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  • Hi Angela, I've added you
  • OMG... that's what I meant.. **insert forhead slap** What do you think?
  • I'm a big fan of smoked salmon with light cottage cheese on a multi-grain or wholemeal muffin.
  • I think the key is find something you enjoy. You may also have to look at your internal chatter. If you are always telling yourself how much you hate something - you're gonna hate it even more. Eg, go for a walk, concentrate on how your heart is beating, how its burning calories, how good the exercise is good for your body…
  • Yep. Run, walk, ride.. and no, I don't mind if people stare. I love the feeling when I get home of changing out of wet, sweaty clothes having a nice shower and relaxing in some comfy, clean and dry clothes. I wear a hat and sunglasses - mostly for protection from the sun.. however, I have noticed that when i'm not wearing…
  • Yep... sucks.. but its a burden I'm willing to carry... beats the extra weight!... Same thing with me - the pile of clothes I no longer fit into keeps growing and growing - its a shame I can't keep up by way of an incoming wardrobe! lol Congrats!
  • I love my 'Protein 1st' Cereal but I toggle between that and a multi-grain muffin with (low fat) cottage cheese and smoked salmon. If I eat out - I usually have poached eggs on wholemeal plus tomato or spinach or mushrooms.
  • A friend I went for a bike ride with during the week said he was proud of me, told me I did really well and he loved my determination to keep going... made my day!
  • Hi Aaron, Thanks - you're absolutely right about personal preference. I've got a 'Gym' playlist on my iPOD but was thinking of some original re-mixed to a faster, maybe funkier pace. I like the Ministry of Sound Running Trax - which I haven't downloaded, yet. But when I went searching for some other running music, what I…
  • I just bought a Garmin FR60, have tried it a few time and think its great.
  • Hiya.. There's a program called Couch to 5k which is designed to gradually get you up to running over a 9 week period. I've used it and found it great. I have the app but I know that you can get podcasts as well. Cheers Louise
  • I'm in..!! I did the Mud Run and loved it! :)
  • I think the fibre is more important (i.. ahem.. need it :blushing: ). I compared my cereal to Special K and I still prefer mine. It has highter protein. I will try the porridge and see if that is any better. My eating (don't look at my diary for this weekend) is good otherwise Thanks all for your feedback :smile:
  • Love it! Welcome and good luck.... :laugh:
  • I'm in Emu Plains. I've lived around here my whole life (except for a four year stint in Dubbo). I originally was in St Marys but seem to gravitate west everytime I move. For walking or jogging, I am just near the Nepean River which is beautiful and about a 7km round circuit. I also love the Blue Mountains and having the…
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  • Hi All!!! I'm from Emu Plains near the Blue Mountains in Sydney. Glad to 'see' you all... Cheers Louise
  • Garmin make a heart-rate monitor that comes with their FR60 watch. It records calories burned as well as heart-rate. You can upload to their website and keep track of how your fitness is going.