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  • SW 217ish last July CW 186.8 W1 186.6 (NO CHANGE) Summber goal 166.8 Ultimate Goal 148 Glad to see that i"m not the only one moving slowly. Congrats to the losers...the rest of us are here and that's something. Keep up the good choices!
  • 20lbs will not get me to goal by summer but hopefully much closer! SW 217ish last July CW 186.8 Summber goal 166.8 Ultimate Goal 148
  • Great thanks! LOoking forward to it!
    in Welcome! Comment by elf618 January 2013
  • I use unjury chocolate splendor protein's smooth,tasty and not gritty with warm or cold. It does say that you can't put it in anything hotter than 130 degrees or the protein will denature and clump. in fact, i bought a trial pack of their flavors and it came with a thermometer. Try adding it to cooler liquids…
  • I have also had some success with increasing protein. In it's place I've decreased carbs and try not to eat bread and potatoes, though I certainly haven't managed to pass up a lot of carby junk that finds it's way to the lounge at work as of late. I've been aiming for 120 g protein + in a day and find that I'm more…
  • you don't need shakes but i found that the unjury chocolate splendour flavor mixed with unsweetened almond milk does wonders for my sweet tooth with and comes in at 140 cal, 6 carbs, 21g protein. Not chalky at all if you are looking for a different shake powder.
  • joined team south 7. Looking forward to it!
  • Happy 2013! I also came up short but... I started at 202.8 and got down to 190.2. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am moving in the right direction. I have been using MFP on and off for a few years but have been derailed for many reasons. I've been consistent here since August and just looked back. I was 209.8 on…
  • Name/ real name: Elizabeth Goal weight on December 31: 184 12/1: 189.9 12/3: 189.4 12/10: 191.2 (12/8) 12/17: 192.6 (Half marathon completed on 12/15, tons of running on cruise, at my mfp calorie allotment every day--hoping I just need more water and hoping for a loss next week) Ugh 12/24: 12/31:
  • Night shifts and not enough water were not good for me this week. Looking forward to getting back on track on vacation. I have a half marathon next Saturday, so I plan to have a NSV if not a SV by the time I return. Have a great week everyone!
  • i bet you're closer than you think. great work to all!
  • Great work. I try to comment often on my friends' achievements. Feel free to add me.
  • Name/ real name: Elizabeth Goal weight on December 31: 184 12/1: 189.9 12/3: 189.4 12/10: 12/17: 12/24: 12/31: I'm going on a cruise next I will not be in town to log on 12/10. Will try to find a place along the way to update. (or would it be better to post my pre-departure weight on Friday?)
  • Thanks! I missed the updates I guess, I thought that this group had fizzled out. I am still trying though probably won't make my original goal...down 13.4 lbs from start of the challenge. Hoping to at least make 3.4 more lbs and be out of the "obese" range by the new year :)
  • Name/ real name: Elizabeth Goal weight on December 31: 184 12/1: 189.9 12/3: 12/10: 12/17: 12/24: 12/31:
  • I would love a spot, please.
  • Wow, this seems like a huge response and I admit I didn't read all of the pages. I'm in, though, if you still have space. Thanks!
  • If you go to a locally owned store please do the store owner a favor and buy your first pair of shoes there. Small businesses are struggling and they are doing you a favor by fitting you and doing a gait analysis. After your first pair of shoes buy them online for a better price. FWIW, my shoes were lower priced at the…
  • congrats! Great work!
  • SW 202.2 CW 192.0 down 10.2 for the challenge
  • You're doing great! Keep up the good work. I know what you mean about feeling stalled and needing to renew motivation. I'm not doing a very good job of sticking to my plans but I am trying to get back on track. Thanks everyone for keeping me accountable. SW 202.2 last week 195.6 today 196.6 got some work to do but still…
  • 194.0 today for me -down 2 this week and 8 for the hallenge :)
  • thanks for the time you did put into this...the spreadsheet is really helpful. I just was concerned that I was doing something docs always gives me issues
  • am i missing something? It didn't seem that there was info auto populated from August, so I entered mine on sept without referring again to Aug. Thanks for setting this up. I like to see everyone's progress.
  • I usually run in capris or compression shorts to the knee. Body glide gave me a rash but the Asics version called chafe free I like. The are also a few other over the counter brands now in mainstream store vs running stores. I think neutrogena or neosporin makes one?
  • Also there is a lot of sodium in those healthy voice meals. They're one for once in a wile but you'll be a lot healthier and more full if you pack your own vege, meat and whole grain rather than the processed stuff on a routine basis. Look at you net calories and be sure they're close to what mfp suggests for you. Don't…
  • My husband owns a running store. Before we opened it I had never bought any shoes that weren't on a sale rack. And I had knew pain, shin pain and I thought it was because I was just too fat/not cut out to run. He's taught me that most people should run in shoes at least a siZe bigger than they wear for dress shoes, so let…
  • Thanks. Great work to both of you as well!
  • Great Job this week. Keep up the good work!
  • Supr easy beef roast 2 lb beef (shoulder or whatever roast is on sale) 1 packet dry Italian dressing mix 1 packet dry ranch dressing mix 1 packet brown gravy mix 1 cup bee broth (or water) With all of the packets sodium is high but tenderizes the meat beautifully and drippings make a great gravy