Initial Weigh In



  • meefz
    meefz Posts: 5 Member
    edited August 2015
    Current Weight: 147 (67KG)
    Overall Goal: 132ish (60KG..I usually work with kilos!)
    August Goal: 139 (63KG)

    Goals: No sweets, cakes etc etc for the month. Exercise at least 3 days per week! Log everything everyday. I have a friend's wedding at the beginning of September so one of my motivations is to look good for that. Also going on holiday at the end of September!
  • bringon30
    bringon30 Posts: 75 Member
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    Current weight: 135.2
    Goal weight: 120
    August goal: 129

    My goals for August are to work on running 5K without stopping for a walk break! And to continue my logging streak. I always do much better when I log religously.

    I also want to say how great it is to see other people with aimilar stats as mine! I normally gets looks of disgust from people when they find out I'm trying to lose my excess fat. Just because I hide my fat well doesn't mean it's not there. Can't hide it from my husband! Lol!
  • iamworthy14
    iamworthy14 Posts: 413 Member
    Current weight: 160lbs
    Goal weight: 140lbs
    August goal: 150lbs

    My goal is to eat clean 80%.
  • Chalmation
    Chalmation Posts: 2,625 Member
    Current Weight: 167.9
    Overall Goal: 110
    August Goal: 162.9

    *Exercise at least 30 minutes every day
    *Log on MFP every day

  • mylifeasoliveoil
    mylifeasoliveoil Posts: 151 Member
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    Current: 235
    Overall Goal: 170
    August Goal: 230

    I am hoping to drink more water- right now I drink virtually none.

    Start working out 3 times a week.
  • Hthfamily
    Hthfamily Posts: 123 Member
    Hthfamily wrote: »
    Current weight: Will do on the 1st
    Overall weight goal: 150
    August weight goal: lose 8 lbs

    August goals: eat healthy, drink more water and add in exercise

    Feel free to friend me! The more I have watching, the better I will do.

    My current weight is 257.2

    Also, I am not on the chart yet and tried to edit it and I couldn't. How do I get added?
  • startingover72
    startingover72 Posts: 151 Member
    CW: 139
    Overall goal: 128
    Aug goal: 134

    My goals are to:
    -Start C25k 2/3 times a week
    -Do a Chalean Extreme workout twice a week
    -Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
    -Log my food and water on MFP
  • Lnature71
    Lnature71 Posts: 84 Member
    I wish MFP had an "Like" button. There are some fantastic goals here!
  • SnackySnackPants
    SnackySnackPants Posts: 35 Member
    Current Weight - 179
    Overall Goal - 140
    August Goal - 172

    Other goals - no binging, exercise 5 days a week.
  • Chinkiri
    Chinkiri Posts: 1,121 Member
    Current weight = 80 kg = 176,5 lbs
    Want to get down to 137 lbs, = 62 kg
    By end of August: 75 kg = 166 lbs
    Goals: do my 30 minutes of exercice every day!
  • scrams2u
    scrams2u Posts: 5 Member
    Current- 78,2kg (172lbs)
    Overall - 60kg (~135lbs)
    August - 75-76kg (~165-167lbs)

    Goal- no more snacking at work and to do yoga every morning!
  • urgirlzoe
    urgirlzoe Posts: 7 Member
    Current Weight 288.4
    Overall Goal: Undecided
    August - lose 10 lbs.

    Exercise for 30 minutes / 5 days per week.
  • Val81ans
    Val81ans Posts: 3 Member
    Current Weight: 178
    Overall Goal: 126
    August: 173

    Do 10 reps of sun salutation (yoga exercise) six day per week
    not nibble at random during the day - find healthy snacks to kill the hunger
  • wyman170
    wyman170 Posts: 5 Member
    Current Weight: 198
    Overall Goal: 180
    August Goal: 192

    1) Eat no french fries or other fried potato things 2) Eat nothing out of the vending machines at work 3) Drink 64 oz of water every day 4) Workout twice each week
  • LMDlove230
    LMDlove230 Posts: 63 Member
    I can't edit the chart, but if someone could update mine I'd really appreciate it!
  • SpicyBaconCake
    SpicyBaconCake Posts: 96 Member
    Ok, first day check in!
    CW 200.4
    GW 145
    August GW 192

    Separate goals - get 7 hours of sleep at least four days a week, not sure how I'll track that though, and walk my dogs in the morning after work while it's still cool-ish.

    I'm currently adjusting to a new 3rd shift job, so yea a lot of this month will be getting a new routine in place.
  • Current weight 167
    Goal weight 149
    August Giak 159
    1) August goal is to drink more water 80 oz a day
  • ashadams12
    ashadams12 Posts: 14 Member
    Current weight- 217
    Overall goal- 160
    August goal- 210

    Goal- stay under mfp calorie goals and workout at least 3 times/week
  • slgibbs1987
    slgibbs1987 Posts: 194 Member
    Current weight: 360
    Overall goal weight: 260 (for now)
    August Goal Weight: 345

    Personal goals for the month of August:
    1) log everyday and stay under calorie range
    2) walk 30 miles
    3) swim 3 times a week
  • melodynyce
    melodynyce Posts: 13 Member
    Current weight:175 pounds
    Overall goal: 155 pounds
    August goal: 166 pounds

    August goals: log my food everyday and keep doing this beyond August so I don't give up! It's always short lived.