TEAM: Run Track Minds (November)



  • somum
    somum Posts: 72 Member

    Daily post Saturday
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: over 1200 goal by +1 calorie lol really MFP??
    Exercise: yes, cycle( on the bike now lol), walking, stairs, squats, planks, push ups - Also picked up our new puppy 😇😘🤗 so besides being my little one special comfort dog I hope to get loads more steps in with him ones he grows up( only 8 weeks old 😊)
  • dillyg08
    dillyg08 Posts: 993 Member
    Username: dillyg08
    Weigh in week: Nov. Week 2
    Weigh in day:
    PW: 198 lbs
    CW: 198 lbs
  • dillyg08
    dillyg08 Posts: 993 Member
    Gotta adjust my routine big time, since there is no movement on the scale.
  • Kathie_GoGo
    Kathie_GoGo Posts: 209 Member
    Daily Post: Saturday
    Tracked: Yes
    Calories (goal 1200): Over +210
    Activity: 6 mile run burned 859 calories
    Daily Step Goal Streak: 14

  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,964 Member
    Username LyndaBSS
    Week Sunday, October Week 2 (11/10)
    PW 182.0
    CW 180.8

  • skullsandskeletons
    skullsandskeletons Posts: 675 Member
    Username: skullsandskeletons
    Week: November week 2; Sunday November 10
    PW: 206
    CW: 205

    Thing I did well this week: I stayed mindful and tracked.
    Thing to improve: exercise
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,964 Member
    Daily Post: Sunday
    Track: yes, I track everything
    Calories: spot on, that never happens! 😳
    Exercise: yes, walked dogs
    Healthier Habits: clean up clutter, one pile at a time
    Goals: focus on eating mindfully and only when truly hungry, walk more
    Am I happy with my progress today: Yes! I made good choices today. 😄

  • mama_healthy21
    mama_healthy21 Posts: 191 Member
    Daily Post Sunday
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes, under
    Exercise: No
    Healthier habits: Rest
    Goals or Day: I am still under the weather, but was able to get some much needed sleep!
  • red1185
    red1185 Posts: 388 Member
    So yesterday I cleaned my entire house from top to bottom. I’m super sore today, so obviously that was a workout. This week I’m going to try very hard to get my butt up, and exercise (walk the dog/c25k, or my dvds) at least 3 times. My friend and I didn’t get to walk last week, so I I’ve made sure to get up during my planning period, and walk about a mile. I’m trying (most of the time), but a glass of wine in the evening, and this leftover Halloween candy is kicking my butt.
    Like I said yesterday, my revised goal is either, 1: another 4 lbs to get a reward, OR 2: getting into the next size down pants COMFORTABLY to get a reward.
    Have a great week everyone! Happy losing!
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,141 Member
    jupdyke wrote: »
    Username: jupdyke
    Weigh in day: Saturday

    SW: 170.8
    PW: 143.2
    CW: 142.4

    Down .8 this week, shred was over a week ago. I'm glad I can do this on my own. I'm very close to my goal, then onto the goal of maintaining! Thanks for all of your support.
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,964 Member
    Woohoo! Great job top losers!

  • skullsandskeletons
    skullsandskeletons Posts: 675 Member
    Daily post Sunday
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: no

    Congrats to our team’s biggest losers!
  • bootssowhite
    bootssowhite Posts: 93 Member
    Username: bootssowhite
    Week: October, November Week 2
    Weigh in day: Sunday
    PW: 264.8
    CW: 267.2
    One thing I did well: Bah
    One thing to improve: I really need to work on sticking to a meal plan, which will be extra difficult this week since I'm traveling.
    Goal: I'm running a 5K in 3 weeks, and I want to be in the 250s when I do it.
  • jwall309
    jwall309 Posts: 332 Member
    AB0215 wrote: »
    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WEEK 1 WINNER 1st - @Rozbee1. - 5.33%

    November Week 1 is now in the books!

    Great job everyone! Motivation is high typically for Week 1 and the results really show! Great job everyone!!!

