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  • Starting over as well... feel free to add me.. 40 pounds to lose!
  • 4ft 11inches here... just weighed in this morning at 168. Was down to 155 for my wedding just this past May. Life (and a sick mom) got in the way.. and its all back. Ready for 2015 to be my year!
  • Body Boot Camp Tuesday PIYO Wednesday Personal Training Tonight!
  • Im in too!! Started C25k yesterday and did run/walk intervals for 30 minutes last night I too exercise in the evenings so I will either post late... or next morning
  • Hello everyone! I am 43... a mom of two sons (21 and 23) and a grandma of a beautiful baby boy, and just found out going to be a grandma of two! My oldest son is a US Marine, and he, my DIL and grandbaby are in Japan the next 3 years. My highest weight was 172 (I am only 4ft 11) and I am 10 pounds lighter than that now. I…
  • I exercise at night.. (I am in no way a morning person) My routine looks like this: Monday nights, run/walk on the treadmill... just started (yesterday C25K) Tuesday nights: Boot Camp Wednesday Nights: Piyo Thursday Night: Weight training with a trainer. Weekends are whatever else I can get in ... a walk here and there...…
  • Start weight (as of 8/25/2014): 161.4 lbs Goal by Christmas: 142 lbs Loss: 20lbs Ultimate Goal: 40 lbs total 09/05: 10/03: 11/07: 12/05: 12/26:
  • Starting a PIYO class tonight... sounds interesting
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  • Have to strongly agree with the post from ITOD. My son is also a Marine, and the best thing he did was go to the recruiting station every Tues and Thurdsay to workout with the poolees. Boot camp was hard (as it should be) but he was more than ready when he got there!
  • Adding you... getting married May 17th!
  • Getting married May 17, 2014 as well! It is coming up quick! I would be happy with 10 more pounds by then... and hopefully toner arms too!!
  • Fort Worth here.... determined to win the battle this time!
  • Just wanted to chime in. I bought the blended Stevia/sugar and have used it for Cookies, muffins, and just made a banana bread last night. I cannot stand the after taste of any artificial sweeteners so I was skeptical. But I tell you.. it has been fantastic. No weird after taste, no change in the way the recipes came out.…
  • Mine is open.. sometimes I dont eat the best... but at least I try! LOL
  • The HRM.... I got one for Christmas.. was a real eye opener to how many calories I actually burn. It was kind of depressing at first... but allows you to know whats actually going on during your cardio session. Made me realize I need to change things up a bit to burn more calories. Good Luck!
  • May wedding here too!!!!!!!!!! May 17, 2014. I dont know where all the time went! I need to get these pounds off!!
  • I would suggest getting a heart rate monitor to track your calories. That way you have a better idea of how many calories you are burning and can eat back. Using MFP calories for exercise can be misleading.. Sometimes I went way over what they gave me, other times way under.. for cardio, it was the best investment I have…
  • I go to a Zumba class 3 times a week. I love class.. it is so much fun and my HRM says I burn between 400-450 calories per class. Its tough but I know you could do it for sure. I tried Zumba at home too... it too is collecting dust. The class atmosphere is much more fun in my opinion and you work harder. But definately…
  • Super low cal.. but a bit high in sodium: Buffalo Chicken 6 chicken breasts (1) bottle of Franks Red Hot (1) packet of Dry Ranch Seasoning Put it all in crock pot, shred chicken when done and return shredded chicken to sauce (4-6 hours on high 8-10 on low) Serve on buns (we use Orowheat thins) or use as filling for lettuce…
  • I am also restarting. Lost 12 pounds but it has been so slow going and discouraging. Getting married in May and really expected to be much further along then I am. Now its go time to see how much (at a healthy pace w/o pills etc) I can lose by my wedding date in 15 weeks and then beyond. I really want a healthy lifestyle…
  • Definately walking... and I love my resistance bands (got them at Walmart for $20 and they come with a video too) I have a gym membership but when its really nasty outside or I just cant bring myself to get back out after a long day... the resistance bands are my go to!
  • I am exactly the same way.. its so easy during the week.. but on weekends we tend to eat out alot, and Im too out and about to track :(
  • Nope.. not 33lbs.. I wish. I would go celebrate with a piece of cake... ha ha ha.. I have 33lbs to go, but have lost about 13! Congrats on your 5lbs!
  • Thank you.. I will try that next week!
  • You can add me.. down 14 pounds and have 30 to go!
  • I could not stand to exercise.. now I do a different class 4 days a week. It keeps me accountable, met some people, and keep up my intensity because the attitude in the classes are fantastic.. cardio dance Mon, Zumba Tues, Insanity Wed, Turbo kick Thurs.... but I agree.. you have to find something to fit your personality.…
  • A heart rate monitor is on my Christmas list :)
  • Seriously in the same boat.. and just went through the same thing. My size 14 is falling but I could not fit into the 12 either. And I thoght the same thing.. that my 14's were just stretched out!
  • Ok, so I should not eat back my calories burned for exercise?? (BTW.. I usually never use my grandbaby for exercise but this Saturday I actually took him to the track with me to walk a mile.. I know I did not go as fast.. but I was pushing him lol) I am just worried about "too few" calories too... Its so confusing. Also, I…