need support bad

Hi my name is chrissy. I have done this app so many times I always get frustrated and quit it. I was 212 in September 29 2014 when I started this journey. Im staying between 204 to 206 now. I cant seem to lose on my own. I plan on doing the cize workout dvds soon . I am and have never been big on excercise I love to dance tho. Please add me so I can reach my goals . Im very determined this time and im always willimg to support other people


  • nikkit321
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    What if you commit to a specific timeframe, and then stay off the scale. Sometimes seeing the number on the scale fluctuate can be very frustrating. If you weigh on day 1, and then put the scale away for 30 days, you can then weigh in again and see the progress you made. Make sure you log every bit of food accurately (weighing it on a scale, no guessing). You can do this!
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    At my heaviest I was 212lbs and am now down to 177 since really focusing on getting healthy again after having my first child. Feel free to add me I am on everyday and love having new friends to support
  • JilliejamOne
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    You are so close to being in the State of Onederful You Can Do It!!

    Keep logging you meals and reflect on how great you feel when you stay closed to you daily calorie count. Do not kick yourself and stop logging if you go off track. You can do it!