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  • Love Home Chef. Portion Control is great. Food is great. Great for empty nester who need to learn to cook for two again. We stopped because we got too busy to cook. Now that the holidays are over we might start over.
  • I am back too
  • Wow your weight loss is similar to mine. I Lost 65 then gained it back plus. I need to loss 100 lbs. I am just starting back and could use support and can support others.
  • Hi I am hoping MFP changes my life too. I need to keep motivated with dedicated friends!
  • wow you all have a marvelous job in your journey in weight loss!!!! you all have inspired me, that I can do it to.
  • I too have to lose over 100 lbs! I have lost 65 in the past and found it again plus a few extras. It can be a daunting task but tracking has been the best way for my successes. Of course the little victors along the way are always sweet! If anyone with 100 to lose needs a friend, I have just come back and would enjoy…
  • I have read several you the post here - not all 97 pages -amazing and love the support and kinship here. I hope no one minds if I tag along and join your group. I have over 100 lbs to lose and have lost and regain over 65lbs. Now I am at it again. I work at an office and drive a hour to work and a hour home everyday. This…
  • You are so close to being in the State of Onederful You Can Do It!! Keep logging you meals and reflect on how great you feel when you stay closed to you daily calorie count. Do not kick yourself and stop logging if you go off track. You can do it! :-)
  • Just got my UP and love it!! Now I am looking for friends to help support each other. Please add me to your up team. if your are a fun and supportive. One Step at a Time Jill