    As a whole across all teams we are not carrying 127.1 less pounds around! Fantastic! Let's see what we can do for Week 2?!

    Below are the full results for Week 1.

    The Biggest Loser Is...
    1st - @Rozbee1. - 5.33%
    2nd - @AmyG1982. - 4.98%
    3rd - @gboles79. - 2.64%

    The TEAM Biggest Loser...
    1st - Run Track Minds. - 0.92%
    2nd - The Big Butt Theory. - 0.63%
    3rd - The Slimsons. - 0.54%

    Top 3 Individual % by Team:

    The Big Butt Theory
    1st - @gboles79. - 2.64%
    2nd - @Mandy5379. - 1.85%
    3rd - @Shortgirlrunning. - 1.76%

    The Slimsons
    1st - @Smallhippo1. - 2.63%
    2nd - @AB0215. - 2.40%
    3rd - @VarangianGuard. - 2.31%

    1st - @TheeSunShine75. - 1.38%
    2nd - @looneycatblue. - 1.30%
    3rd - @helpers1. - 1.12%

    Run Track Minds
    1st - @Rozbee1. - 5.33%
    2nd - @AmyG1982. - 4.98%
    3rd - @SoMum. - 2.57%

    1st - @ToadstoolBetty. - 2.38%
    2nd - @MyHealthSanctuary. - 1.52%
    3rd - @pizzamyheart. - 1.43%

    Individual Top 3 Pounds Lost
    1st - @AmyG1982. - 12.4 lbs.
    2nd - @Rozbee1. - 9.6 lbs.
    3rd - @SoMum. - 5.8 lbs.

    Overall Pounds Lost by Team
    The Big Butt Theory - 25.7 lbs.
    The Slimsons - 28.6 lbs.
    Gutbusters - 7.3 lbs.
    Run Track Minds - 44.9 lbs.
    Flab-U-Less - 20.6 lbs.

    Overall Total Lost: 127.1 lbs

    Week 1 Snapshot

    OMG CONGRATS TEAM!!! We did it! Such an amazing way to kick off this challenge! I'm so proud of everyone, this is truly a team effort.

    Also huge shoutout to @LyndaBSS , @Kathie_GoGo , and @skullsandskeletons for posting EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That is a huge accomplishment and is so encouraging to myself and the rest of the team. Keep up the amazing work!!!

    I loved reading about everyone's journeys and hearing from everyone else who has checked in here this past week. Lets keep it up and I hope that even more of the team reaches out even just to say hello! We can do this! Lets kick off this second week just as strongly as we ended the first one!
  • jwall309
    jwall309 Posts: 332 Member
    Also to note, I know that I have not done a great job checking on the weekends as team captain, but I am going to strive to correct that next weekend. We have less going on the rest of the month so hopefully I can not only be more engaged with the team but also with my healthy journey as well.

    I have the day off for the holiday tomorrow so I plan to kickstart my journey back into physical fitness and spend some alone time with the BF! But I know I need to sweat out some alcohol and food from all the wedding festivities we attended this past weekend. They were so worth the calories, but I need a push to start off the week to get myself back on track and see a loss this week!
  • bukkygb
    bukkygb Posts: 21 Member
    Username: bukolagb
    Weigh in week: Nov. week 2 (Sunday Nov. 10)
    Weigh in day: Sunday
    Previous week weight: 178lbs
    Previous week weigh: 175lbs
    Current weight: 172lbs
  • Kathie_GoGo
    Kathie_GoGo Posts: 209 Member
    Daily Post: Sunday
    Tracked: Yes
    Calories (goal 1200): Under
    Activity: Church, housework, quality time with family
    Daily Step Goal Streak: Under goal so this streak ends at 14. Here I go again 🚶🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️😉
  • docbeauty1
    docbeauty1 Posts: 126 Member
    Username: docbeauty1
    Weigh in week: November, week 2
    Weigh in day: Monday
    PW: 185lb
    CW: 187lb
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