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    Bbcow-wow! That IS a lot of weight! WTG!!


    Ali-lol! Cute with the boys...that would have been a great video!

    Jamaica-good for you!! I guess your muscles just needed to be reminded. ;) and 0.8 for a refeed? That's amazing! And a good idea...I'm learning more about hormones and their impact etc.

    Snb-common core is hard! I'm hopeful by the time your dd is older we will have gone back to regular math! I homeschool so I can still teach what I want :).

    Jo-((hugs)) to you too! Man, you've got a lot going! And sorry about your uncle too. Hang in there. Move some heavy things and get out the stress.

    I'm doing well. Lifted today, last session A for stage 4. Planning to fit B in sat. or Sun...we're supposed to do the pumpkin patch Saturday...so it'll probably be Sunday. All good. Looking forward to the weekend!! Life is just flying by so fast lately. The holidays will be here before you know it!
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Pmag-sorry about the fight with dh. Mine is a spender and we often disagree on that too. Glad work and your kids schooling is going well though! :)
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    Hi, ladies.

    I worked arms and legs yesterday and I am feeling it in my glutes tonight! Today I worked shoulders and back. It is so hard getting back in the mode.

    I gained a bunch of weight back . between vacation, surgery, and vacation again it has messed me up. HUGE!

    Welcome to the newbies.
  • DouMc
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    manic, congrats on getting back into it. I know the pain of gaining back weight. I just can't seem to stop the scale moving in the wrong direction. I have completely lost my will power when it comes to eating.

    Julie, congrats on finishing stage 4. What is a pumpkin patch? we don't have them here.

    barbell, your weights are amazing! I am in awe.

    Ali, I love love love that story about the boys. I am such a feminist so i think its great teaching them that women are not weak and need to be protected by big strong men. And it is also cute! :smile:

    JL, I really like that idea of taking time off every two months. I think I will try something like that. It might help me to stay on track if I know that I will have a week off from logging in the future. I'm fairly certain I would gain more than a pound though!

    Jo, I hope you managed to get some rest and that your uncle is ok. Sounds like an exhausting day both emotionally and physically.

    ok I have lost track of who said what now. Regarding the YTWL's, I hated them because they made me feel so weak. But I loved them because I really felt that they were working my shoulders and back.

    Who was talking about going back to study to be a nutritionist? people have been shouting at me lately because I have been saying that that is what I would like to do. But I have spent the last 10 years training to do something else and I couldn't face any more studying so it is never going to happen. I think it would be so interesting though.
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    dnamouse wrote: »
    Me me!! LOL
    At the moment I do 6:1, which is the maintenance version of 5:2 (500 cals 2x week, TDEE the other 5 days, but I only 'fast' once a week). But I've done 16:8. And still do sometimes - it's more of a lifestyle thing for me, it happens when it happens lol

    It all depends what you want to get out of it. Fasting can give you lots of health benefits and in terms of caloric intake, if you find it hard to stick to your limit, restricting yourself to the 8 hours can really help. As with anything though, it takes planning and depends on your overall goals.

    Cool, it seemed like a natural transition for me because I'm not especially hungry in the mornings anyway... plus I feel like I'm preparing food and/or eating all freaking day long and it gets tiresome. I have started taking BCAAs before my workouts because I lift in the mornings to hopefully preserve more muscle. I have felt kind of bloated since I've started it, but I imagine it'll just take my body a little bit to adjust.
    So soccer was canceled which was fortunate as I spent most of the day arguing with hubby. We should not have the same day off . It is bad for us. I just wanted to eat lunch together . And not spend 250,000 remodeling our house. Which is perfect

    I know this feeling well, my hubby always has some project going on, so basically we've never lived in a fully finished house :\
    Elsie--congrats on meeting your mini goals. What are you using to track body fat?

    My daughter's birthday was today and she loves the kids area at the gym so much that that is where she wanted to go tonight. Part of me wants to celebrate--the part of me that did not have to do the run today. Lifting Friday. :smiley:

    I go to my gym & they do it for me with the calipers. That's great your little one loves the gym, at least you don't have to stress about dropping her off there to get a workout in.
    jo_marnes wrote: »
    Wowza, I can't deal with multi quotes....
    Have had an emotional, tired day. Called out for a birth at 1.30am, home at 6am. Then woken at 8am by my Mum calling - her brother is very sick and she is flying back to UK today to be with him :-( Have spent the day helping her get packed, organised etc - been hard work with my tired brain fog and her kind-of-panicked state. Sad times. Uni is hard, home life is challenging and honestly, wine and lifting are the only things getting me through right now! And apparently I'm not doing so bad - spoke to one of the Uni tutors yesterday who said that the current third years (my peer group) are "falling like dominos" to the stress of the course right now. So the fact I'm not in a white coat yet is probably positive. Everything is one day at a time right now.... I just keep churning out work and hoping for the best. *kitten*, it's a good job I'm awesome ;-)

    Agreed on the awesomeness!
    ...ok so the quotes are great and all, but this post is going to be a mile long if I keep this up :P

    Beeps - sounds like a fun day! reminds me I need to force my hubby to get his flu shot

    Jamaica - Thanks :blush: I figure two days in a row is better than having to skip it altogether!

