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Do you run in the rain? Do you care if people are starring a



  • kcmomof2
    kcmomof2 Posts: 457 Member
    Yes, I do, even if it is cold (as long as it isn't icy). I DO NOT run if there is any lightening.

    Who cares if people look at you funny? Atleast you are out doing something.
  • theoneandonlybrookie
    Love running in the rain! Hate the resulting squishy shoes though...
  • auntiebabs
    auntiebabs Posts: 1,754 Member
    Do you enjoy running in the rain? Do what you like to do.
    (taking proper protective precautions, bright reflective clothing, appropriate footwear, etc.)

    If you hate to run in the rain... don't torture yourself.

    If you like to run in the rain... don't be a slave to how other perceive you because you'll NEVER meet everyone's expectations.
    Don't let what YOU THINK strangers are thinking take away your joy...
    1) they may not be thinking what you think they are thinking
    2) you could actually be serving as inspiration/good example that will prompt someone else to do what THEY really wanted to do
    3) Worst case scenario strangers are making snide comments behind your back...How will that affect your life? Not running when you want to will have a much bigger impact on your life than whatever strangers maybe thinking or saying.

    With all my health challenges I'm entirely JEALOUS that you CAN run!!! :jealous:

    You need a healthy body to serve YOU...

    You should be SUBJECT, not OBJECT.

    Your value is NOT as ornament or status object...
    If you happen to look great what a wonderful bonus, but your body is a vehicle that has to get you through the rest of your life (no trade-ins). You to take care of yourself so you can have a strong body so that you will be CAPABLE and able to DO everything that you want it to DO whether... Swimming, hiking, mowing the lawn, kayaking, rocking it in the sack, dancing, rock climbing, swinging your kids around, skiing, scuba diving, bicycling, climb trees.... whatever you want to do.
  • parys1
    parys1 Posts: 2,072 Member
    For me, if I was training for a particular run, I would run regardless of the weather (sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind). My least favourite is heat. Blech, would have to go out super early or super late to get the run in. Barring my glasses frosting over at anything below -20 C (occasionally ran with out them), I would enjoy those cold runs as they were usually so very sunny with sparkling snow, I also enjoyed running in the rain as it was soothing. However, I currently have problems with running and instead race walk. If you're ever worried about how you look, don't race walk - I look absolutely ridiculous - but I feel great and that's all that matters.
  • LauritaS767
    LauritaS767 Posts: 71 Member
    I have run in light rain, and just yesterday ran in the cold right after a snowfall. It actually wasn't that bad. I don't care if people looked at me, or thought I was nuts, because I am a bit crazy :) and I have to get a workout in. When I see people running in extreme temperature or weather, I am actually cheering them on!
  • live4turns
    live4turns Posts: 314 Member
    Love running in the rain! Hate the resulting squishy shoes though...

    ditto. puts the shoes out of commission for at least a day
  • jturnerx
    jturnerx Posts: 325 Member
    My run on Saturday had several creek crossings with knee deep cold run off. And it was raining. So, yeah, I run in the rain. I could give a rat's *kitten* if anyone is staring at me. Besides, in that kind of weather there's hardly anyone out there to do any staring.
  • bshedwick
    bshedwick Posts: 659 Member
    I'll run in the rain if it is not too cold out. I wouldn't care at all what people think if I look like a drowned rat.
  • SithZombie
    SithZombie Posts: 165 Member
    If it wasn't cold, I wouldn't hesitate to go for a run in the rain!
  • maemiller
    maemiller Posts: 439 Member
    you havent seen us the past few weeks. there were around 20 of us that run from the Running Store and we run in the rain, snow, you name it. People alwaysl stare at us...Who Cares??
  • 76tech
    76tech Posts: 1,455 Member
    no ice, not too cold, i will run in the rain. i just make sure i wear the right running shoes, i have a pair that doesn't have the best traction in the rain.

    some of my rain runs have been my best.
  • cjpg
    cjpg Posts: 433 Member
    Sometimes doing the things that you normally wouldn't do has the most rewarding feeling of freedom. When it comes to things like this, I ALWAYS think back to a Garth Brooks song "Standing Outside the Fire". One listen to that song, and you won't think twice! :D
  • desertpea
    desertpea Posts: 20 Member
    Yep. Run, walk, ride.. and no, I don't mind if people stare. I love the feeling when I get home of changing out of wet, sweaty clothes having a nice shower and relaxing in some comfy, clean and dry clothes.

    I wear a hat and sunglasses - mostly for protection from the sun.. however, I have noticed that when i'm not wearing them, I feel I stand out alot more!
  • heartshines
    heartshines Posts: 53 Member
    I run in any weather conditions: rain, sleet, snow. I will not run if it is lightning. Why care if someone is staring? They may be staring because they are jealous you are exercising and they are not. Do not allow others to control you. You are in control of yourself!!
  • langababy
    langababy Posts: 43 Member
    Hey if you give me dirty looks when driving by in your car while I'm running, I'll make goofy faces at you. Just sayin.


    I will try this one from now on. Right now, I wish it was warm enough to rain. I'd definitely be outside running then. The snow and I don't get along quite so well, though.
  • Bringerofrain
    Bringerofrain Posts: 163 Member
    I love to run in the rain! I know the people in their cars are wishing they were having as much fun as me running in the rain but it's much easier to stay warm & dry & doing nothing.:laugh:
  • sc1572
    sc1572 Posts: 2,309 Member
    I LOVE IT :D
  • bexdc
    bexdc Posts: 202 Member
    I run in pretty much any weather as well. I've run several full marathons in the pouring rain and have done many training runs in driving rain as well. The coldest weather I've ever run in was minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a good incentive to keep running b/c as soon as you stopped, the sweat froze on you.

    As Bill Bowerman said, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."
  • MaximalLife
    MaximalLife Posts: 2,447 Member
    No Way!
    There are way too many cardio alternatives available for me to even consider exposing myself to inclement conditions.
  • catelabow
    catelabow Posts: 77 Member
    I love running in the rain. But I don't bring electronics... so they aren't ruined and also so I am more aware of traffic.