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    jkhoffe wrote: »
    So this is an interesting website -

    It simulates what you look like at current weight, then what you would look like at goal weight. If this thing is accurate - I am going to need to lose more weight than I thought

    Interesting site! I think it works well for standard body types but I wish their was an athletic version to give me a better picture. When I got down to 135 I looked way way leaner than their simulation so I wouldn't worry too much about adjusting your goal yet Jen.
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    Nichole - my thoughts are with you and your family.

    @jkhoffe that link was really good.

    We have had great weather again this weekend and today so i have managed to be outside doing my chores :) I managed to get in lots of training and my eating has been good as well.
    Although i am not seeing any change on the scales i feel so much fitter and i think my body is changing shape, the measurements are good :)

    For all of you that celebrated mothers day i hope you had a great day :)
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    Yay… 4 lbs down… Boo… I had the flu… so not the ideal way to lose!

    Sorry I have been MIA! Sounds like everyone is still doing great! I have no way to respond to all the great posts!
    I hope we all had a great Mother’s Day! Mine was nice as I spent all day in bed! Sent my husband and my daughter to spend time with grandma as I recovered from a very sleepless night. Feeling a little better today.. scared to eat but slowly but surely.

    Here’s to a great week! Back on the tracks…
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    jkhoffe wrote: »
    Has anyone ever tried an under the desk bike? Was thinking of buying one for work

    I love mine Jen!! I use it constantly!! Definitely a great purchase... I asked for one for Christmas. A friend of mine from MFP, started out her weight loss with one and she did amazing! She was very overweight and had a hard time even walkin. She is now around 165... last I saw and looks amazing!
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    jkhoffe wrote: »
    So this is an interesting website -

    It simulates what you look like at current weight, then what you would look like at goal weight. If this thing is accurate - I am going to need to lose more weight than I thought

    I've done that before... It's neat to see... but no matter what we will look great with the loss we need... In our own eyes we will never be perfect.... =)

    Whew! I caught up on all the great posts! You guys are the best! Always inspiring!!
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    ShyCush6 wrote: »
    Yay… 4 lbs down… Boo… I had the flu… so not the ideal way to lose!

    Sorry I have been MIA! Sounds like everyone is still doing great! I have no way to respond to all the great posts!
    I hope we all had a great Mother’s Day! Mine was nice as I spent all day in bed! Sent my husband and my daughter to spend time with grandma as I recovered from a very sleepless night. Feeling a little better today.. scared to eat but slowly but surely.

    Here’s to a great week! Back on the tracks…

    Great loss shy, but I feel your pain...I had a tummy bug this weekend, still not feeling great but I'm down 3 at ww tonight so I'll take it!!!! Just have to be good and keep it off when we start eating properly again!!!
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    Got some gardening done, yea!!

    Shy - glad you are feeling better. Hopefully the pounds will stay off, lol.

    @health_guard - great choice!!
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    Oh motivation and focus, where have you gone?? Two years ago I lost 20+ pounds by logging here and working out and yay me. Now I have gained 25 back and have zero motivation. I am currently on Celexa which may have something to do with it, but still. I even signed up for 6 sessions with a trainer at the Y and I have gone to 4 so far and I LOVE the workouts she is giving me, but I can't seem to get myself there in between seeing her. I have gone back to yoga two or three times a week, which is good but does nothing for weight loss. I don't know what I expect anyone to say--I have read it all here before--motivation comes from inside. Either you want it or you don't and there is not a lot anyone can say to magically make me motivated. I understand. I am 45 years old, currently 5'8" and weigh 168. At my best I was 140 and I looked great but it was a lot of work. Perhaps I need to lower my standards a bit?? Aim for 150 and then see? Either way, I am too lumpy and flabby, regardless of what the scale says. Do you ever feel like there is just not room in your brain for any more "keeping track of..." stuff?? This school year I got a big promotion, my oldest son OD'd and was hospitalized followed by rehab, we are having major financial issues related to all of that care and after-care, hubby and I are not getting along, youngest son has Asperger's and is struggling through freshman year of high school and I have a bulging disc that is causing MAJOR sciatica pain. So I tell myself that I just don't have any more inner resources left, but really we all know that is not the case. We can do anything if we want it badly enough. So I don't know what I expect anyone to say, just wanted to vent and say thanks for the inspiration from all of you on this board who are doing all of the right things no matter what and with no excuses!!!!
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    drabbits- As I realize you feel you look dreadful... Honestly... just look as though it could be worse... I'm only 5'4"and I would cheer to be 168... You have to take one thing at a time. It does sound like you got poured on and not just sprinkled... But one day at a time. One thing at a time. Focus on drinking more water for a week, add an extra workout once a week... slowly but surely. You can't change in a day... Your life has changed in many ways and that is a lot to focus on... You have to take care of your children and still try to focus on yourself. Life isn't easy, but one step at a time. Wish you the best... Hang in there.
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    Hi all! Sounds like everyone had a great mother's day, and we are back to Monday again. Does anyone sometimes feel like that movie "Groundhog Day"? (I'm totally aging myself, I'm sure some of you are too young to know the movie!) LOL!
    I had a great Mother's Day, didn't count any calories, ate bacon and loved every second of it! ha! But of course I am back on it this morning, and will have to behave all week I'm sure. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though, and sometimes we need to just live and not stress about every bite.

