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Barley semolina with nuts
Meal rich in vitamins and minerals for vegan and non vegan, it s my last meal before go to bed (2or 3 hours before) . Barley help you to sleep better and reduce stress and anxiety because of vitamin B and magnesium also can protect you from many diseases.
   100g barley semolina
   200 /250 ml water
   Pinch of salt
1tsp Flaxseed. chia seeds (any seeds of your choice)
  Cook it for 15 min.
  + Add some healthy Fat to your meal
            *   15g walnuts
            *   15g almonds
            *    30g peanuts
Nutrition fact
+Calories 680 kcal
- Carbs 85g
- Protein 25g
-Fat 35g

You can also add some dried fruits like :dates or grapes for more calories
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