    Ali - thanks! So funny about the boys, they'll know better than to underestimate you now!

    Julie - We're doing the pumpkin patch this saturday, too. Starting to get in to the fall spirit :) Thanks!

    Manic - just get back in to the rhythm of things, you're already off to a great start!

    Dou - I feel the same, would love to go back in time and study something I've got more of a passion for... hindsight & all that

    Whew! Ok I started stage 5 this morning, felt like I was flailing around a bit on the one-armed dumbbell snatch, I know he says not to worry about which muscles you're using but as I up my weight, I'm having a harder time keeping my back as stable as possible. Oh and seriously LOVING/hating the bodyweight matrix this go round! TGIF!
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    Had a big blow out on wine and cheese yesterday. And peanut butter ice cream. But that's ok. I rarely do that. I'm not working out today - am going to spend time with my boys before I leave tomoz. And visit Dad who is missing Mum. Got to pack too.

    Will do combat before I leave tomorrow, then can work out while I'm away. Hoping to have more opportunity seeing as it'll just be me idling away the time! Will check in with you girls regularly.

    BTW, how do we add pics? Can we do it from iphones yet? Or does it have to be on the computer?
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    I, too, need to know how to post photos....good luck with everything jo_m.

    I did lift, today.

    My scale is finally going down....amazingly it is timed exactly with me shutting my *kitten**n piehole! Shocking, i know....

    Tomorrow is scheduled cardio.....and then kidlet basketball. ZOOM!
  • Pmagnanifit
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    So I'm glad the week is over.

    Beeps nice job with your nutrition.

    I've been pretty focused on strength/power but diabetes is in my genes so I will need to stop eating cake!!

    Bb cowgirl you always impress me.

    So no lifting today but I biked to work.
    Soccer is canceled again so we have time for Heavy Lifting- at a pumpkin patch.

    Nutrition is important for everyone-- but I wish I could just pay some money and test out.

    Lately I am on a rant about people needing expert help for something they know. Like if you have breast fed four babies for a year each, you can teach someone to breast feed.

    Rant over- family is good and I am cuddling dd while watching how to train your dragon= awesome end to the week
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    Pmag, I like your idea of testing out on things. Diabetes runs in my family too- another reason I chose to lift. All the insulin sensitivity benefits.

    Beeps, I wish I could reign in my eating better. I always get really hungry in the Fall.

    Jo, I am sure it was time for a refeed:)

    Elsie, the one armed snatch is tricky-don't worry about heavy weights in it.

    Manic, you will get back to your routine and the fat will start shifting. Healing from surgery is not a time to worry about your weight(but you know that).

    Julie, we homeschool too. So far we love it. I've been hearing a lot about common core and I feel for all of the teachers!
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    cowgirl, good job on those hip thrusts! I'm at 215 on the regular ones as of 2 weeks ago but I'm taking a little break from thrusting. Only because I need to reduce my gym sessions for a couple of weeks. Have a lot on my plate. So no thrusting and no complexes.

    manic, don't worry about what you can't change. Just keep going, you're doing great.

    beeps, congrats on getting that scale moving in the right direction. I need to do the same.

    Remember how I said I'm up only 0.8 lbs since starting this diet break? Well as of this morning I'm up almost 2 lbs! The last 2 days I went on a fast food binge. Fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And no healthy choices at all.

    So tomorrow begins a new week and a recommitment to getting all this fat off. I am going to be trying to get 30% of my cals from protein. I also need to work on getting in some sort of activity every single day. It can, will and must be done. No excuses.
  • DouMc
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    Don't stress about the scale too much JL, I'm sure a lot of that is water weight. I couldn't weigh myself this morning because I ate so much salty food yesterday and I didn't want to see the results on the scale!

    What is this common core that everyone speaks of? I have never heard of it. Either we don't use it in Ireland or I just haven't come across it.

    pmag, that sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening. I hope you enjoyed the movie.

    elsie, I forgot to say this in my last post, but you look amazing!

