I have encouraged her to joing MFP so she can reach her goal of getting back healthy!! I send her the challenges we have been doing and encourage her to do them too!! I try to be an…
  • I do!!! :)
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  • Team Sacrimoni
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  • Just part of the crew please :)
  • sweatblooddirt.com has some spin-type class videos..
  • me too!! you should add me as a friend :)
  • I just restarted the routine...school messed up my original start.. but I'm on week 2. I did turbo fire ez last night and I think that was the hardest one yet!!
  • Oh I know exactly how you feel about the eating right part, I really need to learn how to like cook for my whole week or something because cooking at 10 at night isn't cutting it!
  • I'm in counseling!! Little over a year left!! School always trumps working out :(
  • I know exactly how you feel!!! I'm supposed to be eating sooo much protein but I'm finding it hard to get it all in. I will say that my weight did creep up after Easter Sunday..so the weight loss I told you wa pre-easter bloat :( but it's coming back down so all I can do is keep pushing play!!
  • I've lost about 4 pounds. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow for my final result. I have been following a plan from my nutritionist rather than the inferno's diet plan but it was around 1200 with empahsis on protein. and limiting simple carbs.
  • I definitely want to join in!!! I need losts of accountability friends so anyone who is doing turbo fire please feel free to add me! :) I am finishing up the inferno plan today and I am going to start the prep schedule starting tomorrow!! I really love it so far and I cant wait to see the amazing results I know I will get!!
  • How much are you selling them for? I'm not in New Orleans, but I am in Louisiana.
  • So I moved my last day of week 3 to outside rather than on the treadmill. It was TOUGH!!! My legs were killing me, I was soooo slow, and could only finish 2 of the last 3 minutes of the jog. :( I'm gonna re-do week 3 again and do it outside from now on out unless its raining or too dark outside.
  • If you have an HDMI cable you should be able to hook up your laptop to your tv
  • Well I finished day 2 of week 2 today!! It was tough and I'm scared what will happen week 3. I am using the treadmill, but I walked the track and it was soooo difficult. I walked sooo slow and it gave me shin splints. :( I think I'm gonna stick to the treadmill for a while until I can get my stamina up.