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  • Sometimes I turn my phone off. Or I have reset my bluetooth. And it will resync.
  • https://www.fitbit.com/user/3CW6XM I love challenges.
  • I have Just Dance 2018 for Wii U. Some of my fav songs are on there. Plus gets my kids active.
  • Love mine. Had it for 3 years almost. I love challenges. Keeps me motivated. I have lots of so that helps. Example I did 25000 steps yesterday just so I could win haha
  • I am close. Currently 160lbs would like to see 130 so aiming for 30lbs I know I like 139 but my goal is as of now 130 I am 5 ft 4. I am also quite curvy so I worry if I lose too much may lose some of that.
  • Be debt free with the exception of my house. Last year was to do new things and I did many. Trying to stay away from weight goals fitness goals. Trying to just focus more on the things that stress me out. Manage them etc.
  • Wishing you all the best! I too am almost to my 30th not quite where I thought I would be but not in a bad place either. But now more than ever I feel a need to push towards the things I want.
  • Im in "The County" only 1.5hr from TO
  • I have been listening to Step Up soundtracks. Love Fancy Footwork, Beggin, Take Your Shirt Off, Tetris. Or songs by Camila Cabelo, Zara Larsson, and Hailee Steinfeld. I really mix it up.
  • Its do-able. My wedding is at the end of August. I started my journey beginning of June. So far I am down 10lbs. I dont have very much to lose either. I bought my dress in Nov and it fit me perfect. Then gained 15lbs over the last 6 months. Had my 1st fitting end of May and the zipper wouldnt even do up. Had my 2nd dress…
  • I bought my wedding dress back in Nov 2016 and it fit me perfect. Over the last 6 months I gained 15lbs or so due to some high stress situations. Tried it on end of May and I couldnt even get the zipper up :'( So went back a month later today and it fit almost perfect again!!! Felt so good to get that zipper back up. Only…
  • Any of you ladies already bought your dress.. I bought mine and I was still down my maintained loss of 145 dress fit perfect so I bougbt it off the rack for a great price. But its a fit and flare so no wiggle room or room to loosen it haha.. So I hadnt tried it on in months not realizing quite how much weight I had…
  • I gained my weight mostly from my 3 children. My 1st two boys were 9lb 7oz/9lbs 5oz and I gained 70lbs with pregnancy. Lost most of it after kept about 10lbs on then had my daughter who was a bit smaller but I gained more me weight. And have had a hard time losing it since. I was always 132 before now I tend to sit around…
  • I am 2 months away from wedding. Need to lose 10 to 15 by then. Already lost 8lbs in June. Add me if you would like. I am 154 wanting to be at 140 145
  • Im getting married Aug 27th this year so only 2 months to lose 10 to 15lbs. Lost so far 8lbs in June. Feel free to add me
  • Im getting Married in 2 months need to lose 10 to 15lbs. Im 154 goal is 140-145. Feel free to add me
  • I am 5ft 3 3/4 my lowest weight before having 3 kids when I was 19 was 132. I always felt comfortable at that weight. My heaviest was 163 . Currently 154 and shooting for 128 and see how I feel at that weight. I have big boobs and baby making hips. Haha
  • How tall are you. Im currently 155 and look similar to your before. Ive only ever gotten to 139. So wondering if I may be close to your after if I hit the same weight. Awesome job you look fantastic.
  • Btw I am also 5ft 4 and currently 155 need to be 145
  • Im there with you! I bought my dress back in Oct 2016 and I had maintained the same weight for 2 years thinking I would be safe. But a lot of stress over the last 6 months i put on 15lbs. Now I have until end of August so only 2 months left to lose all the weight I gained. I dont have any wiggle room in my dress so I have…
  • I lose weight in my rib area. With almost 20 lbs down I've lost almost 5 inches off my ribs thats more than anywhere else. It sucks because my boobs won't lose any so it gets harder to find a good bra.
  • I still have a ways to go about another 15 to 20 pounds but I'm really happy with where I am.
  • Yes gotta love the boobs. I'm at DD but yet my band size is only 29 very hard to find bras haha I was kinda hoping they will get a little smaller.
  • Yes I find my tummy will definately be the last to go. I don't expect it to ever be flat as I'm not planning on losing too much more weight. More focus on muscle training. Also with kids I always had excuses why I didn't have time to exercise. And I love sweets well cookies in particular, I still eat them but only once a…
  • I've been on depo so far a total of 8 years. 4 years from age 12-16 due to period issues.. then went off but got pregnant while on pills as I hate them and never took them at 19.. so was off depo from 19-23 as I had 3 kids (big babies) so I went up 20 lbs.. then went back on depo from 23-27 so far and I plan to stay on it…
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  • A Few of My Songs- I need upbeat songs Jason Derulo- Fire David Guetta-Snoop Dog- Sweat David Guetta- Ne-Yo Play Hard Kesha- Take it off Ludacris/David Guetta/Nicki Minaj- Rest of My Life Akon Pitbull-That Na Na Chris Brown Rihanna- Turn up the Music Lucky Date/Zedd ft Ellie Goulding- Fall into the Sky Flo Rida- Good…
  • I'm 25, 5ft 3 3/4 and I currently weigh 150, goal to reach 130 eventually but I won't put my lifestyle change into a time limit.. Although being able to lose just 10lbs once the summer is over would be nice lol I live in Canada and we also are having not the greatest weather so I haven't been able to get out running yet (I…
  • I know the feeling, I'd feel great if I lost even just 10 I'd be 140, but goal is 25-29lbs.. Every day can be a struggle.
  • No weight goals for me, but I'd like to be able to fully jog a 5K. I've weighed the same for the last 2 years I'm not totally unhappy I only need to lose 10-20lbs. I'm focused on my fitness goals.. Oh and I want to learn how to deadlift :)