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    good morning friends
    Just had my oatmeal breakfast
    No luck in getting Jerry to cook for me. I may have to resort to TV dinners Look likes it is p to me to cook my own meals. its terrible to grow old and not be able to do what you always done. But I will manage somehow

    Love, Marie
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    Connie-Thats not bad after taking break to only be up 4.4 lbs, I hope your body cooperates with you since you gave it a rest.

    Stephanie-Summer has flown, heck this whole year has. School starts around here in 9 days, which is fine but the bus stop is right in front of my house and throughout the day, there are 6 times it comes thru, and its always backing up to go forward and noisey and in my way alot.

    Nancy and Cristina-I hope all is well with you.

    Marie-Do you cook in the crockpot, they are handy, and easy. On the tv dinners I eat Lean Cuisine occassionally for lunch, but I have had some weight watchers before and they're okay.

    After this weekend the scale was up alittle after the mexican and homemade pizza made with chicken , lite sausage, lite ranch, bacon bits, pic di gio, and italian seasonings. Hopefully its mainly sodium.

    Have a good day everyone. Janice

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    Marie- You may want to make your traditional beans, some hard boiled eggs, some greens you like etc. and put them into mason jars. I've been prepping this way since December and it's really helped get me through the times when I don't have the energy or focus or time to cook. It's all measured out with nutrients/calories I need. Things last a bit longer this way too and can be heated if needed. Shame to not get a little more help at home, but we do what we gotta do sometimes.

    Connie- You're ready for the next stage. I'm excited to see the steady movement again, now that you've reset your body.

    Becky & Esther you both just blow me away with the activity, amazing how much you guys are doing all.the.time!

    Faye - Travel is something I've never really got around to, although those areas always look so beautiful. I have a colleague going to Thailand and India this November, so excited for her. I'm going to do a small trip to New Orleans, going to be tricky to stay on track there food wise.

    So many people... I'm reading along, every word, promise.

    One of my weight loss friends ran a 31k in 4 hrs 40 mins this weekend. In Arizona. He's already lost 116 pounds and just continues to amaze me what he is doing with his body! I'm not ready for that.

    Tomorrow is an official weigh in day for me and I have a book on the way to help me get started with core work. I'm hoping to take myself to MY next level. I really want to be "Fit by 50."
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    It would not let me post earlier. no comments today Eyes are tired. But did want to check in on you gals.
    I had a good day today. unusally here lately

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    So I have a burning question of the day........ Once again I was gone for almost 11 hours today. Why are we called Stay-At-Home Moms?

    Esther :p
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    Today I dropped Shaundra and her friend at ballet and the friends sister at work at 9. Took Iris to the pool for swimming lessons. Ran home and made lunch. Took Iris to the theater for final week at noon. Went back to ballet studio for the older girls. Took them to the theater and I was there working on costumes until 520 when I came home to grab Iris and take her to soccer practice. After practice I stopped at the grocery store for a few things. I got home just after 7 pm. I left the house at 830 this morning. Why does my leg hurt and why am I so tired? And just when exactly do I stay home? And to top it off.......that is the rest of my week too. Not just today. But the kids are doing great with their production of Beauty and the Beast. They are sounding great. It will be worth the work.

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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Tuesday!

    Marie..glad you had a good day and hope you are feeling better.

    Eninad..you have such a refreshing attitude about this process! It so helps when we realize that our level is different from others.

    Janice..I am so happy it was only 4.4 pounds, too, and hope that my body will cooperate this time around.

    Nancy..how are you doing?

    Esther..you are so busy!

    Steph..yes, the summer has flown by! I am looking forward to fall!


    Becky..when will it slow down for you so you can get back to your routine?

    Yesterday was a good day. I managed to eat exactly what was on my menu, drank plenty of water, had a light morning exercise session, and spent a good bit of the overnight getting rid of a lot of water weight! It feels great to have order return in my life!

    This morning I have had another light cardio session and need to get breakfast now. Make it a great day, losers! Stay strong!


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    How's everyone today?

    I'm still super busy at work with auditors!

    In-laws have gone home and I'm on count down to when my mum comes to visit 36 days!


