Where do you lose weight first?



  • Michael190lbs
    Michael190lbs Posts: 1,510 Member
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Face, definitely. I only had a double chin when I was around 290+ and I always see weight loss first in my face. In the past couple of months I'd gone up a little bit (I'm in maintenance but had to rein things back in after vacation) and the past week or two I'm temporarily freaked out by my own face in the mirror because it looks a lot different to me even with just going back down like 4 lb.

    Second for me is neck/collarbone area and hips are last.
  • sandsofarabia
    sandsofarabia Posts: 95 Member
    I have always noticed it in my face first. But strangely enough, when I asked my roommate what she noticed first, she said it was my collar bones...
  • brb2008
    brb2008 Posts: 406 Member
    crb426 wrote: »
    My butt! And not in a good way. It almost immediately began to sag. It's taking a lot of squats to try to get back any kind of shape. From there, I began to notice it in every body part at once.

    Losing my fat *kitten* was the safest part of losing weight. I always had a great butt even at my heaviest. But yes you absolutely can build it back!!

    I never did notice it any one place in particular my first time around, and this time I haven't yet made much progress. But I hope my face. It's the most obvious part!
  • boombalatty123
    boombalatty123 Posts: 116 Member
    My pooch and my forearms first, then my butt and my back fat. Then my face. Then my waistline from my bra strap down. Boobs stay the same, and look even more ridiculous, lol.
  • noobletmcnugget
    noobletmcnugget Posts: 518 Member
    I think I lose it off my thighs and neck/shoulders first. Tummy seems to be the last to go!
  • mcpostelle
    mcpostelle Posts: 418 Member
    Of course it varies person to person, but I first noticed weight loss on the top of my scapuli, but the major area has been my waist. It looks like I'm extreme corseting when I'm not. I know my hips and thighs will be last.
  • Lwillis1234
    Lwillis1234 Posts: 990 Member
    1. My mid-section
    2. then my boobs
    3. then my thighs/hips (very slowly ha ha)
  • blossomingbutterfly
    blossomingbutterfly Posts: 743 Member
    I noticed it first in my face.
  • PoundChaser2
    PoundChaser2 Posts: 241 Member
    CJsf1t wrote: »
    Stefanny91 wrote: »
    boobies .. everytime lol its annoying why cant it come off somewhere I want to shrink!

    ^This! So far all I have noticed is that my boobs are shrinking!

    Your waist is smaller, nice job
  • grinning_chick
    grinning_chick Posts: 765 Member
    edited January 2016
    For the past near decade of multiple trips on the yo-yo, breasts. Last place to start to accumulate adipose, first place to lose.

    This time? Lower legs/feet and lower arms first, and now panniculus. And I admit it; I am admittedly a bit worried. I don't want to end up with this cup size at 180-170-160-150 lbs. Not panicking just yet but I want my A's back! :/
  • Jhillian
    Jhillian Posts: 185 Member
    I lose weight in my rib area. With almost 20 lbs down I've lost almost 5 inches off my ribs thats more than anywhere else. It sucks because my boobs won't lose any so it gets harder to find a good bra.
  • JLG1986
    JLG1986 Posts: 211 Member
    Face and tummy. My waist has lost three inches just eating healthy and losing 6 pounds. My thighs never budge tho :/
  • StacyChrz
    StacyChrz Posts: 865 Member
    moonfruity wrote: »
    My face, then my hips, slowest losing it in my abdomen

    Yup, me too! I can always tell from how my face looks when I start to lose or gain.
  • BioQueen
    BioQueen Posts: 694 Member
    My face - for me it is very top to bottom. I have about 15 pounds left and I can say that NONE of it is coming off my upper body.
  • robot_potato
    robot_potato Posts: 1,535 Member
    Waist& tummy go first, butt & thighs are last to go.
  • brookej8688
    brookej8688 Posts: 93 Member
    front of stomach, and face
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