Not new, but need support

Hi, so I'm not new to MFP but I don't have any friends. I would very much like it if I could have some friends to help support and motivate me. I'm really struggling right now because I've spent the last 6 months out of commission (3 months for fibromyialgia flare up and official diagnosis and 3 months officiating volleyball for high school with like no time for anything else). During the flare up, I ate whatever I wanted and I went from 260 pounds to 285 :'(. Since the diagnosis and starting the treatment things have been SSSSOOOO much better. I've basically stopped emotionally eating and my sugar addition is cured, my anxiety is almost nonexistent as is my irritability. What I didn't know at the time was how depressed I was, but that's gone too. In addition to all of that I have just suffered my second miscarriage in 2 months, I lost both at 40 day (5.5 weeks). This last one was ectopic and I was hospitalized for 2.5 days. Fortunately, everything has worked out and I didn't need surgery for the removal of my Fallopian tube and my doctor is optimistic that someday soon I'll finally get to be a mother. I feel like a new person and now that I have a handle on my eating I'm recommitting myself to both the gym and my nutrition. I want to make sure that I have the tools to teach my children about healthy eating so they never have to suffer the way I my husband and I have. Who wants to take this journey with me?