    Nichole, so sorry about your dad! Hope everything is working out - it's so hard when parents age, and we are holding the bag for everyone. I've heard it's called the sandwich or something - we are still caring for our children, but we are also now responsible to care for our parents. Like Karen said, make sure to have some time for yourself because you need your health!

    OMG Rachel the mall of america on a saturday? wowzers! that is love for your mama!! :)

    Shy - that sucks you were sick! As I'm typing, my hubs is sicker than sick!! must be going around. hope you are back to 100% soon!

    pickles - that guy has sent me two messages under two different names, talking about his family jewels. Creepster alert! Just beware, he might try to add you again in the future. WEIRDO!!! who has time to message a bunch of women the same weird story? The first time he contacted me was in fall, second time this year, so he's been at it for at least 6 months with that story!!!

    drabbits2 - I agree with Shy, I'm 5'4" and my goal weight is 165!! But there is nothing like a major or constant amount of stress to keep those pounds holding on for dear life. One day at a time, one thing at a time... and yes, everything takes time. Hopefully you work through everything and still take care of yourself.
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    Good loss Shy although as you say, not the best reason to lose it! Hope you are feeling better now.

    Nichole - sorry to hear about your dad, keeping everything crossed that he pulls through.

    @health_guard - well done with the meal planning.

    I'm stuck at my current weight - it will go up day to day but it stubbornly won't go down! I know that I'm not helping the situation - I'm not eating well, not getting enough exercise and my motivation is through the floor! I keep saying 'back to it' but somehow I'm not managing it. Euuughhh - it's just one of those times - sorry for the grumbling!
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    Thanks to all for the well wishes. Fluid in lungs is going down a little, and heart enzyme that was elevated has gone down slightly so that is a positive. Would like to take him off of the vent but he isn't really following commands. Patience is not really working out for me right now. Breaks my heart to see my girls so upset.

    Jenna has prom this Saturday and keeps asking if he will wake up by then. I wish I could tell her yes.

    I did manage to get in a quick trip to the gym, so I felt better. Who would have thought in a million years that the gym would be the one thing that helps me keep it together? Not me!

    @health_guard meal planning! I need to be doing that.

    @bluepoppies777 I have bee feeling Groundhog Day every time I step on the scale here lately. WTH!

    @FitEqualsSmile & @GillianSmith2 Great job on the outside work. If either of you feels like coming to my house and weeding that would be great. LOL Those are the one thing that I can grow perfectly.

    @janetay01 Grumble away. Just keep at it and keep checking in here. Everything will come together.

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    Good Morning everyone! I hope all of yall have a fantastic day!
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    @FitEqualsSmile How was your trainer workout? Sounds like you had a great day planned?

    @GillianSmith2 Sounds like you had some great NSVs!

    @ShyCush6 Sorry to hear about the flu, that's brutal!

    @health_guard Sounds like you had a great healthy day planned!

    @tazzy2911 Sorry to hear you got hit with the stomach bug too! Glad you're feeling better

    @drabbits2 Wow, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. I know the last 20 vanity pounds can be frustrating. We're definitely here to support you if you want to tackle them!

