MFP weight loss buddies

Hello! I am just looking to add some new friends that are as passionate and dedicated to MFP as me!

Please add me as a friend :)


  • gbltmiller1030
    gbltmiller1030 Posts: 1 Member
    MFP changed my fitness life.
  • JenniferLevangie
    JenniferLevangie Posts: 4 Member
    MFP changed my fitness life.
    Mine as well, it has definitely been fantastic, and I've used it for a few years. I always recommend it to people :)

  • JilliejamOne
    JilliejamOne Posts: 17 Member
    Hi I am hoping MFP changes my life too. I need to keep motivated with dedicated friends!
  • nicole3921
    nicole3921 Posts: 97 Member
    Any of you ladies feel free to add me. I have been logging in and tracking food/exercise daily. Now 70 days! Before using mfp I weighed 193 and dropped down to 182. I started using mfp when I hit 182 and now have lost 18lbs.

    I truly feel like this is such a great tool to help succeed on this weight loss journey. It's always nice having people as dedicated to losing weight as you are!