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  • Chia seeds in Greek yogurt. Sweetened with stevia or some blueberries if you want.
  • I'm 30 and overweight! According to the BMI....anyways. Just for reference, I'm 5'4 and 150 lbs. But it is the same as you, I always had 10 lbs to lose and I just could never shake them. I'm trying to figure out what will work for me...cause obviously something isn't . I keep track of my meals, but I must be snacking more…
  • Thanks everyone for your comments and tips! My thyroid is normal, I get it checked every so often. I'll see what I can do I guess. It's always an individual struggle.
  • Just owning the Fenix increases your strength by 5!
  • @Vladimirnapkin thanks! I suspect I will buy it. :) the size won't bother me - I want to be able to read the screen quickly, especially if I'm running with my horrible eyes haha
  • I'm 145 at 5'4. I have an athletic build as well. I'm moderately active, running 2x a week, cycling 4x a week and walking. However, I always put my activity level at none and ask to lose weight. Most calculators put me at 1200ish calories a day, sometimes 1100. I don't eat back my exercise calories ever and I maintain at…
  • Update: Stopped exercising as much :( still going to run twice a week to maintain cardiovascular strength though for work. Started fasting a couple of weeks ago. Stopped gaining weight for those weeks. But no weight loss. Gained 3 pounds this week...(that time of the month) and still have one more fast day to complete.…
  • I follow a high fat, low carb diet so my meals probably look smaller. Yesterday, I had : Lunch: 1 egg, 1c hamburger soup (personal recipe), 3 c salad with 1 tbsp low fat ranch Supper: 175 grams of broccoli with 1 tbsp full fat mayo. 175 grams of full fat plain Greek yogurt, sweetened with stevia and vanilla and 1 sugar…
  • I can't drink as much as I once did. Which is good! I have 2 shots mixed with diet coke over a couple hours and I'm good to go.
  • I'm actually kinda excited. Ive fasted in the past, so I know it's doable. This seems to have a tangible, measurable approach as well.... So I'll know if I'm over eating or not all week. I also like eating some calories on the 'fasting' days because it'll make suppers less painful with family!
  • @Running_and_Coffee I'll try that too. That would be easy to change
  • I will try that! I actually had eggs this morning (sometimes my meals are in spots but I don't eat in that order), like today, my eggs are at lunch instead of breakfast - which is where I did eat them. It is hard to NOT have my chia seeds everyday because I need them to poop! Lol but I'll try and see how it goes without…
  • @cricketpower I did reduce my running But walked instead. I still have to maintain my running to a certain level because I am in the military and that type of fitness is required, unfortunately. I tried increasing my calories for a week But the weight increase completely scared me off. Increasing calories while one gains…
  • It's been a while with trying to accurately count calories and macros and exercise. I haven't lost ANY weight. I actually continued to gain, slowly. So I'm calling the doctor to double check my thyroid. Which I'm scared to do.
  • @Running_and_Coffee honestly, I never cheated on holidays. I always said I would but I ended up staying keto. The difference is I wouldn't count calories. So if I wanted more cheese, pepperoni or keto friendly desserts - I went for it.
  • 1 year this month. I started off with less than 20grams a day, now it's at 30 grams a day. When I get to my goal weight I will increase to about 50 grams of carbs a day I believe. It truly is easy to follow and maintain as a lifestyle. I don't have crazy cravings or any desire for carby foods. I eat at a mess and I still…
  • It is important to eat a certain amount of my fats to prevent my body from breaking down my muscle for protein and to develop gallstones. However, after I think in my case, anything above 56 grams is just filler, like you said @KnitOrMiss . @Running_and_Coffee it's good to know there are other people are in the same boat.
  • Le sigh. I'll try to hang in there. Can be so frustrating. Especially when family seem to go about it with minimal monitoring. But, I'm 2 weeks into carefully avoiding my nibbles and such. We'll see in another 2 weeks time. Water weight is a big deal. Gained 2lbs last week over night because my period was coming. Hoping…
  • Also should mention I'm 5'4. Haha
  • Sure! I'll prob change my settings too. Friends can see my food diary. Female, 30 yrs old, 146 pounds (because I keep gaining weight the past month regardless of what I do it seems). I would like to lose 10 to 15 pounds. I cook fo husband only, who is also keto. calories are 1350, net carbs 30 (bc there's family history of…
  • Thank you. It's true, I do get a lot of help here but sometimes it's a hit or miss. Depends on who sees my post.
  • That's what I said! But there's breaks in the handlebars in 2 different places so you can lean down and bike or sit up and bike. I usually do pretty packed down gravel.
  • Height 5'4" April 1: 145 April 7: April 14: April 28: April Goal: 140 Ultimate GW: 134 (just 'cause) I've been losing weight for a bit now, but gained back 7 ish pounds in the last 5 to 6 months. Insidious gains. Im going to make an excel sheet and try to track and be as accurate as possible this month to get back on…
  • I have a question! I think I can do the 16:8 fast now pretty easily because I pretty much already do. However, 36hrs seems long! How do you 'feast' afterwards? Do you eat normally the day after or try to eat a little bit more? I've read some about IF, it still escapes me for the longer fasts. Because it's so long, do you…
  • Last 10lbs are the hardest as I've been told. Every little thing counts that you put in your mouth. Blah. I'm on my last 10 pounds, but also gained some over the winter because I wasn't focusing fully on my nibbles I guess.
  • And I'm going to try IF. Just the 16:8 one....nothing crazy like 24hrs. Yet....haha
  • You're right. It's always hard to hear but I'd rather hear "you're over eating" than some mysterious unknown. It's just good to talk it out with people who've been through it. That's why I like this site. Since I'm tightening up already I'll just get even more strict. I've always weighed my mayos, ranch, cheese etc,…
  • I try to be as accurate a possible with measuring. Currently tightening up my cream intake, butter and elminating pb (bc I love it too much lol) But it's funny you mentioned thyroid, because that's always in the back of my mind. My father had hypothyroidism and I'm worried I'll develop it too eventually. I really don't…
  • I've never gotten an initial reading as I don't know where to do that where I live (as I'm not in or near a major city by any means). So that probably wouldn't help except give me an idea where I'm at now. I figured I did increase in some muscle. But 10lbs is definitely extreme. Especially while eating at a deficiency. :(
  • I'm feeling like fried cabbage with sausage,onion and spices. Haven't really figured it out, just been having a weird cabbage craving. Haha! 1 year ago, I would never have believed it.