    @bluepoppies777 I sincerely hope people know about Groundhogs Day, it's a classic! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I know what you mean about it feeling like the day just repeats itself sometimes. Sounds like it's time to mix up the routine!

    @janetay01 I'm right there with you. There's just been way too many occasions and special events. I keep telling myself it's not a race and that I have to incorporate life too. I'm hoping the next few weeks will help to break the cycle before Memorial Day

    @ngolden3320 Great job taking care of yourself amidst all the stress. Glad that progress is being made by your Dad, even though it is slow!
  • Rachel0778
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    After another food filled weekend I am so excited to be back in my routine with my regular foods. Does anyone else miss their own cooking when they've been out to a lot of events?
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    Good morning everyone. I haven't checked in for awhile because I have just been struggling. I also wonder if my calorie count is set too high. I am trying to make a every day a new day so that I don't get hung up on the number on the scale. I swear when I read some of your posts, I feel like you are all in my head :smile:

    We are wrapping up the school year. Daughter home from college, son has district track meet this week(we are praying for a state qualification) and my work is slowing down.

    @ngolden3320-My prayers are with you and your family.

    @drabbits2-I agree with the others. Start small. Sometimes our biggest problem is taking care of ourselves. If possible, make sure you take a walk or have 15-20 minutes of quiet time. It may sound selfish but sometimes you have to be so that you can hold the fort for others.

    @healthymom76 -friend me, I am in the same boat as you.

    Everyone sounds like they had a great Mother's's to a Terrific Tuesday :smiley:
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    @ngolden3320 - glad to hear that your dad is improving a bit. Thoughts are with you.

    @Rachel0778 - Glad your Mom enjoyed MOA. I like going there on occasion-but yeah, the crowds are overwhelming sometimes!

    @FitEqualsSmile - Sounds like a busy but productive day yesterday! Way to get the exercise in!

    @ShyCush6 - Yay for the 4 lbs, but hope you are feeling better!

    @health_guard - great job on the food prep and planning! That is something I struggle with. And I find even when I do plan and think everything is all lined up, that is when something comes up and throws it all off. So sometime I think why even bother? I will make it work as it comes along. (planning usually works better)

    @drabbits2 - Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. But like the others have said, you have to make time to take care of yourself. One day at a time!

    @bluepoppies777 - Yep, groundhog day happens pretty much every Monday. Back on track!

    @janetay01 - Im in the same boat. I have been stuck for about a month now. But I am not doing anything to try and get out of it either. I keep saying I will, but I just haven't pushed myself. At least I am maintaining and not going in the wrong direction! But we need to give ourselves a push! We can do it!

    Well, I don't know what is going on with my fitbit. It was giving me all kinds of problems over the weekend. I would charge it over night, then in the morning it would show it was fully charged and by 10:00 in the morning it would show low battery again and would stop counting steps. Then it would completely go dead. I tried resetting it last night, so I am going to see if that works. So far so good today, but we will see. I hope that works, because I don't really want to spend the money on a new one right now, but I want to have one! I had good intentions yesterday of going to the track after work. Then my son texted and said he was staying after school and needed me to come pick him up. Then as I was waiting for him, my daughter texted and said she needed me to take her to the doctor. She has strep throat. So-I didn't make it to the track. More errands to run tonight. Hope everyone has a great day today!

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    I have read several you the post here - not all 97 pages -amazing and love the support and kinship here. I hope no one minds if I tag along and join your group.

    I have over 100 lbs to lose and have lost and regain over 65lbs. Now I am at it again.

    I work at an office and drive a hour to work and a hour home everyday. This takes away from my personal time to do something good for myself - like exercising. I used to carry a gym bag with me in my car and stop at a gym on my way home, but for some reason stopped doing it. Need to do that again! Now that the weather is nicer I have no excuses for taking my dog on a nice hike after work.

    Have to go now.

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    Welcome @Jillianinwonderland I sent you a friend request. We don't mind at all, join in the convo any time you like! Keep coming back.

    Dana, that was my day yesterday too. Had a plan for the gym but everything went to pot after work with driving here and there, my sons tennis lessons, etc etc! I got home after 8:30 and then had to do the usual clean up in the kitchen, dyed my hair and flopped into bed. No gym!!
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    Fack! I just typed a long reply and it only posted part of it. Gahhhh!