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Heart Rate Monitor Suggestions?


I am thinking about purchasing a heart monitor, so I can track my caloires burned. Does anyone have suggestions on what heart monitor/brand to purchase that isn't super expensive?



  • kwest_4_fitness
    kwest_4_fitness Posts: 819 Member
    I'm using the MIO Classic wrist model. It's good for a fairly accurate snapshot of calories burned. I haven't had any problems with mine so far (I love it, as a matter of fact). I hear the HRM's w/ chest straps are best, but I can't stand something around my while I'm exercising, lol.
  • ajd241
    ajd241 Posts: 76
    I've got a standard model from the Polar brand. I love being able to know where I am in my zone and whether I'm working to my full capacity.
  • Crystal_R84
    Crystal_R84 Posts: 88 Member
    I have a polar ft60 and I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with it! It comes with the chest strap and wrist watch! very accurate. I actually burn way more calories than what MFP says when I plug in workouts so I just make my own an dlog my HRM calorie burn. =-)
  • trkinsky
    trkinsky Posts: 63 Member
    I have a basic Polar (FT1) that only tracks duration and average heart rate for a workout. When I upgrade it will be to the FT60 or FT80 so I can automatically log my workouts on the Polar site.
  • Boulder_ME
    I've got a women's Garmin FR60 and I like it a lot. I place the chest strap just below my sports bra, and can't say that I notice it.

    Its great to have the instant and accurate feed back for calories and when my mean PT makes me do intervals.
  • angela475
    I've got a Garmin FR60, which is good for running (it's really accurate for distance and min/km without any extra setup) but if you're doing lots of cardio or circuits in the gym for example and not using the foot pod then it overestimates the calories you're using by about a third - this isn't a major issue once you know, but I was thinking I was burning 500 calories in a workout when it was closer to 350!

    The Garmin Connect website for tracking your exercise is very good though, so apart from that one issue, the rest of it works fine!

    And although the chest strap takes a bit of getting used to, it's worth it for the accuracy on heart rate and calories, otherwise it's really just an expensive watch :-)
  • desertpea
    desertpea Posts: 20 Member
    Garmin make a heart-rate monitor that comes with their FR60 watch. It records calories burned as well as heart-rate. You can upload to their website and keep track of how your fitness is going.
  • sailorsiren13
    I have a polar that does heart rate, fat burn and calories i don't know what the model is but i have had it about a year and i love it!
  • navygunner
    navygunner Posts: 36 Member
    A friend of mine who is a personal trainer, and in fantastic shape i may add, swears by polar. I purchased a Sportsline and it was a POS. I quickly returned it to the store and got a Polar FT4. This does what I need it to do and I am happy with it.
  • foolinme
    foolinme Posts: 21 Member
    I have the Polar FT6 and it is amazing. I always thought that I would have a problem with the chest strap but I actually forget that I have it on. It was very easy to set up and use and really was affordable. Hope you find one you like!
  • _David_
    _David_ Posts: 476 Member
    I love my Polar, all the cardio machines at my gym pick up its signal so I dont have to hold the handle bars to get my HR.
  • superstarcassie
    superstarcassie Posts: 296 Member
    I love my polar ft7- it is great! I got it about 2 years ago and use it almost daily. I did replace the wear link strap after it got worn out from using it! :) I would highly suggest it for the price, accuracy, look, comfort, and data collection.
  • malachor
    My family has been using the fitbit. It is pretty accurate in counting (plus it will link to MFP to adjust your daily allowance)

    Some people report problems tracking bicycling or cardio equipment but it matches my home elliptical pretty well.
  • irishgal44
    irishgal44 Posts: 1,141 Member
    Polar F11 here - I LOVE it. It's perfect and I love the style/color. I know there are a lot of polars out there and it can be confusing. I finally went to and read reviews/options until I narrowed it down. I liked how it looked like a stylish watch yet it set a purpose. Plus, I agree with everyone else. You can't feel the strap around your waist and it's so accurate.

    Good luck with your decision!! Buying a HRM was the best weight loss decision I made along with getting a kitchen scale to weigh things. :)
  • ddiestler
    ddiestler Posts: 353 Member
    I just bought a Polar FT4 yesterday.. haven't used it yet.. But, I've heard good things about them. I'm excited to use it..I will let you know how it is
  • Pebble321
    Pebble321 Posts: 6,554 Member
    I got a Garmin Forerunner 405 for Christmas which is great for tracking distance on my runs and for keeping an eye on my heartrate as I run, but I've discovered that it doesn't use the heartrate to calculate calories. This is not a big deal for me, but if you want it specifically for calorie burn, then make sure you read the specs.
    Don't be afraid of a chest strap, I thought I wouldn't like it and that it wouldn't sit right under my bra but I'm amazed to find that I don't even know it's there, it doesn't slide around, no problem!
  • ashm555
    ashm555 Posts: 10 Member
    Thanks everyone! This is VERY helpful!
  • BFC0255499
    I have the Timex Personal Heart Rate Monitor. I purchased it from for about $40. I shows calories burned, tracks time of workout, has time/date and does have a chest strap. I love it so much that I bought my daughter one for xmas.
  • tammihart
    tammihart Posts: 953 Member
    I got a Polar FT4 for Cristmas and love it!
  • ashm555
    ashm555 Posts: 10 Member
    Thanks for your feeback! Does the FT4 have a chest strap?