  • eatless83
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    @Eninad - traveling is one of my favorite past times - probably explains why I've been in Singapore for the past 3 and a bit years ;-)

    I would love to work and live in the US maybe that will be on my list next!! It will definitely be a lot nearer for family to visit


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    good morning ladies,

    marie, good to here you feel better!!

    connie, sounds like you are off to terrific start. i actually love the feeling of losing the water weight through out the night. there is something wrong with that :)

    eninad, i hope the scale tells you what you want today, but if not i know you will get there. just need to stay with the program!

    nancy and Christina, good to see you!!

    faye, hope going back to work goes smoothly. always challenging after a good vacation.

    ester, that is a really good question :)

    have a good day everyone!

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    The scale whispered sweet nothing into my ear today. "Eninad you have just earned a ticket to ONDERLAND."

    Yea! 198.8, I am never leaving numbers that start with "1".

    I should get my strength book today and will take the next actions to continue the drop. 60 more to go before maintenance.
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    Eninad wrote: »
    The scale whispered sweet nothing into my ear today. "Eninad you have just earned a ticket to ONDERLAND."

    Yea! 198.8, I am never leaving numbers that start with "1".

    I should get my strength book today and will take the next actions to continue the drop. 60 more to go before maintenance.


    Conraduations Eninsd So happy for you.

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    Eninad-Congratulations on reaching onderland, I took a picture of my weighing when I reached onderland. It is a special day for you, you should be proud of yourself for all of your hard work. Janice
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    Eninad, Congratulations!!! Onederland all the way, Baby! <3

    Connie, Next weekend is the moving and then the next two weekends are Emily's 1st bday party and then Joseph's 3rd bday party! <3 After that, school gets back into full swing and my schedule during the week will really ramp up. However, the weekends should be ours for a little while :)

    I sent my coach an email asking her about cutting calories or carbs just for a few weeks to allow for a some loss in my overall weight. I know I'm losing fat and gaining muscle, but I need to be down in general to keep fitting my clothes! :# Not sure what she'll have to say... We shall see!

    Esther, post some pics of the girls in their costumes for Beauty and the Beast! Such fun when our kids are young and still at home. I miss those days and family dinner time <3

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    @Eninad..that has got to be the most wonderful achievement ever!! Congrats!
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    -Eninad, That is great news!!! So happy for you.
    I am so ready for cooler weather. Tired of feeling
    like my hands are swollen!!!
    Hope everyone is doing good. My stats are not changing and I am not too happy about that.
    Tired of exercise and no results!!!
    Have a good evening.
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    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif Hello from beautiful NW Washington where the poodles are much happier with the cooler weather and want to walk even more than usual.

    <3 Barbie
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    @Eninad marvelous news !!

    Big congratulations to you!!!

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    Hello, ladies! I miss you all! I haven't read everything but skimmed the last two pages a little. @Eninad CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Marie, Lean Cuisines are pretty tasty, and they have some good meat-free options. I've had a few Smart One's meals lately too that were good, also meat-free.
    I hope everyone is doing well! Staying cool and keeping active, I hope. :)
    I'm drowning in homework these days, College Mathematics is pulling me under the deep end. They doubled up the course for it, we have an online version to do and a written/paper version to do. It's way too much and it's killing any momentum I might have started with. I want to focus on the studies I'm there for, and not so much math, but that's not the way they're doing things. And there's so much "busy work" and trick questions in everything, it's crazy.
    We were supposed to having closing on our house tomorrow, but due to the bank requiring the septic be the image of perfection, we were pushed past our date, and now our loan application is expired and we'll be doing it allll over again. Not sure when the next closing date will be.
    My husband and I will be going to Tennessee with my sister and brother-in-law this weekend, so that will be a lot of fun! :)
    I haven't lost any more weight, I've actually gained a pound or two. My eating has been hit-and-miss lately, and I've changed my workout to just P90X instead of all the running, etc. I may not be getting thinner but I think I'm gaining some muscle(not weight-wise, but visually), which makes me happy. I look forward to getting the keys to our house, because if I'm distracted and kept busy(moving), I forget to eat. Haha. Or atleast I'll be burning some extra calories.

    Have a happy hump-day!!!

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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Wednesday!

    Ray...so good to see you! Enjoy your visit with your sis!
    Becky..hang in there! I feel your pain.
    Nancy..never give up!
    Marie..hope you are doing okay.
    Faye..it has to be exciting living in another country. I've lived two military tours in Germany years ago. Both children were born there.
    Barbie..I will be glad when it cools off and I'm sure Cooper will be glad, too.

    I'm just peeking in before going to the gym. The scale shows a few pounds of water weight gone and that's good news.
    I'll check back later.

    Stay strong!