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  • I usually ‘start’ the activity on the watch. Sometimes I do some warm ups on a rowing machine before my spin class. So I first start the rowing activity on the watch. When I move to spinning I’ll either end the rowing and or just add in spinning. Either works well.
  • I’m working on my dissertation so reading really uninteresting books on phenomenology and interviewing. I do listen to audiobooks in the car or if I can’t sleep. I was listening to the wheel of time series but needed a break.
  • I have been working out pretty regularly for almost 3 years. My 2020 goal is to go 5 days a week and not feel guilty the other two days.
  • I’ve lost 44 and have another 20 to go. I’m in! I’ve sent a friend request
  • Same here. This year I gained 15 of the 59 I lost. I told myself that I wasn’t going to do it again. So I am back to working out 4 to 5 days and logging my food. I’m gonna get back into my cute clothes
  • I usually eat a majority of points I earned by working out. But I don’t binge at the end of the night just to get them in. I usually have 150 left over each day. But it’s Friday who knows what I’ll eat and drink. 😊
  • I warmed up on the elliptical machine then a body pump class.
  • For me, before work is the best time. I get it out of the way and I have a lot of energy in the morning. I am yawning around 3pm, so that’s when I have an afternoon snack. My morning drive from my house to work is ugly, but from the gym to work is pretty sweet. So that gets me up to go to the gym. I tend to look at working…
  • My kryptonite is peanut butter. I can go through a jar in a weekend, one spoonful at a time. I’ve found it’s the spoon that triggers me. I can make a peanut butter sandwich and I’m fine. One spoonful always leads to many more.
  • I’ve lost 41 lbs and am looking to lose the last 20. I would love to become friends to to help each other with challenges.
  • Wow! You have had some challenges in your life. It is wonderful that you are ready to take control of your health and fitness. Just remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Slow and steady.
  • Hi SAHM is an awesome job. Don’t denigrate yourself. I originally lost 58 lbs but gained some back. I’m back to being serious about losing. I sent a friend request. I’d love to have more friends.
  • I’ve done WW over the years with differing success. The last time, I lost 58lbs. But then I was up and down and couldn’t get to goal. So I stopped. I gained some back but now I started with MFP and hope to lose 20 by June. The logging of food is what I need. I do miss the feeling of community but I don’t missing paying.…
  • I’m 52 and am trying to lose approximately 15 lbs. it does seems harder to lose. I workout 5 days a week. I spin/cycle 3 days a week and work with weights 2 days. We can do this!!!
  • I workout before work, which means getting up and out before 5am. I don't think of my workout as optional, but in the same category as my job. I may not want to go one day, but I don't have the option to not go. I'm not allowed to negotiate or try to get out of it. It's just part of my day.
  • I sent a request.
  • Been there and I know how horrible it feels. Rummaging through your closet trying to find something that fits and isn't stained. Heck, I wore the stained shirt, too. I felt old, ugly, and useless. But, somewhere I sort of hit rock bottom and decided I didn't want to feel that way any longer. It is almost 3 years since that…
  • I recently started again, too. I had put on 15 of the 59 lbs I lost and want to stop it before I get back to my original weight. I will friend request you. E
  • There are a couple of things that I did when I first started. I entered the time into my calendar for exercise. I make appointments for everything else, why not this too? Secondly, I started slow. I also know that I am a social being, so working out by myself isn't sustainable. I found workout classes to take. So, I…
  • I drink a couple of cups of coffee, too. I make myself drink a bottle of water in between. I think of it as earning my second cup of coffee. Then, I drink another bottle before I can have soda with my lunch. I find when I drink half my weight in ounces of water, I lose a little quicker. It's probably from all of the…
  • So maybe I just need to stop clicking the complete button. However, it feels good to close it out and stay under my calorie goal. I usually eat all of the daily calories and half of my calories earned from exercise. thanks for the idea!! E
  • As soon as the site stops telling me its under maintenance, I'll send a request. :smile:
  • I am making sure to weigh my food and track it before I put it in my mouth.
  • Hi! Thank you for your reply. That is kind of what I am hoping to do. I do get way too optimistic when I see the message after closing out my daily diary and I stayed within my caloric intake. I need to figure out if there is a way to silence that little guy. :smile: E
  • Thank you for your reply. That is the trend that I noticed in my weight loss. I just get caught up with the little messages of where I will be in 5 weeks when I close out my daily diary. I need to ignore that little bugger. E
  • Hi! Thanks for replying. Yeah, I am trying to reverse my trend. I was down almost 58 lbs and gained back 15. I do not want to get back to my starting weight....Ever again! ;) I need to get back to the basics and weigh my food, log it, and stay consistent at the gym. I know this works, but I'm just a bit cranky that I let…
  • Thank you for replying. I am unsure what of my ultimate weight loss goal. My thought is that after 15lbs, I will consult my doctor and get her opinion. If I were to try to get to where my BMI is normal which is in approximately 22 lbs.
  • When I started this journey in January 2017, I needed to lose 70 pounds and was in really poor shape. I was also at a University, where I joined their gym. I know myself and I took the classes they offered, as I am a social person and know if I work out by myself, I will quit going after a couple of days. I started with…
  • My engagement ring came off my finger. I didn’t feel it. Thankfully I heard the ping when it hit the tile. Both my engagement and wedding rings are safely in a box in my nightstand. I’ll get them resized when I hit my goal.
  • Eat at least 50% of your exercise calories.