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the downside to loosing weight/inches



  • mlybrn
    mlybrn Posts: 31 Member
    I have a lovely faux-fur coat that my mother bought me for Christmas 2010, but last Christmas it was much too big. It was quite expensive and I couldn't bear to give it away so I had it taken in a (good) few inches. Now it fits even better than it did last year! I gave the rest of my larger clothes to charity, but I wasn't giving away the coat :D
  • skhoy0006
    What a great problem to have!
    Just a thought.... are there any consignment shops in your area? I've had a few people suggest that to me.
  • desertpea
    desertpea Posts: 20 Member
    Yep... sucks.. but its a burden I'm willing to carry... beats the extra weight!...

    Same thing with me - the pile of clothes I no longer fit into keeps growing and growing - its a shame I can't keep up by way of an incoming wardrobe! lol

  • jess2628
    jess2628 Posts: 1 Member
    good call! I lost 55 lbs a few years ago, and thought I should keep all of my old clothes just in case, but others talked me out of it saying that it would give me incentive to keep the weight off. Well I've gained it all back since then, and I'm really wishing I had them!
  • WallyGirl358
    I can relate. I am down from 18-20 pants to 12-14. I have nothing to wear and wearing the same pants 3 times a week. It's a great thing but also expensive. Congrats on your loss.
  • atlantapiper
    atlantapiper Posts: 133 Member
    That is tragic! I want that tragedy!!!
  • sunshine3737
    sunshine3737 Posts: 44 Member
    I have a really nice thrift store that I go to. I can buy jeans and shirts for 1$ each! When I finally reach my goal I am going on a big shopping spree though! I started out a size 18/20 and just now got into size 12.
  • wisebadger53
    wisebadger53 Posts: 382 Member
    When I ballooned up to 286 lbs. I kept all of my old clothes, so up to now I haven't had to do much shopping. I guess it's a good thing that men's fasions are so timeless. Since I started with MFP I have given away over half of my wardrobe, and am getting to the point where I will probably be able to fit into my old leisure suits very soon... :laugh:

    I can see a shopping trip in the very near future...and that's a good thing! :happy:
  • gazz777
    gazz777 Posts: 722
    upside - too sexy for your wardrobe :laugh:
  • JamCubeChi
    JamCubeChi Posts: 378 Member
    Congrats to you all- I can't wait to have the same "problem"! :laugh:
  • giggitygoo
    giggitygoo Posts: 1,978 Member
    upside - too sexy for your wardrobe :laugh:


    This is what I tell myself every time one of my favorite things has to be retired.
  • Mkristinek
    Great Job! I too just had to find a new style and size of Levis! It can get expensive, but saggy jean butt syndrome got old real fast! My new jeans look so fly! And they fit so well!
  • rpantusa
    rpantusa Posts: 267 Member
    its an awesome problem to have though! that means you are doing a great job! :wink:
  • AmyMK
    AmyMK Posts: 164
    I've started buying cheap fitted dresses (old navy is usually pretty good, or walmart). When they start to get too big, I can belt them to make them appear fitted. They look great with a cardigan or sweater over leggings, and are super easy to layer and dress up or down.

    I've started only replacing the staples in my closet (black pants, solid shirts), from what I can find on the sale rack. Or, digging into my "box of shame" that has all the clothing I've grown out of in the last 5 years :laugh:
  • davecreed
    davecreed Posts: 151 Member
    Lol yeap it's true...but the close that fit smaller people are usually nicer...the fashion industry isn't kind lol...I went from a 44 pant size to a 36 and a xxxl shirt to xl nice and tight lol I had to replace everything but spending money never felt so good lol
  • I feel you. I bought a few pairs of size 36 pants a few weeks ago after being a size 40 previously....and now those are getting too big for me!
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