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  • In addition to weighing, I would take a look at how you calculate the exercise calories you are eating back. Most calorie burn estimates are overinflated, or include BMR calories, which are already calculated into your daily burn. Even heart rate monitors are pretty bad at anything but stready state cardio. Try eating back…
  • Yup. Lost 90 pounds. And maintaining over 2 years. I started out eating my usual stuff, just smaller portions. I figured out pretty quickly that I could get more food for my calories if I ate more of stuff like veggies and fruits and less of things like potatoes or pasta. I still eat those things, just in much smaller…
  • The Green Goddess dressing (fresh foods section) is fantastic and only 22 cals per serving. Also love the Goat Milk Creamy Cheese on my bagels (that I make with Everything But The Bagel Seasoning using the Easy Bagel recipe from Skinnytaste). The Everyday Seasoning grinder is also really yummy on all kinds of veggies. They…
  • I would have asked her if she's seen the show "Botched" where plastic surgeons fix people who had bad plastic surgery...
  • Yup. That's how fat loss works works. For all diets. Keto, vegan, paleo, Mediterranean, Atkins, Whole 30... you can eat any diet out there, but if you don't eat fewer calories than you burn you won't lose fat.
  • One thing I have found with mug cakes is that they can go from yummy and tender to chewy hockey puck if overcooked even by a few seconds. Microwaves are so variable that you really have to play around with power and time setting to prevent overcooking without leaving it raw - especially for low cal or high protein cakes. I…
  • This is basically what I do. If you have an outlet mall nearby, they can be an excellent place to find deals on older models of shoes.
  • Another vote for any of the Bolthouse dressings (in the refrigerated section). My husband loves the Blue Cheese, and he normally doesn't like "diet" stuff. Panera Light Poppyseed is also delicious - especially on spinach with some berries. And Olive Garden Light Italian is tasty. Both are under 45 cals per serving.
  • Lots of great tips here! One thing I also try to do is make sure that if I do splurge on something, that it is "worth" the calories. A slice of cake is going to be around 400 calories whether it's from a box cake mix, a chain grocery store or a gourmet bakery, but that bakery cake or scratch-made cake will taste a thousand…
  • If you want to get that technical, you can consider hacking it off the cow/pig/chicken carcass "processing".
  • I love my slow cooker, but there are only a few recipes I find acceptable on work days. Even with the timer, things like chicken or lean pork loin turn into unpalatable mush during any cook time over 6-8 hours. I prefer soups/stews and recipes that use tougher, fattier cuts of meat like pot roast or pork shoulder on long…
  • I'm sure it's just water retention from all the sodium in the soup and from your body trying to heal itself. Just keep tracking and I'm sure everything will even out in a few days. I weigh every day and it's normal to fluctuate by several pounds from one day to the next for hundreds of reasons. What's important is that you…
  • My experience has been the opposite. I had several Mirena IUDs over the course of about 13 years. I gained weight both before and during Mirena use. I also lost over 65 pounds before having the last one removed. Weight loss actually slowed down for me after having it removed, but that I was also getting fairly close to a…
  • I carry 50 pound bags of water softener salt down to the basement every week. Two at a time. Just because I can, now! And every step of the way I remind myself that I used to carry around an extra 90 pounds with every step, for every single second of the day.
  • Are you trying to do too much at once? Maybe change your calorie goal or try picking one or two new habits at a time and focus and getting those down before you go whole hog. Doing good 75% of the time beats being perfect 25% of the time.
  • Don't be afraid to try nicotine lozenges, gum or even e-cigs if you're having trouble. And sugarless gum is your friend! I did gain weight when I quit, but quitting was my first priority. Once I felt I had the smoking issues beat, I moved on to tackling the weight issues. I've been smoke free over 3 years and maintained a…
  • How are you measuring your food? It's really easy for serving size to creep up if you're not careful. And make sure your activity level isn't slowing down. This video is great, lots of info for why we stall or gain even when we think we're doing everything right:…
  • Mine pups love veggies! Except spinach. Spinach is the only food they won't pick up when I drop. But they have gotten into fights over the last cucumber stem :p
  • I'm in eastern Iowa. Today is my 1,033rd day on MFP. Is that long enough LOL? Anyway, I lost about 90 pounds the first year and have spent the last 18 months or so maintaining/recomping. You are correct that this is a long-term project, but it can be done and it can even be enjoyable if you have the right mindset and learn…
  • This is one of my favorite lunches - I'm planning on making it for tomorrow. I modify this recipe to suit what I have on hand and usually use about 4x as much cucumber as this recipe calls for.
  • Music for shorter/tempo runs (generally under 5 miles) and podcasts for long runs where I want to keep my speed down. Music sometimes makes me go too fast. ETA: only when running track or trails, and always turned low enough to hear ambient noise.
  • I thought it was MORE tart than the plain Fage greek yogurt I usually eat. I really wanted to like it because of the macros, but just wasn't worth it for the taste, plus it cost more than 2x as much.
  • If you have fitbit connected to your MFP account, be sure to use Fitbit to log all of your exercise. If you want to add exercise from your Polar, log it in Fitbit, and it will transfer to MFP when it syncs your steps. Otherwise fitbit won't "know" that you earned those calories and it will take them away when it syncs with…
  • The smalls are all at the mall clearance rack! I've complained that there's never any large sizes at the nearby outlet mall for years, but now i'm in smalls for a lot of stores and there's TONS of new clothes, often cheaper than the thrift stores!
  • Cellular-based gps isn't as accurate - especially at slower speeds like walking and running. It's good enough for general distance, but for pacing, true GPS is much better.
  • C25k, then 10K, then half-marathon is EXACTLY how I did it! I started out with the intention of simply running an entire mile for the first time in my 42 years on this earth and just kept going... I'll confirm that speed will come with time. Just keep racking up those miles. You'll get faster the more you do it!
  • I'm 5'4", 144 and a lifter & runner. I go by average TDEE and ignore MFP calorie recommendations. As a side note, it's really not too hard to get by on 1200-1400 if I keep my mileage under 20 miles per week and keep my long runs under 90 minutes. But once I hit that threshold the runger gets out of control.
  • When you have to take a big breath of air before going down to tie your shoes or paint your toenails.
  • Start here: Lots of great info!
  • I know how you feel. I have visible ribs and even my hips have shrunk to a smaller size than I ever thought they could but those saddlebags just won't budge. Unfortunately, there is no way to pick which fat your body burns. You just have to keep going. I do find that a progressive lifting program using heavy weight helps…