I won't give up

Hello everyone, I've been apart of MFP for a few years. The first year was the best! I lost 60lbs and slowly I gained it all back and then some, which was something I couldn't afford to do. I'm trying again for the billionth time, and that's alright with me, I'm a natural born fighter. My goal is to lose 10lbs a month, but overall 80- 100 lbs for the year. I really do need a lot of support so please add me and I will do all I can to be supportive of you and your goals.


  • JilliejamOne
    JilliejamOne Posts: 17 Member
    Wow your weight loss is similar to mine. I Lost 65 then gained it back plus. I need to loss 100 lbs. I am just starting back and could use support and can support others.
  • MissDeAnn
    MissDeAnn Posts: 47 Member
    I'll add you, thanks for the support. You
  • B28Elliott
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    sent you a request as well:)