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  • Hi everyone. I have been gone the last couple years since COVID, work, and personal stuff including infertility had me at my mental limit. We stopped TTC after my infertility diagnosis in May 2020. I just found out 2 weeks ago that I'm pregnant with #2. It was a shock to say the least since I thought this was the…
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  • Mom of a 4-year old. My best success comes from when I include my son. We go on walks to the park, walk to the store, hike, swim, and "go on adventures" together. For eating habits - I have had to train myself not eat my son's leftovers. It's hard because I hate seeing the wasted food, so I try to give him smaller portions…
  • I like to weigh daily because it makes me much less emotionally attached to any one weigh-in. As said above, there is nothing preventing your weekly weigh-in from being your highest weight of the week. For me personally, only weighing once a week and seeing the number go up or stay the same when I don't think it should is…
  • @VeryKatie that’s a really tough spot!
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  • Thanks! I’m so conflicted. I hated pregnancy and was somewhat traumatized by labor and delivery through no fault of any person. But once we decided to start trying, I became excited about doing it again, watching belly grow, feeling movements, and having a baby from second 1 knowing I made that. But I also like the idea of…
  • @VeryKatie that’s a lot going on! We are on week 8 or something of the 3 day method :D It actually worked well and went perfectly the first day and a half. But then Leo got fed up with washing his hands and us pushing fluids. Since then, he just been really inconsistent with both great and terrible days. He isn’t very good…
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  • May has been a disaster for me between working from home, potty training, and now confirmed infertility. I have gained about six pounds in the last two months though, and I really don’t like that. My goal for the rest of May is to focus on my mental health and get back to using my planner. Next month I will refocus on…
  • Welp, I was right. I was diagnosed yesterday with diminished ovarian reserve. I contacted my doctor and she emailed me some questions and ran some blood work, while also having me do OPKs and chart BBT. Three of my levels are all indicative of diminished ovarian reserve and she said I will have difficulty getting pregnant…
  • Hi ladies! I hope everyone is doing well. @sarawilliams5889 I’m so sorry to hear that! @Alioth I don’t have much advice for potty training. I think we are now on week 8 and he is starting to improve. This week was his first time having 2 days in a row without accidents. Compared to my Facebook bumper group, I think he is…
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  • Several months late, but here are my pictures. Monthly spread, weekly spread, calories, mood, word of the day, cleaning, and bingos. I still need to make my reading tracker and a page of my indulgences. I also have lists of meals we love, things Leo will eat, why I love my husband, parent-teacher conferences, library books…
  • I actually did stay in a deficit and lose. My new method seems to helping me lose and be at least a little more active.
  • Good luck Alioth! I also worry about my egg reserve, especially since early onset menopause runs pretty strongly in my family. I haven’t been using OPKs but will probably start, so that article is helpful. Based on other symptoms I think I actually ovulate 2 days later than Ovia says, which sucks. I’m at the point of…
  • Congratulations @Bekah7482! @WifiresGettingFit I’m really sorry to hear things are so tough right now! That hail storm sounds awful. Alioth, I hope things pick up soon! I’m ok. Working from full time right now which is fine but I also miss my coworkers. We started potty training Leo this week which has been exhausting and…
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  • Managers are going around our office and telling everyone to pack up, go home and telework immediately.
  • New Mexico is closing all public schools for 3 weeks. Most if not all of the private schools will almost certainly do the same.
  • I assume a lot of those exemptions will change but I don't know if that will be done at the state level, more locally, or by each business/facility individually.
  • https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/06/australian-couple-bought-2000-rolls-toilet-paper-made-throne-12361514/
  • Here is their definition: "Mass gathering" means any public or private gathering that brings together one hundred (100) or more individuals in a single room or connected space in close proximity to one another, such as an auditorium, stadium, arena, large conference room, meeting hall, theaters, or any other confined…
  • I'm targeting a 2-3 week supply, so I need to take inventory of what I already have. I'm focusing on foods that we eat regularly or use in a lot of different dishes which are shelf-stable or are/can be frozen. Things like frozen blueberries, corn, and peas, chicken, crackers, pumpkin (for my dog), crushed tomatoes, canned…
  • This thread is from 2011.
  • Mass gatherings defined as 100 or more individuals are now banned. https://nmhealth.org/publication/view/help/5668/
  • The State of New Mexico just issued a statement prohibiting gatherings of more than 100 people.
  • I'll take the chili cheese dog!
  • Hubby and I figure that we have so much fabric in the house, we can treat various cloths and towels similar to cloth diapers if absolutely necessary.
  • That's what I'm afraid of. But at this point, I don't think going today vs. tomorrow is going to help either. I'm already wishing I had stocked up on a few extra things last Friday when people locally were only sort of panicking and it was mostly toilet paper that was running out. Good luck!
  • I think we are headed that direction. One private middle/high school is closing for a week starting today to deep clean and then evaluate when to reopen. My husband and I have a toddler, so even though we are allowed to telework when necessary, not much work would get done at home. I'm worried about how much support I…
  • This. I wonder if you actually had the gears set for so little resistance that you were doing way too much work for little progress.