    I have two workouts left before I completely finish NROLFW (I repeated stage 7 and now I am so sick of it!). Today in the gym I was re-racking my weights while sweating profusely and trying to catch my breath when I heard one of the trainers say to a girl who was getting her gym induction 'don't worry, soon you'll be flying like Louise'. Or something to that effect. I was so shocked that I didn't even know how to react. I have never been the person that people aspire to be like in the gym! This would never happen me with cardio. Lifting rocks!
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    Oh my gosh everyone is so busy. I don't think I could possibly comment on everyone's posts. Sorry, I'm a sucky friend. I'm not even getting on here every day like I used to. I got in two lifts and a zumba class this week, that has to be good enough for me. Happy lifting ladies.
  • samntha14
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    Cowgirl common core is the reason why many more families will be joining you and manic in the advent of homeschooling. Do some research on it. You will be absolutely horrified.
  • redlipsticklyfe
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    Hiiiiiiii!!!! I'm back you guys and definitely missed you! These new forums completely confused me. I spend a great deal of time looking for part 20 of this thread and then being mind blown when I finally opened this page up to see 300+ pages. And all the good emojis are gone! How will I give you guys flowers for a job well done? I'm so behind on everything that's happening in this thread that I couldn't possibly comment on everything but the way you ladies stay busy is astounding to me! Kids and husbands and doctorates (well done Dr. Dou!) and wedding planning and homeschooling and rocking hot dresses at family functions (I'm looking at you beeps). You guys are heroes! I'd been working out sporadically but am finally back on the band wagon. I have spent the last few months losing weight consistently but eating horribly. I had frosted flakes for dinner every night to celebrate the fact that I was single-because I didn't have to cook if I didn't want to anymore get it? Anyways I realized that I can lift and eat horribly and lose weight and not get the body I want or I can start focusing on getting close to my macros again lift keep losing and get the body I want. So last week or maybe the week before I cleaned up my diet and started eating better. I like how I feel so far. I stay fuller longer, have more energy, and my lifts were definitely better this week.
    + I've also started dating again which means eating out more or dating a guy who works out religiously and is able to eat 3000 calories in a day and maintain some semblance of a six pack and tricks you into thinking you can eat like him too. I realized he was lying after realizing that I had gained back the last four pounds I had lost. I have thankfully shed all those pounds and have also shed him since he understood macros but nothing about being a mature adult. So I'm back on track and switching up my workouts. Next week is my last week doing NROLFW and I was debating between doing NROL Supercharged or doing starting strength. I'm leaning towards supercharged since that seems to have more variety than starting strength. Starting Strengths workouts are shorter but they're the same things over and over and I don't think I can deal with that. For those of you doing Supercharged how do you like it? How does it compare to NROLFW? Do you think Supercharged is harder? Has given you better results?
    + I added sprints into my work outs too. Instead of doing the BWM or anything that comes at the end of these stupid workouts I just run sprints every other day. Takes about 15 minutes and leaves me feeling like I've been working out for the past hour. I honestly think they're the reason why I lost the weight so fast. Anyways have a great weekend ladies!
  • jo_marnes
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    Sorry to hear about all that redlipsticklyfe - hope you are ok.

    I LOVE supercharged - more variety in the workouts and flexibility to choose exercises etc. I think it's a longer program too although I have not counted up the weeks. It has taken me since Feb though and I'm now halfway through the last stage. My max lifts have definitely increased

    Sam - no worries, I can't keep up either!

    Dou - nice work - a comment like that will keep you going hey? :)
  • Beeps2011
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    pmagnan - i agree about expert pet peeve. My pet peeve right now is every jerk driver thinking they excel at the task!

    I did my cardio today.

    Now ut us time to lie on the couch and watch movies and eat greek salad. The end.
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    Red, I loved Supercharged! Highly recommend it if you get bored easily.
    Sam, I don't feel like I have time to get on here lately either. I hate that too- it's always motivating to read these posts!
    JL, I immediately bounce up a full 5lbs when I eat at maintenance. So I think you're doing pretty good.

    My eating yesterday and today has been horrible!
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Hello welcome back red
    I had a good session this am so the rest is working.
    I benched 75, squatted 145 (form was terrible though) and dld 140. I wish my hip thrust was like bb but it is not my focus.
    I might have to cut next month though- I will ask my trainer . I am up to 112 today.
  • dnamouse
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    Good afternoon all!

    I'm hiding in my office because it's quiet and also because I don't really feel like watching cars on tv go round and round and round and occasionally smack into a barrier :wink:

    I am only a few workouts in, but I do really like Supercharged. I like the fact that I get to choose and customise the workouts and there are so many different variations of things to choose from!

    Oh, and if anyone likes tahini... I've been baking again... http://www.teenytinyfitnessfreak.com/2014/10/tahini-quinoa-slice-gluten-free-dairy-free/ :mrgreen:
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    Hi everyone. I'm thinking about starting New Rules and I wanted your opinion. I belong to the Y and I am part of a bootcamp program that meets for 30 minutes 3 days a week. I love my bootcamp group and don't want to give them up. It's a strong group that really supports one another. At bootcamp, we do quite a bit of running with weighted or body weight exercises mixed in.

    I was thinking I could add New Rules 2 days a week so I wouldn't burn myseslf out. I realize it would take longer to complete the program, but the point is to improve not finish as quickly as possible.

    Thoughts? Would I still get the results?