Back again

Looking to lose 30-40 pounds and looking for some new friends on here. Anyone feel free to add me!


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    I'm back again too! Lean in 2017!
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    I am back too
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    Hi there everyone! This is a first for me.. as in putting myself out there in any way... so here goes with the very abridged version of my story. I'm thinking maybe community has been my missing link so to speak... Nothing beats a failure but a try right?! Growing up I was thin and athletic but still always very hyper aware of my weight, and something I have struggled with for a very long time... I started gaining pretty good at the end of my high school days... and then after my first baby.. well let's just suffice it to say that my abundance has multiplied a great deal ..... Like most.. I have tried many different things from pills both prescribed and over the counter... numerous "diets" and lifestyle changes... some worked and some did not.. some were healthy and again.. some were not! I was a dedicated "gym rat" for a very long while..up until I wasn't. To say I have been all over the place with my weight and health in this life so far is a huge understatement!! So.. with that said... here I am.... trying yet again.. not giving up... so bring it on! Failure ultimately just simply is NOT an option! Let the journey begin.... ..... AGAIN! :-) ... One more little foot note to an already way too long post.. BUT.. I wanted to clarify that this has nothing to do with "New Year Resolutions" at all.. but trying out a new path of clearly set intentions instead! I'm not making the mistake of setting myself up to fail... not this time!
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    Im back again to. Have to get this done this time
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    I am back again, hoping to lose 40 lb. I've been good doing diets for about 2 weeks then I lose interest. Hoping to stick with this this time as I am the biggest I've been in my life now. I want to learn a new way of eating so I can stick to it. Diet plans never worked for me, as I like real food. I can eat less but not boxed or what someone says I should. With this is just to remember to keep the log and stick to it. It worked last time I did it, but then I lost track of time and stopped logging it in and keeping track.Well, to all of us, Good luck and see what happens!