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  • I thought that debate was seeing who can make the most creative use of common debate fallacies, such as reductio ad absurdum, argumentum ad logicam, argumentum ad hominem, and of course, the ever popular argumentum ad nauseam.
  • Yeah, it seems that knowing how to whale on your pecs or your abs somehow equates to having some kind of scientific expertise. Even when every scientist disagrees with you.
  • Good article. "While at first blush the three approaches seem sharply divergent, Trager sounds a conciliatory note. 'No one has ever bothered to point out that we are compatriots on many points,' he says. All three nutritionists share an emphasis on reducing blood-sugar spikes by reducing the glycemic load. Moreover, all…
  • I've only been at this for a couple of weeks, but I'm starting to experiment with having a "bullet proof tea" for breakfast, just an iced tea with 2T of heavy cream. But they say you really shouldn't do IF until you're fat adapted, and I don't feel that I am yet.
  • Breakfast: Iced tea with 2T of heavy cream, and stevia for sweetener Lunch: 4 oz hamburger patty with two strips of Applegate bacon, 1 oz of sharp cheddar cheese, and a sliced medium tomato with salt, and two dill pickle spears Dinner: I don't know yet either, but speaking of pizza in a bowl, I've tried this recipe before.…
  • I relate to everything that's been said on this thread so much. It's funny because right before I saw this, I posted something related on my wall: "I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that most of us are here not just for our weight but also for our health, on some level or another. I'm not getting any younger,…
  • Citation? just kidding :P
  • Happy Ketoversary! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • That's awesome!
  • I know, that can be the hardest part, even for someone who only has a minimal social life! One weekend, or even one night, can throw you way off track. I'm maybe going to a BBQ tomorrow, but thankfully it's a BBQ, so there will be plenty of meat! I was thinking about making a low carb side dish or dessert and bringing it…
  • I'd say get more protein and fat from animal sources, and don't deprive yourself too much on calories.
  • I hear you, that's why I'm also going the route of being more focused on macros and the quality of the food I'm eating (avoiding refined carbs and highly processed foods, eating more quality meats and vegetables, etc), because counting calories does get quite tiresome. Calories count, but not everyone has to count…
  • 10 proven health benefits of low carb and ketogenic diets (with citations). For anyone who's curious. I've noticed that in the LCHF group, there are a lot of people who are there not just for weight loss but for medical reasons, who have had a lot of…
  • Absolutely!
  • Yes, it's normal for your appetite to decrease as your metabolism starts to heal. As you're going through this healing process of getting off the insulin/blood sugar roller coaster, it's important to stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes balanced by eating plenty of salt and getting enough potassium. Remember that your…
  • Recently found this article saying that now, over half of calories consumed in the US are from ultra processed foods, according to self reports. :/
  • If I were counting net carbs I would only subtract insoluble fiber, since it isn't digested, but there are different ways of approaching it. This article suggests: "To calculate net carbs, first subtract all of the insoluble fiber (if listed) from the total carbs and total fiber. If more than 5 grams of total fiber remain,…
  • Look for low carb sources of potassium. Since you're doing 100 grams a day, you have plenty of room for spinach, avocado, artichoke, brussels sprouts, mushrooms and tomato, to name a few things! A medium kiwi is high in potassium and only 10 carbs! Also, certain types of meat are particularly high in potassium. Pork…
  • I enjoy yoga, and I'm good with basic poses, but I don't do is as consistently as I should. I'm trying to get back into it. If you do it consistently for a while, you'll get used to it pretty quickly. Just give it a few weeks.
  • My goal is <30 carbs a day, which is what I did today, or I might have gone 2 or 3 carbs over if you're not counting net carbs. Also, here's a list of foods that are low in carbs but high in potassium:…
  • I'm an apartment dweller but so far I'm having good success with a container garden. I'm harvesting spinach and lettuce already. We'll see how the green bean and tomato plants do. Just today someone recommended making your own pickles, and I thought hmm, I might try that.
  • Recently found this You Tube video that I thought was really good.
  • Lol. Looks like we've got ourselves a comedian.
  • In terms of what you've defined as lower carb, low/moderate carb, and very low carb, I'd agree to those definitions basically, seeing as they seem to jibe with most other sources I've come across. I guess it's good to have some agreed upon terms just for the sake of conversation. In terms of the medical information, I…
  • Thank you for this info! Reading things like this, it lets me know I'm on the right track. Congrats on your success!
  • breakfast: 3 oz chicken breast, 2 strips Applegate bacon, good sprinkle of Mexican cheese blend, 1 T sour cream, and tapatio, in a low carb bowl. (Ran out of eggs, had left over chicken.) lunch: Same as breakfast, with 1.5 cups of lightly cooked whole green beans on the side, with butter and salt snack: Slice of sharp…
  • I'm impressed by how many people in here have used keto/hflc to overcome medical conditions. I'm also here for my health and well being just as much as losing weight.
  • Still on track for getting a jump on April, though I know I'll have to tighten the reigns a bit once it starts. I love how I can mix together any left over meat that's shredded, with some bacon and some cheese, and it makes something delicious.