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  • The first part of your post with the Gene Wilder meme is inaccurate. Yes, I have regularly driven to the gym this winter to run on the treadmill - I can't safely run outside when it is well below zero degrees, dark, icy and the sidewalks are covered in snow. There are sometimes very good reasons for doing something that…
  • I followed you!
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  • You are awesome! Congratulations. :)
  • Training for a 1/2 marathon on Mother's Day weekend.
  • Netflix on my iPhone or Zombies, Run! or podcasts. It depends on my mood. This weekend, I watched 2 episodes of Supernatural on my iPhone while running. Last week, I played Zombies, Run! and then switched to podcasts when the mission was over for the remainder of my run. I also wish for spring really hard so that I can get…
  • Diva Cup to the rescue! I have exclusively used one since I had my first child, and I love, love, love the Diva Cup. You just take it out and clean it twice a day and that's it. No stupid string hanging out, no gross pads close to your body, and you only have to empty it twice a day (so you really only have to do it at…
  • I would try to find a live class. I find the live classes to be way more fun/challenging than the home workouts. I have done Zumba at 214 pounds (my heaviest) and am doing it now in the 160s. Still love it!
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  • What a horrible, tragic accident. :( I feel badly for that young man and his family.
  • Some allergies are cumulative. One exposure can mean hives, and the next can be an anaphylactic reaction - and you can never predict how many exposures it will take to get to be that point. Giving a child an epipen shot, or receiving one from the child's perspective, is (a) not guaranteed to save the child's life and (b) a…
  • When it comes to children and peanuts, I completely disagree. Kids don't always know enough to protect themselves and don't always make the best decisions. They shouldn't risk death because the behave like children. It is our responsibility to protect them. My daughter has a child in her class with a severe peanut allergy.…
  • I've done the Row one so far. I just ran like usual. LOL I'm not going to row. It worked just fine at least for that one.
  • That's what I wear. They are by Danskin, and I wear the Performance Capri ones. I really love them.
  • I haven't started yet! I thought I was going to have it started by now, but the holidays were tough. LOL I signed up today for the Another Mother Runner half marathon challenge. It is starting Monday, January 13, 2014, and it will be 17 weeks and end with a half marathon on Mother's Day weekend in May. I'm really looking…
  • I don't know if this is at all helpful, but I bought a used jogging stroller from craigslist - you may want to check the one in your area. I got a pretty much new jogging stroller for $75 (it was almost $200 new). You could find more used ones for much less than that. I was mindful of safety and both checked for recalls on…
  • If all you need to carry is a phone and/or a couple of gels, for women, you can also wear a SparkleTech skirt from Love or hate the running skirt, but the pockets in the undershorts on those things are awesome. Deep and nice and tight so nothing is going to bounce or fall out. Plus, the compression…
  • I think you'll love it. It keeps me coming back for more. :)
  • Feel free to request me. I started C25K in March and graduated in July. I then did C210K and graduated from that as well. I also did the 10K Finish It plan from Train Like a Mother. Now I'm getting ready to start half marathon training (today!). I took a week off from running this week, and I hated taking any time off (I…
  • It does sound like plantar fasciitis from your last description. I battled it several years ago in my right foot. One of the things that helped the most for me is having good proper running shoes. When mine start to wear out, I really notice that my foot starts to hurt again. The other thing that helped me is stretching my…
  • I'm starting next week. I was going to start this week, but my daughter has a concert tonight and we have other commitments this week, so I'm going to run Thursday, FRiday, Saturday this week and then start HM training on Monday.
  • I have some Feetures socks that I love, they are super comfy and feel great on my feet. I also have lots of thin Danskin brand socks from Wal-Mart - I've never had a blister issue with those socks either. Basically, any synthetic sock should be fine.
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  • I haven't signed up for anything yet, but I'm planning to run: First Run 5K (Jan 1) Half Marathon (sometime in March-May - it will be my first) Crowley Road Race (either the 5 or 10K) (June) Biggest Loser 5K (July) Color Run (summer, run with my 10 year old and her buddies :smile:) That's kind of it so far.
  • Congratulations on teacher training! What an accomplishment! I count a 90 min. Bikram class as just 90 min. of "yoga" on MFP. I sort of don't care how many calories it burns - I do yoga for *me* because it is good for me and makes me feel good. I get my calorie burn from running, Zumba, etc.
  • I'm in. I'm going to try to break 60 miles in December. I will post later tonight after I run (should be 3 miles today).
  • I play Zombies, Run! while running - treadmill or outdoors. It helps to stave off the boredom and adds a lot of fun to my runs. I also love podcasts (Another Mother Runner is my favorite) and audiobooks. You can get free audiobooks from Librivox.
  • I don't think of Bikram as cardio. I just know it is a great workout for my body and my mind. I guess I like thinking of it as "other." Like I run for cardio, lift weights for strength and do Bikram for *me*.
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  • Congratulations!
  • I recently read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer. I liked both, but I probably enjoyed Marathon Woman more. I just finished Hell Bent, which is a book about competitive yoga (yes, really), which was totally fascinating from an "are you seriously serious about that?" kind of…
  • Never mind what the race director says on the megaphone before the race, it's fine to be right up front as a walker. The runners can just go around you. Make sure you stay in a line with your buddies - don't want to get lonely! Quit running because it's bad for your knees. Wearing a running skirt makes you a "fake" runner.…
  • Yoga, weights at the gym and Zumba are my primary cross-training activities.