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  • Also, I wore fixed braces for 2 years, and they made such a huge improvement to my confidence levels, so I think you've made a good decision.
  • I never had any real issues with my braces, the only foods I avoided were corn on the cob and sticky, chewy sweets, as they were both a pain to clean out of the metal wires afterwards. Apples were OK to eat, just not the few days after the braces have been tightened. As long as you clean thoroughly and visit the dentist…
  • Stomach/waist, then shoulders/arms, face, then FINALLY thighs/hips.
  • I would imagine it would wise to limit exercise, as you might dehydrate yourself faster as you can't take in fluids to replenish what's lost through sweat. Something gentle, like yoga or a short walk, might be fine, but I'd err on the side of caution.
  • Pushing back breakfast by a few hours makes it easier to adhere to a lower calorie intake for me. I used to eat breakfast within 10 minutes of waking. I now have a coffee and then wait until I get to work, if it's a weekend I give it at least an hour before preparing any proper food. That means I get to lunch without…
  • I liked the two women last night that went on holiday to Antigua and ate EVERYTHING despite being on some ridiculous diet. They were fun.
  • I run alone, in the dark. I tell someone where I'm going and how long I expect to be out for, remove my earphones when it feels wise to, stay in better-lit/better-surfaced areas, make sure I'm wearing something bright or reflective, and take my phone with me. I'm more afraid of getting injured and stranded somewhere than…
  • I noticed that I was getting a lot of bloating and gastric discomfort on days when I consumed more dairy products. I now eat more lactose-free or soy products and am much more comfortable. I can tolerate a very small amount of dairy per day, and sometimes will just accept a bit of discomfort and gas in exchange for Ben &…
  • I eat dinner at 6:30, sometimes have a snack around 9pm but not always. I go to bed between 9:30 and 11:00 on school nights. I do like to brush my teeth by about 8 as for some reason I've got it in my head that doing that early-ish + not eating/drinking anything but water for a good 10-12 is good for your teeth, but this…
  • I used to lose very happily on 1800 calories when I had a job which allowed me to be more active (I still make time for exercise outside of work, but I probably used to routinely do an extra 5,000 steps a day in my last job, which makes a difference) and now it's half a pound a week on 1600; which is hard, but I wouldn't…
  • I put soy yogurt, granola and chopped fruit into a tupperware pot (mine has two sections so the yogurt doesn't touch the granola until it's eating time) so I can take it with me to work.
  • That breakfast sounds great. I eat a similar sized breakfast every morning, because that's when I'm hungriest and I often can't eat lunch until 6-7 hours later. It's your consumption as a whole that matters.
  • I've always heard that what you drink before the session is equally important, so try moving your drinks a little earlier i.e. one an hour before training. See how you feel.
  • Not everybody drinks continuously through freshers. Some do, some don't. Just because you're drinking doesn't mean you need to get drunk either. I definitely drank more during freshers fortnight than I did the rest of my time at uni, but I didn't go out every night. We did other fun stuff in my halls - like go out for…
  • It's so lovely and rare to hear someone talk about their body with such openness and acceptance. Well done on your weight loss.
  • Well done! You're a tougher cookie than me, I'd have wimped out.
  • I am slowly recovering from runner's knee (my kneecaps were not tracking properly, causing a horrible grating/clicking sound and soreness). I'm a stubborn fool so tried to push through it for a while, but what I had to do in the end was see a physio to get assessed, do rehab exercises to strengthen my quads (your quads are…
  • For most adults it'll be between 60-100 bpm. Fitter people may have lower resting heart rates than that, and of course some people just naturally have slightly lower/higher rates. If you are worried see a doctor, but your heart might just be in good shape!
  • I find lunges hard on my knees, but feel more stable if I do reverse lunges, and split squats are much less demanding on them than lunges full stop. I try and focus on sitting back into the lunge and then pushing up firmly and slowly to come back, as I tend to lean forward excessively and go too fast, and this helps me to…
  • I like that the flex 2 will be swimproof. That's the only thing that bugs me about my fitbit.
  • Sounds a little like heart palpitations to me, which can be caused by a hundred things, some serious some not, but then I have zero medical training beyond basic first aid. What you describe seems similar to what I experience from time to time, which is linked to anaemia, stress and caffeine intake and not indicative of…
  • Most kinds don't burn a large number of calories, but it helps to build strength, balance and flexibility. Any movement is better than none, and if it's an activity you enjoy and will stick with it it's a good idea. I do yoga at home a few times a week, alongside running, cycling, swimming, walking and resistance training.
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  • I would either make my own food, or adapt the main meal he is having to fit how I wanted to eat. In my family (there are 5 of us, one is veggie, two are incredibly fussy in different ways, one is allergic to a few things, and then there is greedy old me) it was commonplace to never all eat exactly the same meal, but with…
  • If I'm reading right that you are 85lbs at 4'11 (down 40 from 125lbs) you are quite underweight, which may well be accounting for feeling tired, weak and dizzy.
  • My best friend made me a 4 layer beauty of a birthday cake a few years back - one layer was espresso flavour, then chocolate, then sort of milky coffee, then vanilla, sandwiched together with butter icing and then covered in the stuff as well, decorated on top with chocolate covered coffee beans. It was tremendous. It fed…
  • It's definitely beneficial. It encourages me to get off my backside and go out at lunchtime, to walk and speak to my colleagues instead of emailing, to be more energetic in the classroom, etc. It really reminds me on days that I've been stuck at my desk that I've only done 3,000 steps and should make more of an effort.
  • I'd love to know where in the UK that is. Pretty sure thousands women survive swimming in a burkini every day, and Muslims are not one homogeneous group 'taking over' anything.
  • I like the idea of mixing up cardio in that way, but I'd be surprised if I burnt even 600 calories doing that, to be honest.