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Is the rice weight for cooked or uncooked rice ?


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    Most of the rice bags list dry measures. For white rice, a serving is 1/4 cup or 45g dry, with the wet serving being 3/4 cup, and the calories being 160kcal.


    There's cooked entries in the database:

    "Homemade Brown Rice - Brown Rice" gives a verified value for a cooked cup of rice (150kcal).

    "White Jasmine Rice (Cooked - White Rice (Cooked)" (a dippy name, but it's verified) gives a value for cooked white rice (205kcal).

    Cooked values aren't as accurate as dry value because the amount of absorbed water varies. One way to improve accuracy is to weigh out the dry rice, cook, then weigh out the portions relative to the total cooked weight. It might be worth trying this once, if you feel like it.

    But: I just scoop a cup of cooked rice onto my plate out of the pot and use the dry entry. Works for me!
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    I find I get confused by this a bit so I usually just look for counts of cooked rice in MFP which have a cup measure. Although it's not quite as accurate as working with raw it's near enough. I usually look for brown rice steamed, Basmati rice steamed, jasmine rice steamed, black rice steamed etc. For me, a one cup measure of cooked/steamed rice is a portion for a meal and I never exceed that. This table is useful for comparing cooked vs raw for grains, flour, noodles, pasta, rice and spaghetti:
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    Dry white rice is approximately 360kcal per 100g. So it depends what it says on your packet. Usually (in the UK anyway) it will say "as prepared" or "as cooked" or similar when the nutritional information is when the product is cooked per the instructions on the packet.
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    Usually on the bag its for dry. So what I do is weigh out however many portions I need. (I cooked 4 portions yesterday). The serving was 45grams for 1/4 cup. I weighed out 180 grams (b/c I wanted 4 servings). Once it was cooked, I weighed the cooked rice in grams and then divided it by 4 so I knew my portions would be even. But I logged it as 45 grams dry rice.

    Hope that makes sense.