Anyone wanna be friends? 😌



  • nikkibrianne64
    nikkibrianne64 Posts: 89 Member
    I just sent out some friend request! Let's do this πŸ’ͺ❀️
  • FlabToFit6
    FlabToFit6 Posts: 9 Member
    50lbs to lose here too! Feel free to add me!
  • carrierose2
    carrierose2 Posts: 38 Member
    Same goals here. Feel free to add me.
  • jmyles218
    jmyles218 Posts: 4 Member
    Not sure if this is where i'm suppose to post this, but I am new to this app/site. I was an athlete that fell off after i was done with football. I am trying to get back to the shape i was in while playing sports and want to get healthy for my daughter! I always start strong but end up losing motivation! Feel free to add me!
  • frksfrau
    frksfrau Posts: 108 Member

    SAHM is an awesome job. Don’t denigrate yourself.

    I originally lost 58 lbs but gained some back. I’m back to being serious about losing. I sent a friend request. I’d love to have more friends.
  • bearly63
    bearly63 Posts: 734 Member
    I sent you a request. I was a stay at home mom...hard but important work. Then something strange happened. They grew up and left. Finally taking care of just me....thus MFP and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Countryboy72
    Countryboy72 Posts: 90 Member
    I’m just starting out have 70 to loose let’s help each other!!! Send me a request if you like 😁
  • HannahLDT
    HannahLDT Posts: 31 Member
    Me please 😊😊 always good to have support from across the seas πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
  • htkhan272019
    htkhan272019 Posts: 1 Member
    Add me for support
  • Machafin
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    Add me!
  • nicolelewis918
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    I need some friends for support!! I'm a stay-at-home mom that sells VACATIONS on the side. To anyone out there looking for support in return, please add me!! I need some true motivation :-)
  • ekboh
    ekboh Posts: 53 Member
    Added you!
  • bshave1981
    bshave1981 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello all! I'm continuing my fitness journey as well. In bulking season right now. Not trying to lose weight just yet. Putting on about 7-8lbs more muscle, then focusing on a good, clean cut season. But anyone who wants to be friends, feel free to add.
  • Flex730
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    Feel free to add. I enjoy seeing peoples progress
  • vmortiz965
    vmortiz965 Posts: 3 Member
    I dont know how to add people lol can you add me?(:
  • airforceman1978
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    I dont know how to add people lol can you add me?(:

    Just click on the name then the name again then the 3 people looking button
  • ThatCookieGurl
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    I'll add you! I just joined MFP a couple weeks ago and could totally use support too. We got this! Guts be gone!
  • Anne1882
    Anne1882 Posts: 18 Member
    I'm down! I'm a stay-at-home wifey, need to kick my butt into gear! I'll try to add you, but I just started using mfp again and if I don't figure it out, feel free to add me 🀣
  • scorpia1977
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    You can add me!
  • vukotamick
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    Feel free to add me as well.