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  • I think chocolate is definitely addictive, for me, anyway. If I eat it, i want more and more. If I stop, after a few days it doesn't bother me. I haven't had chocolate for months now and I don't miss it. I have sweetener in my tea, and i eat a lot of fruit. If the desire for sweet stuff gets really strong, I've found that…
  • I used to run/walk a mile before breakfast on work days, and when friends said how lovely it must be, to be out so early, I used to say "Yes, it is, except for the running!" So I know exactly what you mean. I enjoy it more as I start to get (a very little) better, but what I do love is actually completing the 5k, even if…
  • Why don't you go and watch one, and see? When I've done it, there's always been somebody who just walks it, or runs part way and then walks, and nobody minds! The whole point is to get people running who otherwise never would. I think 49 mins. is a really good start. I weighed about what you do now the last time I did it.
  • Just think of what you'll be able to wear by Christmas!
  • Thanks for posting this topic, fearundercontrol - I was just about to ask exactly the same question! I too can't join a gym here and have limited space. So off to the shops for some small weights and a book!
  • No - don't stop! Apart from all the very sensible stuff posted here already, medical research has just concluded that the fibre you get from grains is more effective in preventing bowel cancer than fibre from other sources. Try to ensure you get 10 g of grain fibre a day - breakfast cereal and a couple of slices of…
  • I drink a glass (sometimes 2) of red wine every night, though I always drink it with water, and include it in my calorie count. It's pretty much part of the culture here and I've given up pretty much every other treat!
  • Great, good for you! Yes, just Google Park Run - there's bound to be one near you. Have you discovered the Couch to 5k programme yet? That's helped lots of us to do something we thought we'd never do!
  • It's just great that so many of us have the same problem and to know we're not alone - yay, go MFP. How many other people are there in your life you could discuss this problem with?! It's in the hot weather when it bugs me, wearing summer dresses. It can be so painful, though talcum powder helps. It was never a problem…
  • Congratulations, Nutmeg! There's a real difference, you must be down at the very least 1 dress size, more like 2? Wish I'd thought of doing a proper 'before' photo, (but there are plenty of hideous pics on my offspring's Facebook sites) but when I joined I never expected to be so successful - hooray for MFP!
  • Don't spend time worrying about it - you'll be fitter and lighter by then! And if you find you do need to tailor the programme to suit you, that's fine too! It's all exercise - do whatever makes it possible for you to keep going. I finish week 2 tomorrow.
  • I'm doing W2D3 tomorrow, and I'm trying to do every other day too! I'm not sure I love it, exactly, but I enjoy knowing that I've worked hard, and I know that when I run my race in Jan. I'll feel fantastic!
  • Great, good for you - we'll be able to compare notes! I just logged it up on here, and on the C25k Group, because no-one ever seems to mention it and it's such a fantastic way of getting into running.
  • I had my first session today too, though I actually started with Week 2 by mistake! (I wrote the intervals down on my hand and must have copied the wrong ones!) It was ok though - I'm usually ok at this level, I just don't ever seem to get any better! And I have to say I paid for it at Pilates tonight - got a lot of cramp…
  • Hi everybody! I'm 63 and currently mostly living in a semi-derelict peasant's hovel in Italy, with about 35lbs. to lose. I've abused my body with this extra weight for long enough and it's now or never. I love hiking in the mountains and I want to be able to do it forever!
  • Hi! Yes, I'd like to join please! I can't do the brilliant Park Runs (free timed 5k weekly runs organised all over the UK) here in Italy and in any case my time sucked - run/walk (2 min. intervals) in 41 mins! - and I haven't done it for over a year. I long to be able to run the whole thing and get a much better time - and…
  • It was a brilliant start hats off to you for guts and determination.