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  • Decided to pick up the entire Witcher series this week. With as lauded as the games are for their story, I figured the books were well worth it. On Sword of Destiny and enjoying the hell out of it so far.
  • Just finished Bravely Second and starting up Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  • 11/22/63 The man accomplished the impossible: I almost felt bad for Lee Harvey Oswald for a minute there. If his mother was actually anything like King’s portrayal of her, it’s no wonder he turned out to be such a shitler.
  • Got a wild hair up my *kitten* and decided to go through King’s bibliography in chronological order. Since August, I’ve made it this far: Everything vertical has been read, and currently working my way through Black House. Carrie is absent because my girlfriend’s son has decided to take up my idea as well. Wizard and Glass…
  • 1: 200+ lbs. bodyweight. 2: 550+ deadlift 3: 500+ squat 4: 300+ bench 5: 200+ standing strict overhead press 6: 25+ unbroken pullups 7: accomplish all of the above while maintaining at least some semblance of visible abs.
  • This is not necessarily true. I had to abandon the whole IIFYM approach to bulking, and cut out a lot of foods that screwed with me (whey, breads, oats, cruciferous vegetables, canned meat, etc.), but I’m now managing to put down 3900-4000 kcals per day with precisely zero bloat issues. Granted, this has resulted in me…
  • I know the feeling. T2D is rampant in my mother’s side of the family, and all of them blame it on “sugar genes”. It’s patently absurd, and none of them want to accept that it’s their obesity that’s the primary culprit. An unfortunate (but recent and relevant) example is my grandmother. She’s been on insulin and had awful…
  • Well, to be fair, once a T2D has normal blood sugar levels, they’re no longer T2D. It’s not the progressive disease it’s been made out to be, and we’ve seen it reversed time and again by weightloss and activity increases. I’m a pretty good example. When I was 250+ lbs. and lived in front of my PC, fasting was well over 130…
  • Exactly this. I wasn’t saying that a T2D should be gunning for my numbers out of the gate, but that they should be something of a long term goal. Interesting thing I found out this week: after just two days of being forced to sit on my *kitten* for snow removal, my fasting BG went from 85-87, to 103-107. Within a day of…
  • White rice has been my savior. Easy to slam in 400+ kcals, it digests easily, and it’s so cheap it’s damn near free.
  • Pretty much this. I tend to now run a fasted of 85-87 and PP of 110-115 (have had it as low as 90 if I run a 20-30 minute cycling session before eating) and have never felt better. A1c now tends to hover around 4.6-4.8. Admittedly though, it took me some years to get to this point. I don’t even see a 140 PP reading after…
  • Was about to drop in and say pretty much the same thing. I’ve been tooling with it for a couple of weeks now, and my digestion is definitely vastly improved. Also, because I am anal and track such things, it’s has had no negative impact on my glucose uptake either. Definitely going to be my bulking diet preference going…
  • 150 lbs., August of 2015. 178, last week.
  • Keep in mind, Stan fully formulated this when he started coaching guys who need to put down 8000+ kcals/day (pro strongmen like Thor and Shaw) with minimal gastric disturbance. That said, it’s a good shot for anyone who has issues with bloating, gas, etc.
  • That's why I went to Klokovs. The snatch grip allows you to work behind the neck, and transfers most of the loading to the mid and lower traps. Believe it or not, heavy bench work, no matter the grip, is more hell on my shoulders than Klokov presses are.
  • Finally decided to get a new handheld. The New 2DS is exactly what I was looking for. Much better weight balance than the 3DS, and I’m not a fan of the 3D stuff anyway. Started off with a lengthy title. Dragon Quest VII alone should keep me busy for a while. Also picked up DQVIII, MH4U, and am going to be making my first…
  • Tearing my way through The Dark Tower; currently about 25% of the way through Wizard and Glass. I was inspired to finally pick it up after a hilarious rant from my girlfriend about how *kitten* the movie was. It’s been her favorite series of books since she was a young teenager.
  • Standard strict press in the front, Klokov press (snatch grip) behind. I like to work the hell out of my shoulders on overhead day.
  • Got excited, saw online crap, closed window. Ah well, I can wait six years for FO5.
  • I done fell back down the Dark Souls II hole. Getting hyped for the first portable DS option ever, in August.
  • I had the same “screw it, why bother?” mentality for years. For me, all it took was hard cutting from 265 to 150, staying in that range for a while, then taking on a hard training schedule while intentionally heading back north in pounds. It’s been a five year process thus far, but I can assure you, my way of thinking…
  • I’m firmly on Team Rapid Cut. The longer I stay in a deficit (even a mild one) the more my lifting suffers. I prefer to get in, get out, and back to eating for passable intensity and volume before my brain has a chance to start making me suck. Example: last summer I cut from 181 to 163 in 14 days, after refeeding. “But but…
  • Picked up God Wars: Future Past for my Vita on a whim. Knew nothing about it, other than “srpg”. Turns out it’s a pretty good “Tactics” type of game, including a pretty solid job system. Works out great for me, given that FFT and Ogre Tactics were among my favorite games ever. For $19, I damned sure can’t complain.
  • No, I took it exactly as you intended. My own response was a bit of poking fun at my own headspace. A bit of that “never big and/or lean enough” mentality that crawls into the head of nearly every serious student of the game.
  • I spent a long time with the veins in my abs having veins on their abs, so this is taking some getting used to. I can’t *kitten* about the lifting progress though.
  • Recent amrap sets: Bench: 175x14 Squat: 295x13 Overhead: 120x11 Deadlift: 330x12 Bodyweight’s been hovering around 184 for a while now. Slightly fluffy, but meh, keeping at it.
  • DMAA is isolated from certain strains of geranium, so that’s why. It’s kind of like how eating a poppyseed muffin could make you pop positive for specific opioids.
  • I hadn’t been “natty” for years (ephedrine, DMAA, etc.) before even starting TRT this past February. Luckily for me, I don’t give a rat’s *kitten*, and cannot for the life of me fathom why anyone would. Most of those substances have such short half lives that you’d have to take it right before you lift in order to pop…
  • I am also now convinced that I need coffee cups with prints of the various Hot Drink logos on them.