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Anyone have any non spicy chicken/beef /fish recipes? Also some yogurt based smoothie recipes would be a godsend as well. I don't use ice in my smoothies as I just dont have the freezer space for it haha.


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    Do you have a calorie range in mind? My smoothies are yoghurt-based but they're also over 500 calories. Unlike most(?) people here, I'm not trying to lose weight.
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    Depends, do not you mean non spicy as in no heat (chilli/hot mustard) or non spicy as in bland 😂

    ETA sorry the last bit is tongue in cheek if that doesn't come across! I have plenty of not hot chicken recipes that contain non hot spices, or a few recipes that rely more on herbs, salt and pepper, wine for flavour.
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    If you have space for frozen berries you can mix them in your smoothies instead of ice. I'd start with four ounces of plain yogurt and 3-4 ounces of fruit per serving, then add milk or juice to thin to the right consistency, if needed. You can also freeze peeled ripe bananas for smoothies, which provides almost an ice cream effect. Two or three bananas in a baggie don't take much space and rescue overripe fruit. You can add a bit of cocoa powder to that for a chocolate 'milkshake' if you want something that's not berry flavored, and you can even sneak half an avocado into the mix. It disappears.

    I often cook my pork roasts, beef roasts, and chicken breasts from frozen all day in the slow cooker on low. I add lots of pepper because I like pepper, but you could use some barbecue sauce or a cream-of-anything soup (if you don't mind the sodium). Sliced onions are great if you like those. Or use any rub combination you do like. At the end of the day you'll have shreddable meat, but if you don't want to shred it you can chill it and then it will slice just fine. If I'm going to do that I might cook the meat overnight and let it cool in the fridge all day, then slice and reheat for supper.

    It works with thawed meat, of course, but I don't want to cook chicken for the ten to twelve hours I'm away from the house.
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    Scarlett , I meant not spicy as in overly spiced foods and foods that are considered spicy (heat wise) like general tso's to me is extremely spicy haha. my body cant do it
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    I make what I call Hawaiian chicken. Get boneless, skinless chicken breast or tenders. Put them into a cook in a bag. Pour some sweet and sour sauce on top of each piece. Then cover the pieces with a can of tropical fruit. Cook until chicken is done. Serve chicken and fruit over rice.