Anyone want to be my friend??:)

I’d love to have some friends to help support me. I currently have no motivation and I need help for real lol


  • ninerbuff
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    Motivation is internal. I could scream the mountains and give you all the support, encouragement, inspiration, etc. you could need, but it STILL has to come from you to WANT to do this for you. Feel free to drop in on a DAILY thread that I started when I first got here to give FREE info on getting it done.

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  • aubriemayfield
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    You’re right 💯 I’m here so baby steps for me
  • Viking_Dad
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    I agree. Discipline > motivation.
    But if you'd like a cheerleader... well, more of a drill sergeant, really...
    add me.
  • CABasile
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    You can do it! Think about how much energy you will have when you've lost your desired weight and met your exercise goals. I find that the healthier I eat and the more I exercise, the better my attitude. I feel like I can accomplish anything! Same will be true for you. Just start with those baby steps and keep at it!
  • robindavies93
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    I’d love to have some friends to help support me. I currently have no motivation and I need help for real lol

    I just started on this as well
  • boothb0752
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    I will help any where I can. We all need cheer leaders in our corner
  • SageJJ93
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    I sent you a request!😁
  • frksfrau
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    I sent a request.
  • geraldaltman
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    One person here is correct in saying motivation is internal. However, that advice is incomplete; the best motivation is not only internal, it is (or should be) highly personalized. For years, I had similar difficulty motivating myself consistently. I had it...then it would fade, up up down down. Then I had hip replacements earlier in 2019 that solved my mobility issues for the most part. It was as if the surgeries and rehabs installed a sustainable motivator within me as well as new hips; "I'll be gosh darned if I do anything to wind up where and how I was a year ago!!" Can you think of anything more powerful? There must be something in your life that can do the same thing. Find it and exploit it to the max!
  • bikergurl05
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    I dont know how to add you as a friend - pleae send me a request
  • ADRskew21
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    it gets easier
    the more you do it the easier it gets
    but you have to do it every day
    that's the hard part
  • bearly63
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    I think once you commit and start feeling the benefits, that will motivate you too. It's not easy but you can do it. I'll friend you too.
  • jim_n_virginia
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    All my MFP friends have stopped logging. Looking for new friends for motivation and support and I will do the same! Down 25 have 50 more to go!!
  • Okillhavecake
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    Request sent 🤗
  • Lousover
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    I'll send a request too! I'm back on it tomorrow!! 🙏
  • VpinkLotus
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    I’d love to have some friends to help support me. I currently have no motivation and I need help for real lol

    Sure you can add me. I’m back after a looong break and gained it all back.
  • JTTX99
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    I sent a request as well.