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  • The only way I was able to get mine to sync retroactively was to go to Fitbit's site and manually enter workouts for the two days that didn't sync. As soon as I did that, they updated on MFP. Then I deleted those fake workouts.
  • Today finally synced an hour ago. But yesterday and the day before still haven't retroactively synced. Not sure if they will.
  • I've had this issue for months now. As usual, Fitbit isn't acknowledging the issue or doing anything about it, despite people reporting it in their help forums for ages. I'm so fed up with them.
  • Oops, just saw this thread. I'm the creator of the petite maintenance group, and yep, petite ladies, feel free to join us! I should clarify that it's a closed group, which means that one of us has to approve your membership request, which might take a few hours or so depending on how busy we get. Mea culpa. Please don't…
  • The issue is less about how well it works (mine doesn't, but whatever) and more about the terrible, fraudulent customer service. They sell me a product that they know doesn't work, promise me a refund, send me a FedEx label to ship back the product, then they never deliver the refund. That's flat out theft. This company is…
  • So this story goes from bad to worse: After multiple calls to customer service about my non-working Charge HR, Fitbit finally authorized a refund. They told me (in writing) to send it back to them and they'll mail me a cheque. So I did. I sent it back using their FedEx shipping label, as instructed. They confirmed having…
  • That's not even the point though. It's not a limitation of the Charge HR or any other device. It's a misunderstanding of how heart rate can indicate exercise. Any exercise that's about short bursts of energy is not going to translate very well, because heart rate monitors are really only good at tracking and estimating…
  • Are you talking about downhill skiing or cross country? The Charge HR doesn't do a very good job at tracking downhill skiing either, since it can detect the elevated heart rate when you exert yourself, but it can't detect the motion properly and it usually tracks it as a (far off) step-based activity. Also, depending on…
  • The battery on my Charge HR never lasted more than 2 days either, even at the best of times. I think the advertised 5 days was BS. My Flex regularly lasted 5 days, mind you.
  • I bought mine on Amazon. Their deadline for a refund was Jan 31. It's now Feb 10. So disgustingly annoyed with Fitbit. People on their forums have been complaining about this problem since last September! It's not a temporary issue -- it looks to be an ongoing problem with the Charge HR. After the Force saga, I guess…
  • Hmmm. I got a negative adjustment (today, actually) so mine's still working. When did you notice the issue?
  • They finally posted an acknowledgment of the issue. Only took 6 weeks since I first reported it to Helpdesk. #MovingAtTheSpeedOfLife
  • Finally, an acknowledgment that there's a problem, at least: No fix yet, but at least after more than 6 weeks they're admitting there's a problem. That's worth something, right?
  • I'm rather dismayed at the continued silence from the support team on this issue. They should at least acknowledge the bug, and suggest the possible workaround until such time as they implement a fix.
  • No, for me it happened pretty much immediately. But it seems to be finnicky.
  • Wow. Until you just posted this, I had no idea that setting even existed on the website! I suspect most other MFP users don't know it either. I made this change (on the app) last week and can report that my syncing has behaving itself since then. So it appears to work as a fix. I'd suggest to anyone reading this thread to…
  • You can kind of force it to retroactively adjust the past few days by inputting a 1-calorie 1-minute cardio exercise manually on those days. Then, the Fitbit adjustment should recalculate, and then you can delete the 1-calorie adjustment. This doesn't always work. But it's worth a try.
  • Yes, I've been exchanging emails on and off with an MFP staff member named Jacen for the past 3 weeks. For the first couple of weeks he ran me through the usual clear cookies and cache, disconnect and reconnect gamut. But finally last week he emailed to say that they were able to reproduce the bug and were working on it. I…
  • Nope. Not that I know of.
  • Yeah. It seems pretty clear by now that the problem is in the second line, not in the first line. Which means the problem is on MFP's side, not on Fitbit's side.
  • That may or may not be a bug. Steps don't equal calories on a one to one basis. It depends on the intensity of the exercise, too. A better way to tell whether or not you're experiencing this bug is to go on MFP to your exercise diary, and click the little info button next to the Fitbit calorie adjustment. Look at the…
  • I emailed the support team about this, letting them know that I changed this setting and it seems to be working for a few days now. They're going to investigate further using this piece of information as a possible clue as to what's causing the bug. Meanwhile, I'd suggest that others with the same problem try this as a…
  • Changing your activity level on MFP is purely a matter of personal preference. Do you prefer to eat the minimum calories, and then potentially be left with a bunch of calories that you've earned through exercise to eat at night? But never have to worry about negative adjustments? Set to sedentary. Do you prefer to plan to…
  • You are misunderstanding the way MFP works. You absolutely should eat back those calories. MFP has already created your desired deficit to lose X pounds per week, even with those calories added back. If you don't eat them back, you are eating at too steep a deficit, which could be dangerously low and won't be sustainable.
  • If you're wearing a Fitbit, you should normally just wear it and let it track your exercise. The exception would be any exercise that Fitbit can't track well because it's not step-based, such as swimming, which you should manually log. But Zumba, as a dance exercise, will probably be tracked reasonably well by a Fitbit,…
  • It also depends on what you've set your activity level to in MFP. 10k steps might earn a lot of calories for someone who's set to "sedentary", but very few or even negative calories for someone who's set to "active".
  • I did this too! I almost never use the app -- I tend to use the website -- so I never even though to check. But I saw this post and went to the app and made the change, and so far it seems to have fixed the problem for me. If any of the mods or devs are reading this, this could provide a clue to help them troubleshoot or…
  • Yes, both these issues were happening for me, too. The multiple adjustment issue started long before last Thursday. And seems to still be occurring even despite the "fix" for the second problem that Fitbit just implemented by rolling back the other change.