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  • Starting weight 224 Start weight this month 172.0 Goal weight this month 160.0 Target goal weight 145 Day/Weight/Comment 1 September 2 September - 172.0 3 September - 168.8 - The Shift Shop Intro video 1 4 September - 167.2 - Beachbody Dance Party workout for 40 minutes this morning. This evening I'll do The Shift Shop…
  • Thank you for this challenge!! Ultimate Start weight: 224 Current Weight: 166.6 Challenge Goal: 150 Ultimate Goal: 145 Weigh Ins: 9/13 9/20 9/27 10/4 10/11 10/18 10/25 10/31
  • Starting weight 224 Start weight this month 172.0 Goal weight this month 160.0 Target goal weight 145 I worked out everyday since Tuesday. I’m about to head to the gym this morning. I’ve been really happy with my eating. But, it’s the weekend, so let’s see if I’m still happy on Monday. Day/Weight/Comment 1 September 2…
  • This is an interesting conversation. So when you all bank calories, does that include the calories gained from exercise? Or, just the original calories allowed?
  • Sorry I’m late to this discussion. My DH is quite a bit taller than I, do he ‘hides’ his food on the top shelves of the cabinets. Honestly all of my top shelves are empty cause I can’t see anything nor reach anything. 😊
  • Starting weight 224 Start weight this month 172.0 Goal weight this month 160.0 Target goal weight 145 I tried to re-dedicate myself at the end of August, but then Dorian prep happened. So I am back! Over the weekend, I took advantage of light crowds at Disney World and over indulged at Epcot's Food & Wine. I also went to…
  • Hi! I just came back, too. I'm a 52 year old librarian, so I'm sitting for a good portion of my day. I previously lost 50ish pounds, but gained some back. I am determined not to gain it all, so I have re-dedicated myself to getting healthier. I'm going to send you a friend request. I can always use more friends. Wish you…
  • Hi! Your life does sound full and chaotic. I have been a morning workout person for 2 years and I love it. My toddler is now in college so I don’t have the time issues you have. I’m up at 4:30am and get to my 5:30 am workout classes. I go 5 days a week. I like getting the workout done so I don’t need to worry about it. It…
  • I read an article which gave the suggestion of using baking soda in the wash, as well as keeping the clothes turned inside out. This has helped my clothes quite a lot.
  • Happy Friday, All. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me. I hope to be an active member of these boards. I was up today at 4:30am to make it to my 5:30am spin class. I love getting my workout out of the way early. Plus I get a lot of energy from it. However, by 3pm, I am the one in the office yawning and thinking about how…
  • Thank you for the encouragement! I am trying to immerse myself in this community in order to take advantage of all of its benefits. Thanks, again!
  • Don't beat yourself up. Today is a new day with a whole new calorie goal. Don't let one day sabotage your whole new eating regimen. You don't always have control of what is served. Do your best and then get back on track the next meal or the next day. I have eaten way over my calories before. Then for the next couple of…
  • Before losing some weight, I experienced acid reflux several times a day. I was on prescription prilosec for several years. I never went anywhere without my tums. As my diet changed from a high fat and high acid diet to a healthier diet, the need for all of the meds went away. I learned some of the foods that would trigger…
  • Starting weight 214.6 Start weight this month 167.4 Goal weight this month 164.0 Target goal weight 145 I hope you all don't mind my joining in more than half way through the month. I am looking for accountability. I know I can lose when I track my meals, stay within my calorie budget, and exercise. I've been exercising,…
  • Hello Everyone! I am Elena and live in Orlando, Florida. I am looking for new friends and groups to help me with my journey and keep me accountable. I was serious about 2.5 years ago and lost approximately 50 pounds. But the last year I have been up and down the same 10 pounds. I know it is me and my commitment level. I've…
  • Hi Emma! I'm Elena from Orlando, Florida. I've already lost 45 lbs, but am ready to finally lose the last 20 lbs to get to my ultimate goal. I would love to have more weight loss buddies. I've sent you a friend request.
  • With moderate diet and exercise, I had lost approximately 55 pounds. However, over the last 6 months, I noticed scale creep and was unhappy with my eating habits. Decided that for only a month I would do keto, as I know it is not sustainable in the long run. I am not eating a lot of fat, but lean proteins and eggs. Most of…
  • I can speak about the ablation, as I had it done last fall. It helped a bit with the issues I had, but not as well as I had hoped. The research shows a 90% satisfaction rate, unfortunately, I am not one of them.
  • Each week, I have two very low carb days, two semi-low carb days, and three higher carb, but low fat days. My spouse and I previously tried to do all low carb, but it really affected our moods. I am very happy with this pattern as I can look forward to my rice and fruit on the higher days and the scale has had a pretty…
  • Yesssssssssss to coffee! At least one cup in the morning and one after dinner. The cup after dinner stops me from snacking.
  • It is definitely worth going to the gym. Set yourself up for success by making sure all of your workout gear is washed and ready for the week. I bring a week of workout gear with me to work and store it either under my desk or in my filing cabinet. Then, I can never say I forgot my gym bag. If you use an electronic…
  • A good loofah on a stick, that is long enough to wash your back, should improve the problem. Or a partner willing to wash your back each time. I vote for number 2, but sometimes it isn't possible. :blush: Clean and Clear makes a good body wash that helps.
  • Just remember, if you go back to normal eating you may gain. Have more fun, but be aware of what and how much you are eating. You will no longer eat at a deficit, but it does not give you carte blanche to over eat. That said, I am very happy for you. You have lost and are now ready for maintenance.
  • My husband was a member of a racing newsgroup. His username was FrriFrk. When he asked me to join it, I chose FrksFrau partly to use his moniker. Our last name is of German origin, so I added the Frau part. It is now my permanent username where ever I may roam.
  • I don't plan cheat days. However, if I am tempted for something that maybe a little high in the calorie department, I eat enough to satisfy the craving, log it, and move one.
  • I take a multivitamin. And due to age and lactose intolerance, I take calcium. Due to other issues, my doc recommended I take a slow release iron pill.
  • I usually eat breakfast at 8am and then eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. For me, if I get hungry, I make poor choices and sometimes get the shakes. It works for me.
  • Hi. I'm 47 and am not having a tough time as long as I weigh and log my food. I also do 1 hr a day on the treadmill. I listen to audiobooks while walking. I'm a librarian, what more can I say. :smiley:
  • I am approx 5'4.5". I started sometime in October SW: 212 CW: 184.6 GW: 135 Calorie Goal: 1200 At this time, I am doing 1 hr cardio a day on a treadmill. I do intervals, but keep my heart rate within my zone. I eat every 2.5 to 3 hrs. This way I am never starving. There are days where I am not terribly hungry but eat so I…