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  • Don't keep trigger foods in the house. Set yourself up for success by having some light snacks to hand. I keep fruit, celery, carrots, rice cakes/corn cakes, boiled eggs, miso soup, cup a soups to name a few. Eat regular balanced meals. Maybe try working through a self help book like Overcoming Binge Eating.
  • Hah. I asked a similar question before and gave up with my eyes rolling in the back of my head. The answer is that it's made up. There isn't anything but anecdata and a load of people on here repeating it so often it becomes "true" to back it up.
  • Might be less difficult if you tracked your food 😂
  • Sorry I just re-read and you said you did that already. Maybe the website is just wrong.
  • You need to go through every ingredient and work out if MFP has picked something appropriate from the database and/or parsed the correct quantity. It often doesn't. I prefer manually building recipes as the importer is terrbile.
  • Emotional distress. Also eating too little, but I know how to not do that now so that happens less often.
  • You can search them on the app. If it's not working I put them in alphabetical order on the website. It's a bit annoying with 650+ recipes 😂 but it's doable.
  • I usually just use frozen veg now because it's easy. A few minutes in the microwave and it's done. Although as it's harvest season I've also been having fresh green beans, courgettes fried with just a tiny bit if oil and panch phoron (but whatever spice or herb mix you like would work, they're even nice plain), and corn on…
  • That's funny, I'm in the UK and have barely seen an advert in the 8 years or so that I've been here until recently. Either you're in a different target demographic (although I'm not sure MFP ads are all that smart) or maybe you were part of A/B testing where some users are served ads and others weren't.
  • My total cholesterol always sits just above the ideal range but the ratio is good so apparently of no concern. I find taking omega 3, 6 and 9 helps but my husband was told to increase dietary fibre and exercise, if possible, to lower his. He doesn't follow any particular diet or low fat anything, but has chosen to moderate…
  • Dry white rice is approximately 360kcal per 100g. So it depends what it says on your packet. Usually (in the UK anyway) it will say "as prepared" or "as cooked" or similar when the nutritional information is when the product is cooked per the instructions on the packet.
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  • UA sold it a while ago now. Apart from branding, sponsored challenges, and very VERY basically keeping it running, I don't think they did a great deal with it. They certainly didn't seem to use it to their advantage.
  • I'm on the fence. On the one hand, yes it's a bit annoying it's going away. On the other hand I'm not into the overwhelming sense of entitlement some people seem to have about something that is free but costs money to run. MFP clearly hasn't had that much money invested in improving it until recently. Whether you think the…
  • My husband would do this when he was still drinking (he's nearly 3 years sober.) It's intensely selfish behaviour. He now knows that if he didn't buy it and I haven't specifically said he can help himself then it's not for him to just take thoughtlessly. And if he does take something then it must be replaced in short…
  • I mean I haven't announced it over loud speaker to my close friends but has just come up in conversation when they open a conversation about their own weight or struggles with food. My husband is the only one I talk to about it really but it's mostly just "on in the background " rather than an active conversation. He isn't…
  • Same issue here although mine hadn't been updated. I cleared data, no joy. Uninstalled/reinstalled still no joy.
  • I was definitely sweatier when I was fatter. It got really bad when I became obese and especially noticeable at night. It was one of the many kicks up the bum that helped me on my way to getting healthier.
  • Smells fine, looks fine, tastes fine, been stored correctly, then it's fine. Only thing I'm more particular about is fish and cooked rice. Served me well for 36 years so far! Only ever had salmonella once from someone else's bad food hygiene.
  • I've lost 55+ kg (over 100 pounds) and my ring size has stayed the same throughout. I have to have a larger size to fit over my enlarged joints so I guess it accommodated any excess fat on my hands. I don't really think I put much weight on there anyway. Wrists, yes, fingers not so much.
  • Dal! There are many, many kinds. All hearty and delicious and usually very simple to make.
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  • Depends, do not you mean non spicy as in no heat (chilli/hot mustard) or non spicy as in bland 😂 ETA sorry the last bit is tongue in cheek if that doesn't come across! I have plenty of not hot chicken recipes that contain non hot spices, or a few recipes that rely more on herbs, salt and pepper, wine for flavour.
  • There's no banner for me 🤷🏼‍♀️ thanks for the link though.
  • I'm having an issue as well. Building a recipe on the Android app using the bulk import ingredients doesn't work. I don't see any banner about a known issue either.