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  • I'm in if I can remember to come back to the forum and post. :o
  • I know a lot of people say it isn't smart to do this but I honestly am a foodie. I love junk food, I love fast food. I make my goals food. If I lose 10 pounds I can go to taco bell and have whatever I want for a meal, etc. One bad meal isn't going to make you gain a bunch of weight. Not allowing yourself to ever have that…
  • I used to retain a lot of water, then I started taking my weight, dividing it by two and converting it into ounces and drinking that much water a day. For example If I weighed 150 pounds I would drink 75 ounces of water a day. Since I started drinking a lot of water consistently I no longer have huge water fluctuations…
  • I agree, try other brands. That's the good (or bad) thing about clothing is every brand sizes a little differently.
  • My go to snack is fiber one bars! I love those things and they leave me feeling full!
  • Thanks everyone! my ultimate goal is 138. I guess the main reason I picked that goal is because it is right smack dab in the middle of a healthy BMI. I have consistently been able to continue to eat healthy while at work and in the morning. I struggle with meals at dinner time a little, but weekends are my main killer. I…
  • My NSV is getting back on track today. I have quit dieting seriously since around thanksgiving. I have been maintaining within 5 pounds in the healthy weight range. Today I went 1 pound over and am now 1 pound above a healthy weight. Hoping it might just be water weight but either way this is a NSV for me! Getting back on…
  • This is sort of scale related but yet isn't totally. I gained 4 pounds over the holiday break and have been hard on myself about it trying to lose it again. I went to the gym today on lunch break and after getting ready to go back to work decided I was going to step on the scale in the locker room. This was after working…
  • Can my answer be all of the above? lol I guess I would like to look good and feel good both. I run quite a bit and I have found that as I get leaner my speed does increase so that's an added benefit.
  • Maybe I am the only one who is like this, but I hate seeing my bmi is 24. I feel like I need to be in the middle of the bmi range to be healthy weight and that the top of the bmi healthy range is still overweight. I think that is why I set a goal to get right to the very middle of the bmi range without really even thinking…
  • But how do you know when it's just strength training you need and not to get leaner?
  • Yesterday I tried on size 28 miss me jeans that I bought at a garage sale. I bought them a couple months ago hoping I would be able to fit in them soon. They fit! They were still too tight to wear in public but they buttoned and everything! When I started I was wearing size 31 jeans extremely tightly. I looked up the size…
  • It seems like most people leave there's at home. I don't have that option because I go to the gym on my way home from work.
  • My goal is 138. That will put me right in the middle of the healthy bmi range. right now I am 15 pounds away. I might end up going to 134 though because that would put me at 50 pounds lost. :smiley:
  • Finally! A month later, I have lost those 3 pounds!! Deer Season and Thanksgiving weren't my friends. 30 pounds down this morning. 4 pounds from the 140's!
  • I get this a lot too. I carry my weight well, I am very curvy, and look a lot lighter than other people of my same weight and height. I just don't tell people how much I want to lose anymore. When people ask if I am still trying to lose I always just respond yup! just a few more pounds to go! by making it sound like I am…
  • I am 3 pounds from being 30 pounds down and I am 8 pounds from making it into the 140's!
  • This morning I reached a healthy BMI! Now to come up with a new goal! Even though at this point I can see my final goal on the horizon. 25 pounds ago I never thought it would be possible! about 20 more pounds to go! :smiley:
  • Today, I reached healthy BMI!!! I don't think I have been a healthy BMI since high school. :smile:
  • Also here is a picture of my adorable pooch!
  • I guess I should reword the never eating back the exercise calories because usually I will end up going out to eat once or twice a week where that will blow through a bunch of exercise calories :wink:
  • Thanks everyone for the responses it gave me a lot to think about! I usually am under my calorie goals! Mainly because I run a 10k or greater multiple times a week which gives me a thousand extra calories those days. I never have felt the need to eat back my exercise calories either! I am very close to my goal weight. I…
  • Okay, So another question. I drink way more than half my body weight in water a day. I usually have half my body weight in by 4pm. I feel like I get headaches if I don't drink way more than I am supposed to. Is this okay? Am I too hydrated?
  • I was more just curious of what the different sizes meant. So what I read before was correct? even numbers would be womens sizes so a little higher rise of jeans and odd sizes would be juniors jeans and sizes that show two numbers like 9/10 would be juniors as well?
  • I buy my jeans used through an online site to save money right now while losing weight where trying them on is not an option. Regardless of whether I could try them on or not I would like to understand the difference in the sizing. Thank you for the helpful responses.
  • I feel that my job definitely contributed to my weight gain, but not because of the job itself, because of the workgroup I am in and the need to feel included. I am the only girl in the group and the whole group goes out for lunch to different bars everyday. I probably gained 15 pounds over a year of working here. When I…
  • I was feeling bummed the last few weeks because after losing over 20 pounds I still didn't feel like my jeans fit any differently and I've been wanting to go down a jean size. Well today just for kicks I decided to pull all my old jeans out of my closet and try them on. They all fit perfectly!!! Most of these jeans were a…
  • I reached my first two goals! now 5 pounds from that healthy BMI!
  • Kind of gross, but nobody told me that all my t-shirts would have sweat stained armpits from working out! Seriously think I am going to have to invest in some new ones soon or only wear black. They are all clean but still stained!